Apesia Hills - Donkey Safari or more?

Hello everybody,

After two days missing from the web, here I am again with new experiences.
This one is one of the top.
Apesia Hills first. Apesia is a small village 15 minutes driving from the Troodos roundabout – Limassol towards the mountains. Pass Heritage school on your left, second street on your left towards Apesia, Korfi village.
This village is so unknown that I even did not believe that they have a unique “Tremithos” – a tree over 1000 years old, a traditional “Oil Refinery” over 100 years old and the old Venetian “Sterna” over 500 years old. At least this is what the people living here are saying ….
After you pass the village you follow the signs for Donkey Safari, up on the hills.

There are hills and hills in Cyprus that is for sure.
This hill has something special, the breathtaking view. The minute you are taking your breath and you are lifting your head you are amassed. You just forget why you are there and the only dream will be to have a cup of coffee and relax.
So first, relax….

Second, enjoy the lovely surroundings of this small farm; this place really makes you feel welcome.
Then, if it is not too sunny, you can choose between either diving in the swimming pool, have a nice home made 100% Cypriot authentic meze (call before), or run to the donkeys to enjoy the ride.

The animals are clean, not smelly at all and lovely. There are donkeys, goats and chickens. Riding a donkey is a nice experience as they are small, funny and swinging. Once you are on a donkey, you can continue enjoying the view of the hills while holding tight.

When you are down from the donkey just continue to relax as you have in front of you another Cypriot sunny and fantastic day.
There are plenty of things to do on this small farm and yes it is a unique experience if you ask me and my kids.
Little nice memories… a smile, a cry, a laugh in the eyes of your own little child... a moment of love… a moment of remembering.

For Donkey Safari you have to call before Phone: 96 713 034. The ride is 10 euro per Donkey (which holds one child or one child plus one adult).

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!