Bricks4Kidz Lego Creativity Center – Birthday Parties Limassol and Nicosia

Briks4Kidz offers special Birthday parties packages for children starting 2-15 years old. Be prepared for a special day as they are only holding one party at the time.

At Bricks4kidz we provide everything… From catering, entertainment and basically all you need for a successful Birthday event. Our staff will welcome all your guests at the Bricks4kidz Lego Creativity Entrance where children will be dressed as ‘Lego Builders’ with helmets and vests. Our teachers will then guide through an organized entertainment program based on your choice of themes as below:



1st Hour: Building – Teams of children will rotate in table Lego stations:

1. Lego Mosaic Creator – Building on Lego base plates figures from their favourite themes.

2. Lego 3D station: Building 3D figures from their favourite themes.

3. Lego Technic station with Junior Robotics – Children will build many fun Junior Robotic motorized projects.

2nd Hour: Lego Challenges and activities




Let’s have fun with Lego challenges like: Build the tallest tower, Lego treasure Hunt, Lego races competition, Lego friend’s karaoke and dance and many more…



We provide for free Bricks4kidz coloring books in Lego bags as giveaways for all children.

For more info about the location you can also click here! or Call : 77 770210

Roller Sports Arena Cyprus - Sport for everybody!

Hello everybody,

Meet Georgia.
Georgia is only 7 and she is going every Saturday to Roller Sports Arena. She can go really fast, whiz round corners, spin-stop, criss-cross around slalom cones and jump over manholes. Her favorite is when she gets to race Mr. Marios Constantinou her teacher around the obstacle course he builds specially for her. She is miles better than her rollerblading Dad who has given up trying to compete.

Get your children rollerblading.

In this age of I pad, McDonald and 24 hour Cartoons Network on TV it is increasingly harder to keep our children healthy, motivated and breathing outside air in the sunniest country in Europe Cyprus! So why not ignore their pleads for Tomb-Raider 6 this birthday and treat your little treasure to a pair of roller blades. You’ll be introducing them a great new sport and a fun and healthy hobby.
Rollerblading enables kids to do something fun and hugely rewarding at their own pace. They will gain valuable exercise, improve concentration, develop balance and coordination as well as learn some very impressive moves. Children’s rollerblading lessons are very cheap and are based around fun and games to get them learning in a controlled and safe environment.

At Roller Sports Arena Cyprus you can use free equipment from Roller-skates, protective padding on wrists, elbows and knees plus a cycle helmet , and just pay for the lesson 5 euro and you can spend more than 3 hours of fun and sport!

Children can learn to skate as early as three years old.

Mr. Marios Constantinou is a highly qualified teacher that can hold a lesson in Greek language but also English language. Mums and Dads will need to hang around or better still get their own skates on and earn some real ‘cool’ points with the kids!

If you become too good you will be able to get involved in annual competitions and prove how good you are. And don’t forget roller skating is:
* A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardio-respiratory endurance (burn anywhere from 330 to 600 calories per hour)
* Great for improving strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility
* A fantastic source of aerobic exercise (low impact for joints)
*A key to weight control (involves all major muscle groups)
*Easy to learn
* A great tension reliever and enthusiasm builder.
* Equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, caloric consumption, reduction of body fat and leg strength development.
*50% less impact shock to joints compared to running according to a study conducted at the University Of Massachusetts.

Have fun while learning how to skate at Roller Sports Arena!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Roller Sports Arena

Hosting Environment
Family friendly!
There is always music and disco lights on!!!
We offer Instructing for all and lots of fun with creative teamwork-building games.
All skating kids get a balloon as a present.

Free use of equipment available if you do not have your own (skates, longboards & pads)

Starting age: 3 years old - to adults
Price: Starting prices from 45 euro per month  (1hour/week)
Address: Georgiou Griva Digeni 53, 2310 Lakatamia, Nicosia.
Contact person: Mr. Marios Constatinou
Phone no: +357 96548852

Free Equipment!
Coaching, Fitness,Fun, Birthday parties & Competitions. For kids & Adults. 
Inline, quad,skateboard & Longboard.

Nicosia - Map Location:

Harmony Afternoon Center - Limassol

In Harmony Afternoon Center (Центр дневной гармонии), your child (age 2-10) will get new experiences, learn new skills and make new friends in a comfortable, calm environment centered on each child’s social-emotional development.

Harmony Afternoon Center offers variated activities for children and encourages them to use three languages: Greek, Russian and English.
The center loves to keep children busy and entertained: Yoga – with special Yoga Teacher for Children, Zumba, Music Theory or Piano lessons or Art Classes! Children with home works can be helped with their home works in any of the three Languages – Greek, Russian or English. For the children that need extra attention the center provides with Speech – Therapy lessons for Russian and Greek speakers.

The housing and the environment of the center shall provide well-being and be encouraging when it comes to playing. It must also create a sense of security for the child and be secure and hygienic. Enjoyable working facility leads to mutual respect, confidence, compassion, solidarity and co-operation of everyone within the health kindergarten society. The area of physical activity shall be kept safe and the danger of accident must be minimized. Outdoor area must be designed so that it is safe and offers varied activity options. Nature and environment must be respected and treated responsibly.

Harmony offers large and bright classrooms with carpet flooring, a cozy bedroom with separated beds for rest time, heating in all rooms, dining room and sports room. There are UPVC double glazed windows all over the center. The meals are freshly prepared daily by the center’ cook.
The center aims for a mental, physical and social well-being of the children by promoting physical-, mobile-, emotional-, intellectual-, social-, aesthetic- and moral development.

Children ages: 2-10
No of kids per group: 7
Groups languages: English, Russian and Greek
Meals offered: Lunch, Dinner and snacks freshly cooked and prepared in the Center’s Kitchen.
Working days: 5 days per week
Afternoon hours: 13:00 – 18:00

Holidays: July 15th – 1st September and Cyprus Bank Holidays
Address: Aischylou, 10, Germasogeia Municipality, Lemesos dist., 4041
Contact person: Mrs. Anna Popova
Mobile phone no: 99743455; 99558316
Phone / Fax: 25430051
Facebook page:
Map Location: