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Intercollege Library and Information Center a place where children can enjoy reading books in Nicosia!

Founded in 1980, the University of Nicosia/ Intercollege Library and Information Center is a lending library with a mission to support research as well as curricular and educational activities of Students, Faculty and Alumni and other users with whom the University/ College cooperates.

-The mission of the University of Nicosia/Intercollege Library is to provide services and resources that support the educational goals and purpose of the University. The Library is dedicated to providing quality service, resources, and the right environment for the students, faculty and researchers of the university/college as well as for its alumni.

-It has a pleasant environment, conducive to study and learning, with individual study carrels, areas for group work, and Wireless Internet Access throughout the building. It is situated three minutes from the Main Campus, has a seating capacity of 190 users and is open six days a week during the academic year.

-The collection consists of 90,000 volumes, 800 print journals and thousands of journal articles available electronically through various data banks, a number of e-journals, e-books as well as music scores and audiovisuals –all relevant to the subject areas of study.

Phone no: 22 842100
Address: 46, Makedonitissas Avenue 1700 Nicosia, Cyprus

Limassol Municipal University Library open again 

The Limassol Municipal Library operates in cooperation with the Cyprus University of Technology in the renovated Pilavakis Mansion. The Library was again open to the public in September 2018. Special children activities take place every week. Little readers may find English language books and also Greek Language books. 
The Library also announced that: "For all book lovers who would also like to be book clubbers, depending on demand we are considering running a Book Club with featured ENGLISH books and reading sessions for three age groups. 
If you or your kid would like to be involved please contact LMUL Reference Desk at 25002211 as soon as possible. "
You may contact the Library for school activities or for a personal visit with your children at:
Phone no: 25002211
Opening hours: 08:00 - 20:00  Saturday and Sunday closed

Kids's starting school age will be raised

Starting school age in Cyprus will gradually increase following a research that shows that it is more difficult for younger children to adjust to primary school. According to the education ministry, as of the 2020-2021 school year children entering first grade must be five years and 10 months old, two months older than the current age threshold. As of the school year 2021-2022, first graders must be six by September 1 of each school year to be admitted to primary school. The age for children starting the compulsory year of preschool will change in a similar, so by 2021 they must be five.

‘What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers’  - a new book for children in Cyprus

BirdLife Cyprus’s latest book ‘What’s that bird?’ is a bird guide for young explorers that can be used by children starting 7 years old but early readers are also welcome! Elena Markitani explains why it’s especially important in Cyprus to introduce kids to the wonders of the natural world while they are young.

The bird guide targets mainly children and aims to bring children closer to nature, the world of birds and to encourages birdwatching. The guide presents 63 bird species of Cyprus that can be seen and identified with ease by children. The title of the book translated in English is ‘What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers’ . The book begins with an introduction to birdwatching, and simple advice and tips on where to begin and on how to watch birds responsibly. There’s also a glossary with the most common terms related to birds and their behaviours, as well as a key to all the symbols used for each bird presented i.e. sex, seasons, habitat types, food and other characteristics such as whether the bird is migratory, breeding in Cyprus, permanent resident or whether it is a priority species for conservation action. For each species there is information on its behaviour, special characteristics and where it can be seen. In the last pages, there’s a checklist of all 63 species presented, urging children to keep track of what they see and take notes, as well as a map of Cyprus with all the important locations for birdwatching marked on it.

"Every great naturalist or ornithologist was a child once. But what first opened that child’s eyes to the wonders of nature? Was it a loving parent or an inspiring teacher? Did they experience some perfect ‘lightbulb’ moment – ‘WOW! Look at that bird, the fast one diving through the sky…it’s amazing!’
The resulting book – ‘What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers’ – is just one of the many actions BirdLife Cyprus has been taking to inspire younger generations about the natural world around them.
Within its beautifully illustrated pages, sixty-three amazing birds of Cyprus (and their habitats) are now waiting to be discovered, explored and treasured. The book has been making its way into the homes of children, scouts, students, educators, and even other adults who simply could not resist the call of the young explorer inside. 
The other day one parent told us that her five-year-old son is totally obsessed with the book and spent hours showing her all the pictures one by one. And he can’t even read yet!"

‘What’s that bird? A bird guide for young explorers’ was possible thanks to the support of Oak Foundation. The bird illustrations were done by wildlife artist Paschalis Dougalis whom we thank for his wonderful work.

The book can be found at: BirdLife Cyprus !
Phone no: +357 22455072

What is UCMAS Brain Development Program for Elementary Children?

A very interesting, exciting and new program to create smart children brought to you by UCMAS Cyprus in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos!

UCMAS (Universal Concepts of Mental Arithmetic Systems). The UCMAS is a world renowned innovative educational method and the only program in Cyprus for the development of your child's brain. The UCMAS began in 1993 in Malaysia by Dr. Dino Wong and implemented in more than 5500 educational centers in over 57 countries like USA, Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, Japan, etc. 
Through the process of learning at various levels, the children initially learn to make calculations first with a real abacus that is ahead of them, and then with a virtual / imaginary abacus on their mind. This cognitive use of abacus is evident in children after completion level UCMAS 3 (see the levels further down the page). The UCMAS addressed to young students, 6-12 years, where their mind is the phase of development, so as to gain the maximum benefits is assured.
The UCMAS is recognized world globally with amazing results. Research of University of Manchester (UK), on a sample of 3185 children ages 7-11, after intensive UCMAS program for 34 weeks, 1.5 hours a week, there was significant increase in intelligence (IQ) of children. Research by University of California San Diego - UCSD (USA) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA), where 400 children after training in UCMAS program, had an advantage in mathematical calculations, was more accurate and faster than children who did not participate in this program.

Start courses: 2nd October 2017
Click for registration here:

Cyprus Federation Special Olympics restarts "Young Athletes Program" (Young Athlete Program) for Nicosia and Limassol for children with intellectual disabilities

This FREE program is a specially designed sports program for children with intellectual disabilities ages 2 to 8 years, in order to prepare for membership in the official sports of the Special Olympics, after attaining the age of 8 years. Please contact the Special Olympics team for more information.