Geroskipou outdoor playground, Paphos stroller - walks and Alpha Mega Paphos the cheapest place to eat

Hello everybody,

First of all, I would like to thanks all my readers as I’ve noticed that there are lots of you, interested in my postings. I encourage you all to help me find more interesting places to go with the children by posting any comments or send me any e-mails with your ideas. Thank you all once again as in you I find the wish to continue!

Today, it is a new small playground in Paphos area at Gersokipou village, which is close to the round about at the end of the Limassol – Paphos highway. This is a small park with green grass and a nice bridge and an amphitheatre. Unfortunately it is in full sun but after 17:00 in the summer it can be used. They have slides, swings, climbing area, and a roller string. There is a very nice round pathway which can be used either for a nice walk with the strollers or for small bikes. So if you are close by this area do not forget to stop.

Even if I know that we can not count Alpha Mega coffee shop as a restaurant, I still could not believe that you can eat a hot meal, cheaper then McDonalds (I only seen this in Alpha Mega from Paphos). For this reason I decided to tell you that if you are interested to eat cheap and healthy you could try their restaurant with their amazing prices only 2.99 Euro the food plate - unbelievable (if you know something cheaper then this please let me know! … We promote small prices everywhere !!!)
I will not forget to tell you all, that they have a Bulgarian lemon cake which is amazingly good (This is 2.50 Euro)!

In Paphos, if you park your car in the center of the town, close to the fort and you can make interesting walks (use also the stroller) either down from the fort either up. The one which goes to the hotels area is more shaded, is very large and has lots of flowers and trees, nice views of the sunset, hotels and you can stop to any of the coffee shop on your way. Or behind the fort, this one is large, more sunny, no coffee shops but still very nice to walk and stroller. They are both very long so just taking care when you are turning back.(Pictures will follow)
Enjoy your afternoon walking by the sea as is the best in Cyprus!
So if you visit Paphos or you live close by try these ones and let me know your thoughts!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!


  1. Hi Izzy, great blog! Can you give more detailed driving directions to the playground?!

  2. Hi Jan, thank you for your comment. I hope is not too late :) The playground is located on B6 just 200 meters from the Pafiako Stadium roundabout as you start going towards Limassol. If you are coming from Limassol from the highway, take first exit at the roundabout at the end of the highway and then first exit again at the 1st roundabout. In 200 meters you will see the playground on your left. I hope you will enjoy all the wonderful places that I wrote about and please let me know which one is your favorite.

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