Kiti the village of the Angels - Larnaca

Hello everybody,

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom!”
Marcel Proust

This is what I could first say after my visit to Kiti village. I remembered I read somewhere that behind Aggeloktisti church is a nice playground.

So going from Larnaca towards Limassol on the old road I saw the sign for the church and I said I have to look for the playground. This was one of my best choices as this place was marvelous.

I was here before but I did not imagine that since my last visit they could build such a beautiful place behind the church. I have to say that it is a place where kids are loved because the playground is in my opinion the biggest climbing outdoor structure that I ever seen in Cyprus. Three levels of construction and 6 big slides and lots of activities that took my kids more then two hours of running without any stop plus swings, sea saw and so on… plus the park….

The sound of tranquility surrounding the old church, young and old trees, young and old people, a family.
This church as I read to be the Church build by Angels lives there for our beginnings and for our ends… One old stone in top of the other make her doors open to us, inviting us to feel her loving soul. 

A story lives there to be told:
“In Kiti there's the Ancient church of "Panagia Aggeloktisti" (Meaning "Virgin Mary, Built by Angels"). There are two versions regarding the name of the church. The first say that when it was decided to build the church, the decision was not for the location where it stands today but for some other place. However, having begun setting the foundations in that place they observed that as if through a miracle the foundations had been transferred to the area where the church is today. So, they continued building in the new venue since it was by now obvious that this was God's will. However, another odd event occurred. As the construction continued the builders discovered every morning that the building of the construction advanced by itself. So, they watched during the night and saw that around midnight angels would come down from the heavens and chanting hymns for the Virgin Mary were building the church during the night.

The other version says that because of the Virgin Mary's mosaic that is found in the church. Anyone noticing it and sees how beautiful it is says that human hands could not have made ​​such a mosaic. So, it is believed that also this was made with the aid of Angels.”

A story to be told … A story will be remembered!

A bride is on the alleys of the park … a beginning for a new family and children to be raised in this place where angels are all around Kiti – Larnaca – Cyprus.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Kitti (Kitioy) village, Larnaca, Cyprus
"Panagia Aggeloktisti" Church  - Παναγίας της Αγγελόκτιστης