Smart Hands Kids Workshop in Nicosia


Smart Hands in Nicosia is a creative place where your child can explore, invent, create and take the crafts home! Our program is based on a T4T concept (Trash for Teaching) that is enhancing re use of variety of materials through number of educative individual and group handcraft projects. Our mission is directed towards developing and  enhancing children's creative mental and motoric skills, enriching their level of imagination and raising their awareness about re-usage of materials.
Choose one of our classes:
  • Arts&Crafts : The main benefits of these classes (appropriate for kids age 4-10), are of course developing creativity in young children and raising their awareness about recycle materials. Our Arts&Crafts  workshops will improve coordination, fine motor skills, teach kids how to express themselves and boost your child’s visual processing capabilities both now and later in life.
  • Painting: At our painting classes (appropriate for age group 6-10) we encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity by using variety of tools and different art techniques. Either it is observing with sketching and drawing, sponge, drip or blow painting with straws, use of oil, water or acrylic colors every lesson will bring something new and excitement for all our students.
  • Clay: Clay is different from other art mediums in that it requires an understanding of the three dimensional world. Children will begin to understand shape, form, and perspective, and therefore get a first lesson in geometry. The students will learn to really look ,observe and discover the world around them by working with air dry clay. Clay class is appropriate for children age 5-10 year old.
  • Young architects:  A workshop for 6-12 years old children that will immerse into the big architectural world with brainstorming ideas, sketching and designing, building 3D models, using mixed media and a variety of materials. 
  • Mommy&Me: An amazing opportunity for kids 2.5-4 years old to have fun with their Moms and meet their other small peers with a fun and recreational activity that will make afternoons interesting and surprising. At Mommy&Me classes we work in small groups on different individual and group projects where child and parent create. 
  • Fashion Design: Learn how to create your own presentation boards just like a New York Fashion studio! We will teach you how to sketch, draw and understand body proportion by designing and hand sewing for our PVC dolls.

Children Age:  2.5 - 12 years old
Price: Starting 40 euro monthly once a week 1.5 or 2 hour class depending on the class
Language of Service: Greek & English language
Contact person: Dragana Ljubicic
Phone Number: 97776494
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address 16A AMFIRTRITIS Street, 2000 Strovolos
City: Nicosia

The most successful school in Cyprus - Vania Vrondi Russian Professional Art School

Hello everybody,

Vania Vrondi’s School is a little bit different. It is the only one that continuously succeed to bring parents, children and teachers together into one purpose. Professional evolution. A lesson does not stop immediately after the time is finished. Vania Vrondi is preoccupied to give children a reason for practice, for learning, to become better, a reason to dream. As the Russian Professional Art School in Cyprus is meant to pursue its results through the Art Devotion Performing and Creative Center, a nonprofit organization meant to help artists to reach their main goal: The Stage!

Vania Vrondi started the school in 1998 by introducing Cyprus into the marvelous Art of Classical Russian Ballet.  Being graduated of one of the most prestigious ballet schools in Russia:  Classical Ballet and Choreography at MA University of Moscow GITIS she devoted herself into teaching Vaganova ballet method to all children passionate of the classical ballet. And there are not so many Ballet schools in Cyprus that dears to do so as this requires more serious work, more passionate desire for dance and why not an open ear to one of the most beautifully classical pieces of music.

Children responded by joining the Ballet classes with desire to learn, practice as real professional ballet dancers.  Here we can mention just a few of the International Competitions won by Vania's students:

Finals of International Ballet Competition in Luxemburg – Dimitra Theodorou.
Finals of the World Dance Competition-American Youth Grand Prix ( New York, USA ) –Varvara Bortsova.
Finals of Cyprus Ballet Competition –Elisabeth Kiriakou.
3rd Place International Dance Competiton - Greece, Athens – Alexandra Sebastiano.
2nd place International Dance Competition - Greece, Athens – Mila Pavlovich.
1st Place International Dance Competition - Greece, Athens – Alexandra Sebastiau.
1st Place Cyprus Children Art Competition – Alina Nastachenko.
Award Cyprus Children Art Competition – Loren Vrondi.
3rd Place International Dance Competition -Hellas , Greece - Suha El Feghali.
4th Place International Dance Competition -Hellas , Greece - Alina Nastachenko.

Vania did not stop dreaming and she decided that her students want and deserve much more. She is the only one that introduces a Ballet Intensive Training Summer School Program in Cyprus with Teachers from Bolshoi Theater for students starting 4 years old to adults. All passionate ballet lovers joined these classes benefit by the lessons of the Experienced Russian Teachers!

Despina Chrisanthou - Art Devotion Soloist

Art Devotion Performing and Creative Center is the organization that will bring to the Stage, dancers and music performers from all over Cyprus. Starting already with the production of the most famous Christmas Ballet Show the Nutcraker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in Limassol and Nicosia theaters Pattihio Municipal Theater and Satiriko Theater. The show reunites the young dancers from Vania Vrondi ballet Schools with  Russian Stars of Ballet Aleksandr Smolianinov - Prize Winner of Moscow International Competition, Tatiana LazarevaKiril Kudelin and Ilya Krivov under the production of Irina A. Lazareva, the Honored Artist of Russia and the Bolshoi Opera.

Art Devotion really hopes that the production of this classical ballet for now the second year in Cyprus will become the biggest winter event like in other important cities of the world and people will enjoy over and over again the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky that will bring Christmas closer to our homes.

Tatiana Lazareva - Winner of International Competitions

With a busy schedule, Vania Vrondi Russian Professional Art School gives also the opportunity to the children to study Gymnastics for ballet, Adult Ballet, Tango, Music – Piano, Guitar, Canto, Violin, Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums, Baby Music Development, Theater and Sports – Martial Art (Kung Fu and Wu-Shu).

The Theater section gives to the children the opportunity to get on stage the Theater Show that they study through the year and this year it will be Disney Channel’s smash hit movie musical “Sleeping Beauty ”, performed in English language.

We hope that more and more children and ballet dancers will take this major opportunity in Cyprus, to join Vania Vrondi Professional Art School the only school that gives the opportunity become a professional and reach the Stage!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Vania Vrondi Russian Professional Art School

Address: Ipatias 16, Limassol, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 25 58 44 59; +357 99 40 11 95
Facebook page: Russian Proffesional Art School Vania Vrondi
Facebook page: Art Devotion
Starting age: Ballet lessons – starting 2 years old, Music Development – starting 3 years old, Music lessons – starting 4 years old, Martial Art starting 5 years old.
Prices: depends on the type of lessons chosen prices starting from 40 euro per month.
Teaching language: Greek, Russian, English

We would like to thank Mrs. Vika Saltikova for the beautiful pictures no. 1 and 4!