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Keeping kids active, happy and ready to get involved in a fun, sportive activity it never been an easy task for any parent. How we can find an energy consuming activity that will bring children so physically tired home, so they could easily find a relaxing sleep, it should be between the main concerns of an healthy family. This is one of the most important ways to succeed keeping children concentrated on their school tasks, but most important to teach them a healthy sportive lifestyle. That is why I loved so much Battlefield Live Cyprus and for something more: they are bringing call of duty and battlefield to life. It's simply great, competitive fun!

Battlefield Live Cyprus are open to everybody starting 9 years old for Combat Laser and 14 years old for Paintball until you can still run. That makes it the perfect choice for fun day, a birthday party, to entertain every member of a family, girls or boys. Do you want excitement... adventure... do you want to feel the real experience ?
Then Battlefield Live Cyprus is the right place for you.

You can choose between two activities Combat Laser or Paintball. For each one you will receive special equipment, special guns and different experiences. After the right safety and tactical briefing, dividing the teams and short training, the game is open to imagination.

"Zombies, which although isn’t exactly a real life situation is fun none the less. A biological weapons experiment has fallen from the international space station. You and your enemy both want it. Search and obtain the weapon and destroy your enemy while you make your way to the landing zone for extraction. Beware, the container is leaking and converting dead troops into zombies. You now have to fight two enemies. Or will you work together to defeat the zombies? The choice is yours but beware of the infected who show no symptoms. Your friend might be already infected and turn on you. This is intense… your friend is your enemy, your enemy is now your friend… the friend next to you might be your enemy! "

What can follow.... for Combat Laser between 15-20 minutes Live Play Session that will run trough several within the two and a half hours will make any kids use their entire stealth and stamina. Of course longer sessions can be arranged. Realistic guns, sound effects and camouflage gear give players a real taste of the battlefield experience.
For Paintball 15 minutes of Live Play Sessions and time to play until you run out of paint and energy. Paintball guns are used by SWAT, law enforcement, military personnel and gamers across the world.
What you get is special equipped play area with more then 22 acres of forest, hills and flat land with over 100 unique scenarios to play, with a maze of different rooms and wooden crates, oil drums and large tires and lots more to hide behind...will you have the courage and skill to win the battle?
The landscape is so well organized that gives the players an unique real sensation experience.

Whatever you will choose your children will combine the thrills of real life video gaming with fun, fresh air and exercise. A children's party full of paintball or laser combat action is an unforgettable experience for any youngster, it's like living out the action sequences they've otherwise only ever seen in computer games. The experience of storming a fortress or enemy machine gun nest with your best mate or or just simply get all the girls together and form your very own Charlie's Angels, and show the boys how it's done is quite simple an unbeatable birthday party experience.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Battlefield Live Cyprus

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Address: Larnaca, Cyprus
Our outdoor combat laser and paintball fields are easily located just outside of Larnaca, one kilometer from the major highway junction which takes you to Nicosia, Ayia Napa, Larnaca and Limassol.
Contact person: Andreas Symeou
Phone no: +357 99 901 806
Map Location:



20 Euros for 2 ½ hours
5 Euros for uniform rental (it’s not necessary but it is impressive)
15% discount for groups of 20 or more, maximum number of players is 36.
Private sessions are available.
Session times (7 days a week)
11:00 to 13:30
14:30 to 17:00
18:30 to 21:00 – must be at least 15 years old


25 Euros for 200 paintballs, gun and gear.
35 Euros for 400 paintballs, gun and gear.
Minimum no of players: 6 players
Discount for large groups.
Private sessions are available.
Open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00. Please book ahead.

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Combat Laser is an exciting laser tag game for adults and children alike and is not only a great day out, but the ultimate birthday party experience as well.
Suit up with themed jackets and specially designed backpacks which impressively keep track of how many times you shoot your opponents, and how many times you get shot yourself!
Using high tech laser weaponry, dodge fire and stalk opponents through haze filled battle zones. Race about and gain points either individually or as part of a team to see who wins the battle for overall supremacy. Guns can be modified to accommodate both a 7 year old’s party or a Corporate adult team building exercise!

Paintball is a modern, quickly evolving adrenalin sport, which requires more than just speed, agility, strength and a good physical condition. During paintball you will need a great deal of tactical thinking while staying coolheaded. You will experience joy and euphoria from victory as well as disappointment, when you find out how easy it can be to lose. But one thing is certain- you will never forget your moments spent playing paintball. Paintballs have a thin gelatin shell and a colored filling in the interior. The color is non-toxic, non-caustic, soluble in water and biologically non-hazardous. It is easily removable both from skin and clothing with pure water or soap. When the paint ball hits a player, it bursts, marking him with bright color. The tagged player is excluded from the game.