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Bricks4Kidz - a Lego adventure for kindergartens and schools

Kindergarten and Schools can book their field trips either at the Bricks4Kidz Lego Activity Center or at their own location.  The field trips are a great way of teaching kids different subjects  and they offer some amazing Educational and Developmental benefits such as: creativity & problem solving, spatial intelligence & fine motor skills, organization, following directions, sequencing, goal-directed persistence fine-motor skills, cooperation and teamwork.
Bricks 4 Kidz® field trips use the LEGO® Bricks students love, to deliver hands-on lessons related to cross-disciplinary curriculum objectives. The Bricks 4 Kidz® approach to learning is imaginative, multi-sensory and fun, creating a dynamic learning experience for your students.
Bricks 4 Kidz® models are the centrepiece of the lesson, which includes an educator-scripted discussion designed to engage students in a discovery process. Screened, trained Bricks 4Kidz® teachers deliver everything needed for a 90-minute lesson, including LEGO® Bricks, model plans, and take-home materials.
Many field trip themes are available, such as Interesting Inventions, Amazing Animals and Space Exploration, covering subjects such as simple machines and laws of motion. We can even design a program specifically tailored to your curriculum!
For more information to book your school’s field trip please contact:
Bricks4Kidz Cyprus
Phone no: +357 77770210

What is UCMAS Brain Development Program for Elementary Children?

A very interesting, exciting and new program to create smart children brought to you by UCMAS Cyprus in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos!

UCMAS (Universal Concepts of Mental Arithmetic Systems). The UCMAS is a world renowned innovative educational method and the only program in Cyprus for the development of your child's brain. The UCMAS began in 1993 in Malaysia by Dr. Dino Wong and implemented in more than 5500 educational centers in over 57 countries like USA, Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, Japan, etc. 
Through the process of learning at various levels, the children initially learn to make calculations first with a real abacus that is ahead of them, and then with a virtual / imaginary abacus on their mind. This cognitive use of abacus is evident in children after completion level UCMAS 3 (see the levels further down the page). The UCMAS addressed to young students, 6-12 years, where their mind is the phase of development, so as to gain the maximum benefits is assured.
The UCMAS is recognized world globally with amazing results. Research of University of Manchester (UK), on a sample of 3185 children ages 7-11, after intensive UCMAS program for 34 weeks, 1.5 hours a week, there was significant increase in intelligence (IQ) of children. Research by University of California San Diego - UCSD (USA) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA), where 400 children after training in UCMAS program, had an advantage in mathematical calculations, was more accurate and faster than children who did not participate in this program.

Start courses: 2nd October 2017
Click for registration here:

Family Sundays at Leventis Municipal Gallery

A Sunday visit with your family to the A. G. Leventis Gallery.
Come with your whole family and spend a fun Sunday discovering the A. G. Leventis Gallery and get creative with arts and crafts making memories together.
The artist Ioanna Philippou will be your host for this special Family experience.

Theme: "Magical Flower Pots"

Price: 10 euros (2nd child 5 euros, more children and parents free)
Please reserve a place at or telephone 22668838 (Educational Programmes & Tours), Monday - Friday, 10.00-13.00 & 13.30-16.00

Limited Availability 
Sponsor: MITSIDES Public Company LTD.
Permanent media Sponsor: Η Καθημερινή
With the Support of: Mona's Art

the Marina Katsaris and Kypros Georgiou! 

New Training Program for Schools 

After selection of works from the permanent and the temporary exhibitions in our museum, the 
Theatre-Marina Katsaris and the museum educator Kypros Georgiou, undertake to offer to the 
young and elder guests a unique experience, embodying roles like this the artist or the sitter character! 

The paintings "come alive" with this way and in three-dimensional form now, give the opportunity to children to study them in depth and interpret them with the help of the art of storytelling and drama in education. The program is aimed at children of all age groups, since depending on the age of visitors, and applies the analogue version. The new educational program of the Museum of Arts Zampelas addressed to teachers and students of public and private schools in Cyprus. Information & Entries | 22456098 /

"Alice in the country of emotions"
Beginning Tuesday, February 7th!
Empowerment program and enhancing self-esteem of children!

An event for children aged 5-7 years old and 8-10 years old at the Museum of The Fairy Tale in Nicosia.
Alice after travelling in wonderland decides to do a new adventurous journey. Putting in her suitcase many stories and visiting the museum of the fairy tale with the kids through the magical world of emotions, empowerment and self-confidence.
The program "Alice in the country of emotions" is a new programme for strengthening of children which is based on the systemic theory, in practice, solution focused instance the narrative therapy and the systemic mentally. Research and international literature coming in to support the effectiveness of these methods in prevention and empowerment of children.
The program has the following objectives:
- to help children to recognize the positive elements, to appreciate and love themselves
- to recognize, named and manage their emotions
- to teach children to manage anxiety, fears, concerns and their difficulties
- to empower and to claim for themselves
I will teach children in solution and to solve problems
- to develop critical thinking and reasoning
- develop social and communication skills
- to trigger creativity and imagination
The program utilizes systemic a number of folk tales, children's books and literary texts that have been selected, target and apply with playful and fairytale way techniques and tools from the systemic mentally, the narrative therapy solution interface practice to achieve each goal. Important Tools are also the play game, art and technical development of imagination and philosophical thinking of children.
Opening Program: January 2017
Organizers: Museum Story-Systemic Institute of Cyprus
Venue for program: the Museum of the Fairy Tales in Nicosia
While the children will participate in the program, parents can enjoy coffee or tea in a magical, fabulous environment.
Project Coordinators:
Vicki Mpalōménou, Systemic children psychotherapist.
Konstantina Constantine, teacher, psychologist, psychotherapist systemic.
For more information and records you can phone the Museum of the Fairy Tale 22376522.

Have Fun in Paphos at the Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park is welcoming all children from kindergartens and nursery to have lots of fun, jumping and running in their premises. If you are a kindergarten or a school you can enjoy their wonderful group offers.
Price offers for groups
- up to 20 kids entry price 40 euro
- up to 40 kids entry price 76 euro (less than 2 euro)
- up to 60 kids entry price 110 euro (less than 2 euro)
* 1 Free coffee per teacher 
You may read more information about the Park here:  The Dinosaur Park - Pafos

CountrySide Park offers educational activities for kindergartens and schools

Countryside Park offers an alternative experience for children in a beautiful natural environment in the city of Nicosia.During visits to Countryside Park, children will learn about ponies and small farm animals (rabbits, hens etc.), will see the different trees and plants in the park and learn important information about them.In addition, children will have the opportunity to play in the outdoor playground area and rest in the colorful benches of the park.
Special entrance price  per child for schools:
Number of Children 10-15 3 euro, 16-25 2,50 euro, 26-40 2 euro
Phone no: +357 99465804

Cyprus Federation Special Olympics restarts "Young Athletes Program" (Young Athlete Program) for Nicosia and Limassol for children with intellectual disabilities

This FREE program is a specially designed sports program for children with intellectual disabilities ages 2 to 8 years, in order to prepare for membership in the official sports of the Special Olympics, after attaining the age of 8 years. Please contact the Special Olympics team for more information. 

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