Pyrgos outdoor playground grass paradise

Hello everybody,

I was just giving up, presenting you Pyrgos Community Park, but finally I said that even if for the moment the restaurant is closed, it is a nice space which children can enjoy it.
So for you today places close to Limassol City in the nice village of Pyrgos.

The playground is in the center of the village close to the cemetery, church and Community Center.
The community park has a very large area covered with green grass. That makes children paradise for running in chilly afternoons. The playground is in the corner of this square shaped space so it is far away from the cars and other dangers. 

They have also a parking space if you go round the park behind the restaurant.  
The playground has swings for the little ones and big ones, climbing structures, seesaws, and slides. They are all close so there is no need to run between them. Before, when the restaurant was working it was a good idea to have a party there. So let’s hope that they will open it again. Other wise a very nice, quiet place to spend a nice afternoon.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!