The English Dash - Afternoon School for English Language for Little and Bigger Masters

The English Dash is an afternoon English private school in the centre of Larnaca city, where kids and adults learn English in an innovative and fun way!

We would like to introduce to children, one of the Top 5 Most Spoken Languages in the World. Increase your child's chances to get a better job! Let him/her get access to the thousands of information, movies, articles written/spoken in the most used language of the World Wide Web.  Increase his/her chances to get accepted to one of the best universities in U.K.

We prepare students for all English levels & exams starting from Pre-Junior classes to Ielts.

Let's become English Einsteins!

Enroll now for the 2018-2019 school year:)

Children Age: 3-20 years old
Price: 50 Euros/month -  1 hour - two times per week !!! 
Contact person:  Kyveli Loizides
Phone Number: 96441242
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Pavlidou 12
City: Larnaca

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Summer Schools Limassol

Summer School

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Pascal Summer Camp
Phone no: 22 509 240
A wonderful offer for this summer is brought to you by Pascal Summer Camp. 5 weeks full of excitement and entertaining activities for children between 4-12 years old! One full day excursion per week and a fun programme which educate and give kids a great experience each day!

"English + Beach & Water Sports" junior summer camp by Oscars International Limassol
Phone Number: 99876690

Residential package: 
- 20 lesson of Essential English for juniors per week, taught by experienced native English teachers; 
- full-board ensuite residential accommodation (up to 4 students sharing a one/two-bedroom apartment) in the heart of Limassol tourist area; 
- Exciting programme of afternoon and evening activities with Water Sports addition (stand up paddling, kayaks and pedal boats, snorkelling); 
- 2 half-day trips and 1 full-day excursion per week; 
- 24/7 student welfare; 
- Placement test, Oscars Student Diary and Oscars Juniors ID upon arrival; 
- Oscars Juniors Certificate upon completion of the course. 

Day Camp package: 
20 lessons of English per week + hot lunch + afternoon activities on the beach (including water sports twice a week) and half-day trips. Also each Day Camp student receives Oscars Junior ID and Oscars Juniors Certificate. 

Accommodation for parents in comfortable apartments up to 5 minutes away from the camp and opportunity to join English courses for adults are available. 

Children Age: 10-17; *from 7 years old for groups
Price: Residential package: 750 EUR per person per week / Day Camp package: 350 EUR per person per week / Supplement: extra 5 lessons on Academic English per week (available from 15/07 to 12/08) = 40 EUR per person per week

Language of Service: English
Name: Angela Wright
Phone Number: 99876690
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Loizou Askani 24
City: Limassol

Russian language:

Международный летний лагерь
Oscars International
Лимассол, КИПР
Программа “Beach & Water Sports”: 24/06/2018-19/08/2018 (от 1 до 8 недель)
Программа “ Beach & Water Sports + Academic English»:  15/07/2018-12/08/2018 (от 1 до 4 недель)

Возраст: от 10* до 17 лет
* от 7 лет в составе группы

Вместимость: до 118 человек в неделю
Расположение: Лимассол, 5 минут ходьбы от набережной, 10 минут от пляжа, 70 км от аэропорта Ларнаки, 57 км от аэропорта Пафоса
Обучение: 20 уроков английского в неделю в современном здании школы Oscars International, расположенной в 15 минутах езды от резиденции. Все классные комнаты кондиционированы и оснащены проекторами. По окончании курса студенты получают сертификаты и табель успеваемости с комментариями преподавателя.
В первый день программы все студенты лагерей Oscars получают Student Diary и Oscars Junior ID.
По окончании обучения каждому студенту выдается сертификат Oscars Juniors.
Количество человек в классе: в среднем 12 (максимум 15)
Проживание: в двухместных комнатах в однокомнатных или двухкомнатных апартаментах; территория комплекса охраняется 24 часа в сутки; в каждом апартаменте есть гостиная с мини-кухней и ванная комната.
Уборка:  влажная уборка и смена полотенец - каждый день, смена постельного белья - 2 раза в неделю
3х-разовое питание:  континентальный завтрак, горячие обеды и ужины в столовой отеля The Palms (в соседнем здании), пакетированный ланч по субботам во время полнодневных экскурсий
- все вожатые владеют навыками оказания первой медицинской помощи
- аптечка в наличии у менеджера лагеря и у вожатых
- вызов врача по страховке в случае необходимости
- до ближайшего госпиталя – 10 минут езды.
Beach & Water Sports включает: 20 уроков общего английского, 2 экскурсии на полдня, 3-4 похода на пляж, включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю, 1 экскурсия на целый день, ежедневные вечерние мероприятия

Beach & Water Sports + Academic English включает: 20 уроков общего английского, 5 уроков по академическому английскому и подготовке к IELTS, 2 экскурсии на полдня, 3-4 похода на пляж, включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю, 1 экскурсия на целый день, ежедневные вечерние мероприятия

Даты: 25/06/2018-17/08/2018 (от 1 до 8 недель)
Возраст: от 10 до 17 лет
Расписание: присоединение к программе лагеря “Beach & Water Sports” с 09:00 до 18:00 с
понедельника по пятницу
В программу Дневного лагеря включено: 20 уроков английского в неделю + горячий обед +
дневные мероприятия на пляже (включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю) и
поездки на полдня.
В первый день программы все студенты Дневного лагеря Oscars получают Oscars Junior ID. По окончании обучения каждому студенту выдается сертификат Oscars Juniors. Количество человек в классе: в среднем 12 (максимум 15)

Masterland's Summer Camp
Phone no: 96101191 or 96217997

The summer camp of MASTERLAND enrolls children into its Russian, English and Greek groups

Why register your child to our summer camp?  Here's what we offer:

1. We combine a variety of activities in the Park (art school, theater, dance, karate, bakery, sports, computer class, astonishing quests, etc.) with trips to the beach and various outdoor excursions.

Three times a week children go to the sea, two times - excursions to museums, picnics, visits to zoos and other interesting places. All these are included in the total cost of our summer program.

2. We offer a convenient schedule for the summer camp-from 8 am to 7 pm. Moreover we offer the opportunity of leaving the children before lunch or after, taking into account all individual requests.

3. Personal approach regarding the nutrition of your child. The fact that we have our own kitchen allows us to cook daily homemade, quality and delicious food for children.

Furthermore we take into account your requests for the individual nutrition of your child. For example, we offer special food for athletes; we take into account children with food allergies and so on.

4. Unique conditions for children's leisure. We use the entire territory of the Park for the summer camp - 5 000 m². More specifically we use sports field, art school, bakery, cinema, computer class, restaurant and much more.

5. Experienced staff.

6. The program of our school is not repeated, and it is designed in such a way that children spend their time, with constant alternation on sports, intellectual quests, creative workshops and games.

You can find all relevant information regarding everything that took place in the summer camp here ,in our daily photos and videos reports, posted on this page.

Still have questions?!

Call us or email us and we will provide you with all the necessary information!!!

Communication: 96101191 – Dmitriy rus and eng , 96217997 – Georgia greek and eng.
Come, try it and you will definitely like it!!!

Russian language:

Почему нужно записать ребёнка именно к нам ?! Вот что мы предлагаем :

1. Мы совмещаем программу активностей на территории Парка (арт школа, театр, танцы, занятия по карате, пекарня, спорт, автодром, компьютерный класс, различные квесты и прочее) с поездками на море и разнообразными выездными экскурсиями.

3 раза в неделю дети едут на море, 2 раза – экскурсии в музеи, пикники, посещение зоопарков и других интересных мест. Все это входит в стоимость программы пребывания в лагере.

2. Мы предлагаем удобный график работы летнего лагеря -с 8 утра до 7 вечера. А также возможность посещения до обеда или после, учитывая все индивидуальные пожелания.

3. Персональный подход к питанию Вашего ребёнка. Наличие собственной кухни позволяет нам готовить детям ежедневно домашнюю , качественную и вкусную еду. А также мы учитываем Ваши пожелания по индивидуальному питанию ребёнка.
Например, специальное питание для спортсменов, детей с пищевой аллергией и прочее.

4. Уникальные условия для проведения досуга детей. Мы используем для летнего лагеря всю территорию Парка - 5 000 м² . Это и спортивная площадка, автодром, арт школа, пекарня, кинотеатр, компьютерный класс, ресторан и многое другое.

5. Опытный персонал. Русскоговорящие наставники.

6. Программа пребывания не повторяется, причем программа разработана таким образом, что дети проводят время, чередуя занятия спортом с интеллектуальными квестами, творческими мастерскими и играми.

Обо всем, что происходило за это время в нашлем лагере, Вы можете узнать из наших ежедневных фото и видео отчетов, размещённых на этой странице

Остались вопросы ?!

Позвоните или напишите нам и мы сможем предоставить всю необходимую информацию!!!

Телефон для связи 96101191 – Дмитрий,
96101190 – Марина .
Приходите, попробуйте и Вам обязательно у нас понравится!!!

Bubble Park Summer School Program 2018
Phone no: 70 008 586
25th June- 03rd August 2018
Summer School program contains various activities like: Theater, Music, Yoga, Games, Cooking, Zumba, Body Combat etc

Russian Professional Art School - Vania Vrondi
2nd - 27th July
Phone no: 99401195
Program available for children starting 4 years old to adults. Morning and afternoon program.

Bricks4kidz Summer School Program 2018
Phone no: 77 77 02 10 
Summer is around the corner... Bricks4kidz is warming up for an exciting Summer School program at our Bricks4kidz Lego Creativity Centre in Limassol with an early booking discount of 10% (for bookings until 31st March 2018- Terms and Conditions apply). For further information please contact us at 77 77 02 10 or at

Do Re Mi Music Studio - Your best music school choice in Nicosia

"Children need the FREEDOM to appreciate the infinite resources of their HANDS, their EYES, and their EARS, the resources of FORMS, MATERIALS, SOUNDS, and COLORS. " 
                                                         Loris Malaguzzi

"Do Re Mi Music Studio" is a place where children will have the opportunity to develop their music talent. But not only this! Music will help them develop and build their language and listening skills. Encourage their creativity, develop their self-esteem, stimulate them to use imagination. It is so simple but so important – music will give them an opportunity to relax and relieve stress, to experience joy.  Under the guidance of well qualified teachers in various music disciplines, children will get high level of musical studies and comprehensive music experiences. Our course of studies aims to advance musical understanding, creativity, individual expression and interpretation. 


   1. Music education for children (3 to 6 years)
   2. Singing:
• Classical singing
• Contemporary / pop and jazz singing
    3. Musical Instruments:
• Piano
• Guitar
• Bouzouki
• Violin
       4. Theoretical disciplines:
• Solfege
• Harmony
• Polyphony
• Orchestration/Arrangement
• Musical forms


1. Studying in Greek, English, Russian and Bulgarian.
2. Free participation in a children's choir for each pupil from 5 years  old who will choose as a specialty a musical instrument or singing.
3. Lower fee for children of one family.
4. Reduced  fees when visiting two or more disciplines  (singing, musical instruments, theoretical disciplines and etc.).

Children Age: Music education for children - 3 to 6 years old For music instrumets or singing - from 5 years old Children choir - 5 to 12 years old
Price: From 30 Euros per month
Language of Service: Greek, English, Bulgarian, Russian
Contact person: Andreas Charalambous
Phone Number: 96492932
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Laodikeias Street 23, 2028, Strovolos,  Charalambou Mouskou Street 2, 2617, Agrokipia
City: Nicosia

XScitED - Science Activities for Kids

We are “XScitED”, a team of Chemistry educators, with experience in teaching the beautiful science of chemistry. As our name suggests, we are excited about chemistry and science in general and our vision is to transmit our knowledge and enthusiasm in young children.

Our aim, “to transmit knowledge utilising safe, fun and interactive approaches that put science in the hands of young children and make discovery and acquisition of knowledge a seamless journey of discovery”.

“XScitED" has organised and prepare a series of interactive experiments in the following thematic topics - different experiments are available for age groups: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13+. Our program enables children to improve their creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, while experimenting and unfolding the secrets of nature in a creative and playful way.

Our program is ideal for schools or kindergartens that are looking to enrich their activities program with engaging science activities. Private workshops for small groups can be arranged on demand.

Therefore, “XScitED" has organised a series of interactive experiments in the following thematic topics (available in both English and Greek), during summer school or school year. Our program enables children to improve their creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, while experimenting and unfolding the secrets of nature in a creative and playful way.

1. «Meet the Scientists»
2. Nature of Matter
3. Properties of Matter
4. Chemical reactions
5. Colours
6. Cosmetics

Crazy water. Exploring the properties of matter

For more information, please contact
Dr Andreas Economou & Dr Maria Prantsidou

Children Age: 3-5, 6-8 , 9-12, 13-16
Price: Negotiable
Language of Service: Greek or English
Contact person: Andreas Economou
Phone Number: 99 655 744
Facebook Page:

Chinese language by Confucius Institute at Cyprus University

Learn Chinese Language in Cyprus classes starting September 2018 ! Register NOW!

Children and adults have the opportunity to start learning Chinese Language in Cyprus under the auspices of Confucius Institute in Nicosia.

Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus, the first and the only one established in Cyprus is a non-profit organization and a joint venture between The Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), the University of Cyprus and the Beijing Institute of Education.

"Studies have shown that learning Chinese develops unique cognitive skills and enhances musical ability in children because of its tonal sounds, and that language-learning in general can help your child’s ability to learn across all subjects. Learning Chinese can also make you better at math. The way Chinese characters are written (and taught) reinforces counting at an early age, and the complexity of the characters, as compared to English writing, actually aids in developing spatial memory, shape recognition, etc.  Also, the Chinese number system has a direct correlation to verbal, which does not exist in English beyond ten (the words for eleven, twelve, etc., have no direct correlation to the written numbers)"

The Chinese Language lessons are available for children starting 8 year old  to adults.
The program starts on 13th September up to 23rd December 2018, twice a week in Nicosia. In order to register  contact to Antonia Antoniou 22 894 274.

Children Age: Over 8 years old
Price Twice a week (13/09/2018-23/12/2018) 210 euro
Language of Service English
Name: Antonia Antoniou
Phone Number: 22894274
Website: confucius
Address: Street Address: Nicosia University ; City: Nicosia Kallipoleos 75, Nicosia 1678, Cyprus

MyBook Heroes - Every Child Deserves This!

What If there was an amazing gift that will boost your child’s confidence?

What if this gift makes them smile and see the hero that lives inside of them?

And… what if this gift introduces your child to life skills and how to trust themselves thought incredible adventures of self-discovery?
MyBook Heroes gives parents the ability to personalize incredible childhood adventure books where the central hero of the book is their child.

1. Visit (choose English or Greek page).
2. Choose a book or books you wish to customize and click on ' Create the Book'
3. Choose a language for the book.
3. Fill in the name, choose an avatar that looks like your child the most, pick a cover and write a dedication.
4. Add to cart and proceed to check out!
5. Get 10% discount by using this Code when ordering: LAURAKIDS10
6. The most incredible books of self-discovery will be with you shortly!

‘When we first started this we never imagined the dimensions it would take and the positive impact it would have on so many lives’ – Maria Lavithi, Founder at MyBook Heroes (

When we made a customized book for our daughter we noticed that she created a special relationship with it, adopting the lessons with ease and excitement! We saw the benefits and realized that all children should see themselves as the main hero in their lives. So we created a platform that allows parents to customize our books for their own children.”

The team of MyBook Heroes is comprised by writers, illustrators, technology experts and child psychologists. All of them are parents themselves, drawing from personal and professional experience.
The process is super easy!

MyBook Heroes is now offering free promotional shipping!

Check for more information on our web-page on and follow our Facebook Page on:

Children Age: 3 - 8 years old
Price: From 0  to 25 euro
Language of Service: English or Greek
Contact person: Maria Lavithi
Phone Number: 99 712 285
Facebook Page:

Summer Schools Nicosia

Summer School

Soccer Masters - Summer School 2018
Phone Number:994 14960
Μια αξέχαστη εμπειρία για νεαρούς ποδοσφαιριστές και παιδιά που θέλουν να γνωρίσουν τον κόσμο του ποδοσφαίρου!
​Βελτίωση Τεχνικής, Συντονισμού, Ισορροπίας, Δύναμης
Ελάτε να περάσετε 6 αξέχαστες εβδομάδες γεμάτες ποδόσφαιρο, κολύμπι και ευχάριστες δραστηριότητες !!!
​Ποδόσφαιρο, Κολύμπι, Χορός, Επιτραπέζια παιχνίδια, Ζωγραφική, Σκάκι και άλλα πολλά !

An unforgettable experience for young footballers and children who want to discover the world of football!
Improve on Technique, Coordination, Balance, Strength
6 unforgettable weeks of fun !!! Loaded with football, Swimming and lots of other fun activities!!!
Football, Swimming, Board Games, Painting, Chess and much more !

25 Ιουνίου με 3 Αυγούστου 2018  - Δευ-Παρ 07:30 - 14:30
Δημοτικό Στάδιο και Κολυμβητήριο Αγλαντζιάς

June 25th to 3rd of August 2018 - Mon - Fri 07:30 - 14:30
Aglanzia Municipal Stadium and Swimming Pool

Children Age: 6-14
Price: €95 την εβδομάδα /per week
Language of Service: Ελληνικά - English
Contact person: Sakis Charalambous
Phone Number : 99414960
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Papaflessa 15, Nicosia

The Family House Summer School 2018
Phone no: 22 262 900

We are excited to announce the second year Summer School at The Family House! This year, girls and boys aged 4 - 8 years old, are invited to craft in our woodwork shop, cook together, and explore arts and nature...yup- we're up to some fun and adventure! (Only 20 spots available) Early Bird registration up to the 12th of May! For registration please send an email to

Children Age: 4 - 8
Price: €150 per week
Contact person: Thomas Kaiser
Phone Number: 22262900
Facebook Page:
Address: Kastoros Street 8, 1087 Nicosia

Language of Service: English and Greek

Smart Hands Summer Program Offer 2018
Phone no: 97 77 64 94

DATES: Summer program starts 2nd July till 7th September meaning we are YES

OPEN In August!!!!

TIME: Daily 7:30-15:30 with additional charge till 17:00.
PRICE: Prices vary from month, and how many weeks the child register for more information call.
AGE GROUP: 3-12 years old
INCLUDED IN PRICE: all materials for all classes, extra classes (robotics, zumba etc), insurance for accidents, t-shirts, certificates of accomplishment .
PROGRAM: arts and crafts, recycling materials, painting, decoupage, paper mache, clay, rock painting, gardening, etc

Robotics Camp
By Epiteugma
Phone no: 22357006 - 99357008

Epiteugma Robotics (Nicosia) - Intensive Summer Robotics Courses. Our program, which is not summer school, covers a total of 60 hours of LEGO LEVEL MINDSTORMS 1 from 25/6 to 13/7, Monday to Friday, 9 AM-1 PM. The purpose is children who will watch it, be able to register for September at the next level Lego Mindstorms 2. The cost our intensive summer program is 600 euros.

Alfa Culinary & Beverage Academy
Phone no: 22101348

Summer is approaching and our new Kids Summer School is all set up for our little chefs!
Call us now and book your place for another fun and educational experience - 22101348

If you are interested to advertise for your 2018 Summer School post your advert now here:


The Dinosaur Park – Between the sharp teeth in Paphos

Hello everybody,

If you find yourself between the sharp teeth of a dinosaur you will always smile if these teeth belongs to the ones that we found in Paphos – Cholakra. The Dinosaur Park is the one of the best places in Paphos where kids can spent their energy running and jumping up and down while parents could just enjoy watching them.


A safe, enclosed playground where even the naughty toddlers can be supervised from the most comfortable sitting position at the table. We liked very much the playground as it is a place where kids from 6 months old until 14 years old can enjoy a beautiful evening playing outside or inside at the mini Luna Park. The big dinosaur' slide will keep kids busy running up and down until will finish their batteries!

The playground is covered by artificial grass, surrounded by a high fence making any exit impossible. Children can play safe inside the outdoor park on the two big dinosaurs’ bouncy castles and big trampoline. Toddlers can also enjoy their play area with the little house and slides situated on rubber tiles. For parents there is a shaded area where they could enjoy their drinks!

The mini Luna Park has lots of riding on funny games, foosball table, basketball game, air hockey, billiard, shooting games and electric cars. Plenty of activities to spend more time playing!

The park it is open daily starting 17:00 and it close very late in the evening so children that like to exercise on their jumps will feel perfect in the wonderful evenings of Cyprus. The park also offers the possibility to celebrate your Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Situated on the main sea road that connects Paphos to Coral Bay The Dinosaur Park can be easily reached by anybody, tourist or resident of the area by car or bus.
We wish you all to spend a lovely day at the The Dinosaur Park!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

The Dinosaur Park

For birthday parties offers please click here: The Dinosaur Park

Opening Hours: Daily 17:00 – 23:00, Weekends: 17:00 – 24:00
Entry Fee: 3 euro per child
Address: Chloraka Road, Paphos, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 70 009697
Map Location: