NisyHealthyFeet the correct choice for your children’s feet

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“Kids fun in Cyprus” is always so happy to be able to give very good tips for all the parents of happy children. Always keeping a high interest on kids products, I had a very big pleasure to discover a new brand in Cyprus for children: “NisyHealthyFeet” What do they do? They help, keep and protect the feet of our little angels.

Especially from the first time our toddlers start wearing shoes, parents are asking themselves which are the best products for them. NisyHealthyFeet is between the few brands in Cyprus that sells orthopedic shoes for kids. What this means? Are these shoes only for kids with problems? What are they good for?

These top quality, healthy shoes, are made to be wear starting from 10 months old (size 18) - for the first steps – up to bigger sizes for older children but also for adults. At NissyHealtyfeet parents will be able to find the right shoes that can help at the development and formation of a child's foot which is different in various periods of its life - from the time when the child begins to walk, (10 – 15 months of age) until the end of the growth of the foot (at 15 - 18 years old).

 The toddler’s foot is at that time very delicate and particularly sensitive to various influences of external factors, including footwear. That is why we must care about our children's feet from the first moment of their lives, giving the child footwear which promotes correct development and functions of the foot.

For the little ones these shoes are making a wonderful job by preventing, monitoring and helping them to make the correct first steps. The shoes help the right development of the foot and help to obtain a healthy straight position of the feet and body. The prevention is done through the unique diagnostic feature that are included in the soles and insoles of the shoes. It provides monitoring of children’s feet and it is an effective method of prevention and treatment of common postural defects. On the sole of the shoe there are specifically designated abrasions zones allowing for accurate monitoring and treatment of feet defects.

Memo’s diagnostics area is its out sole and heel. They are divided into six numbered zones with cambered stripes. After wearing Memo shoes it is possible to access the degree of stripes abrasion. Depending on which zone is worn, insoles can be selected to correct the problem. This abrasion can also be very valuable information for your Doctor, Consultant or Physiotherapist. After a correct insole is selected it is advised that the child should wear the Memo shoes as often as possible. The period of use for Memo depends on the child’s age and the intensity of the problem.

Zone 1. Abrasion in zone 1 means Healthy feet. In this situation the shoes acts preventively.
Zone 2. Abrasion in zone 2 indicates to use grey insoles and wear the shoes continuously. If the abrasion continues when wearing the grey insoles use the orange insole. Should abrasion continue in this area, please consult the doctor.
Zone 3 and 4. Abrasion in zone 3and 4 indicates to use the orange insole and if the problem continues you have to consult a doctor.
Zone 5 and 6. If abrasion in this zone consists please consult a doctor.

For older children the characteristics of the shoes will help parents to check for the correct posture of their children and to intervene as soon as possible to prevent and treat the most common posture. A set of inserts which is a part of Memo system together with built in Thomas heel gives Memo shoes a corrective footwear character. A suitable for a child insert can be selected by parent based on included Memo system manual and according to doctor recommendation.

Highest quality materials are used for Memo footwear production. Outside and inside of the shoe is made of natural soft goat leather perfect for child feet. The goat leather naturally adapts to a foot increasing the wearing comfort. Some models have a special insole that does not contain chrome. Natural hygroscopic materials make the shoe breathe and foot not sweat.

MEMO system assumes therapeutic characteristics the moment when orthopedic insoles are used, which constitute part of the system. Having used the insoles, footwear should be worn all the time, because only then correction of abnormalities is possible. Period of using the insoles is 8 months. Small children can use the system shorter, teenagers – longer; the time also depends on the degree of abnormality.

The most common children spinal curvature disorders in children:
Crooked feet,
Genu valgus (knock knee),
Longitudinal flatfoot (PES PLANUS),
Various deformity of knees and feet.

At NissyHealthyFeet all the kids will find their perfect shoes. Trough special order parents can order shoes for Cerebral Palsy. This collection is dedicated to young and grown-up patients with specific feet defects, especially for persons with cerebral palsy. A unique shape, strengthened stiffener in a form of corset brace and a special tightening belt allow proper feet functions, correction of defects and prevention against further foot complaints.

I am very happy that I was able to write about this high standard quality product that can help lots of parents to make their best choice for their children. Taking care of their health and protecting before curing is the first step so do not forget to buy the right shoes for your children and adults from NisyHealthyFeet.

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Where you can find them:
1. Limassol show room Saturday -Sunday by appointment

2. Pharmacy Nikolas Nikolaou
Address: Gladstonos 116 B – opposite Primary Greek School B Limassol, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 25364359

3.Pharmacy Emily Pantela-Christodoulide
Address: 76, Academias Str, Germasogeia, 4043 Limassol, Cyprus
Phone no: + 357 25 312 091

4. Physiotherapist Mrs. Zuzanna Wojtasinska-Charalampous - Kivotos Fundation  -   96346132

Contact person: Sylwia Plucinska
Phone no: +357 96 638 845
Facebook: Nisyhealthyfeet