Xyliatos dam and picnic place - a magic story

Hello everybody,

Cyprus is a new experience each day, only if you know how. You can”love him, hate him or know him”. I choose to know him and I can say know: “Nice to meet you Cyprus”.
I will never understand how you can drive so many hours in “such a small island”. Maybe some of you consider Cyprus small but from my experience the only way you can say is small is if you take this on a fast way. If you are taking it “siga siga” you are going to say that is too big for any of you, even for the people that are used to long driving.
Looking at the below picture I wonder how the sun light can change the water colour just giving you the pleasure to ask yourself if this is a small paradise?

There will always be questions about where to go and what to see. Just pick the right time of the day and run… the road is never ending in Cyprus.
My road took me to Xyliatos dam and picnic place. It is, if I can say far away from everything. Maybe that is why there was almost nobody there. Or maybe…. Because I was between the first people to discover it!
The lake is simply poetry. Hidden between the trees has soul and breaths. A 3.8 km trail takes you along his beautiful wings.

Talk to me says the lake and I will tell you the story: Once upon a time there was a little girl named Xylia. Her black big eyes were as dark as two olives.  She had long thin arms, red sun kissed lips and an amazing sweet smile. The story says that if you were watched by her, even for a few seconds you would feel the weaves of the lake deep in your soul and you would become blissful for your entire life. She had this gift since she was born up upon a cliff of the Xylitos village. Everybody was happy on this small little village and was living their lives as they were ending tomorrow. It is said that Xylia was lost one day in the deep woods, was alone and got very scared. Nobody is very sure what happened in those days but they are sure that Xylia is hiding now in the old olive tree that lives even now in the village. Whoever person goes to see that tree at down they will see Xylia and there dreams will come true. They will be forever happy.

If you have visited the dam just 50 m down the main street you are going to see Xyliatos Picnic place with very shaded tables and a small playground and other interesting trails which leaves from this place makes this place a very interesting place to go. I understood that some of these paths are for mountain bikes also.
The main street will lead you to the Xyliatos village. Their community webpage will let you know were the old olives tree lives…

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Xyliatos Community Page: http://www.xyliatos.org/