Play4kidz – the biggest indoor playground in Cyprus

Hello everybody,

Today is another indoor playground, the biggest on the island. 
Play4kidz is located in Nicosia, opposite Leroy Merlin DYI shop, The Mall of Cyprus area.
It is a two story building all for children.
They have a big playground, a bowling, a 4D Cinema and a Laser trap. The playground has activities that you can find only here. This is the reason why Play4kidz is one of a kind place for kids.
The playground has a one most interesting area for small kids (0-3 years old).

Climbing palm trees, the electronic climbing wall, pin and the iPad area are unique in Cyprus

Besides these ones, there are of course, the usual ones as trampoline, bouncy castle and indoor playground. There are also two indoor swimming pools. 

You can relax on their restaurant while watching your children trough a very big window which keeps all the noise inside the play area. They also give you new socks included in the price.
Kids definitely are very happy here and very busy.

Opening hours:
Monday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday - Friday: 15:00-21:00
Saturday: 10:00-22:00
Sunday: 10:00-21:00
1 Day Pass Ticket       € 8.00
1 Day Pass Ticket & 1 Meal   € 12.00
2 Day Pass Tickets      € 15.00
2 Day Pass Tickets & 2 Meals            € 23.00
3 Day Pass Tickets      € 21.00
3 Day Pass Tickets & 3 Meals            € 33.00
Limassol Avenue 231, 2029
Strovolos, Nicosia
Phone no: 22 320 000

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!


  1. shame, the entrance is too expensive for these days.....

    1. Hello,
      I agree with you the entrance fee is a little bit expensive that is way I believe as a mother that this playground worth more for bigger kids. Anyway this is just a place were I write about where we can go with kids in Cyprus, if you would like to write to the owners of the playground you should contact them on their web page address or by phone. I advise you that if you go there and you are not unhappy for any reason to try to contact the managers of the place directly. Good luck and have a look on my next entry in Nicosia about another new playground!

  2. I think you need to rethink your policy on how much you charge babies. I paid 8 euros for my 18 month old to play for half an hour. That is not acceptable in this current economical climate. This was after being told on the phone by your staff that under 2's were free. If I'd known my baby would be charged before coming with my 2 children, I would have gone somewhere else. Please change the price for under 2's or 3's as it is unacceptable. thank you.

    1. Hello, Please check my reply and try next time to contact the managers in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Success!

    2. Im sorry but your complaint on the price is extremely unreasonable. You acquired a DAY pass for 8 Euro, which meant you could have spent the whole day there with your child but decided to leave after half an hour. This is definitely your own choice. Half an hour does not reflect on the price, as it was up to you to leave so early. You could have spent the whole day there for 8 Euro which seems quite reasonable to me. If you decided to get up and leave after half an hour dont complain, it was your choice to leave after buying a DAY pass.


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