Vasa Kellaki

Hello everybody,

A visit to one Cypriot old villages it is always a fascinating one. No matter from where you will leave, the narrow road will take you through beautiful little old houses where the most wonderful “Η γιαγιά και ο παππούς” will always welcomes you with a big smile, a glass of cold water and a Cypriot coffee.

Taking directions from Limassol towards Moni, passing the beautiful village of Asgata, the road will take you through the greenest landscape with lots of trees and flowers to the small little village Vasa Kellaki. 

First stop for parents will always be the playground. Going left from the center of the village (crossroad with the Coffee Shop) around 50 m on the right side. Newly build with high trees around it, next to the old restored school. Full shade after, 16 o’clock the playground is very nice positioned, next to a football field and a picnic area.

The playground is equipped with swings, slides, roundabout and a green grass small hill, for running and playing games. There is a picnic area as well, next to the playground the ideal place to have a quick free homemade snack between tall poplar trees. This picnic place makes this place ideal for a small birthday party, for the ones who choose to keep a low budget.
Do not forget to take with you the football ball as there is a large football field next to the picnic area. So plenty of activities to do here for babies up to bigger children, to spend energy and to enjoy a sunny weekend day. 

Leaving from Vasa, towards Sanida and Kellaki villages, the road will make your soul drowned into a pleasure of sights. Sea, green trees…. Small curves, quiet and birds singing, everything you need to breathe clean air, to relax, to feel good.
On your left, after passing the entry to the Monastery Panagia Glossa you will reach the ruins of an old church. This place has just been arranged as a picnic place with nice wooden benches and tables, new toilets and of course a new small fenced playground.

Also here, you will find slides, swings, roundabout and small pathways to run around.  I would say that this place is fantastic for families with small children who are looking to spend a quiet, low budget day. 

If you pass through Sanida village and have your photo camera with you take some time to visit their church. You will be surprised by the wonderful view and the beautiful stone church. 

Take your time to be amazed by the beauty, quietness and simplicity of the Cypriot Rural life.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Where : Vasa Kellaki and Sanida village 
Limassol area, Cyprus