Akrotiri Environmental Educational Center – Limassol

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The advantage of a place, where you can learn and play, makes a big difference in children’ education. I wish that all the places for kids could add at least a small place where parents and children could relax and play… a nice playground as the one that you will able to see at Akrotiri Enviromental Education Center. This is a unique, new, modern center where children and parents will have the opportunity to discover lots of information about the Cyprus environment, especially Akrotiri Peninsula.

The Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre is situated within Akrotiri Community and operates in a framework of cooperation between the Sovereign Base Areas, the Ministry of Education and Culture and Akrotiri Community. The Centre embraces some of the most innovative and environmentally friendly building concepts, including a photovoltaic system on the roof which provides approximately 50% of its energy requirements.

Since 2007 it is part of the Network of Environmental Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture together with other Centres in different areas of the island. The primary purpose of the Centre is to promote the unique environmental and cultural significance of Akrotiri Peninsula through programmes and exhibits, to educate children and adults and to create a space where learning, playing, reading, and observing becomes a pleasure, a relaxing way to spend your day.

At the Akrotiri Centre kids will be able to find exhibition rooms and a laboratory, a projection and a presentation room, a library and a study room, a bird observation area, a wonderful botanical garden, a lovely playground for toddlers and children. It offers full equipment for the activities undertaken at the Centre and at the different outdoor study areas.

The library contains a large selection of books in English language and Greek language for children of all ages!

Parents and children can learn a great deal from the surrounding area which includes the wetland system of Akrotiri Salt Lake and Akrotiri Marsh, the latter of which is designated as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention and is one of only two Ramsar sites of the island.

The area also boosts 27 natural habitat types (22 terrestrial and 5 marine) and more than 800 plant species, many of which are endemic or rare for Cyprus, have been recorded. Approximately 300 bird species have been recorded on the Peninsula; some are resident birds, while others are migratory species, either wintering, breeding or passage. There are also about 10000 flamingos which overwinter in the area each year.

Akrotiri beaches are some of the few nesting sites on the island for Loggerhead and Green turtles, which are endangered Mediterranean species. Important species of mammals have also been recorded such as seals, dolphins and bats as well as a variety of invertebrate species.

For those of you that you have more time to spend at the center there is the beautiful “Akrotiri cultural trail” which starts from the Centre and passes through the community, the houses where baskets are made and other points of cultural interest.

For kindergartens and schools the center provides around 16 special programs, 4 hours long suitable for different ages.

Akrotiri Educational Center is the ideal opportunity to get out of your house and take your children to a beautiful educational designated area where they will be able to learn, read and have fun!
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Akrotiri Environmental Educational Center

Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday, Sunday
Entrance Fee: Free
Suitable for strollers and disabled persons
Address: 4640, Akrotiri village, Limassol, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 25 826 562, +357 99 371 359
E-mail: akrotiricentre@cytanet.com.cy

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Agios Georgiou Kontou playground in Larnaca

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An outdoor playground for children in Cyprus should be one of the main reasons for parents to choose to spend their day out in the sun. The best medicine for kids to get rid of a nasty cold, to loose energy or for a very good sleep for the entire night. In order to be sure that all these conditions are met parents should be sure they spent the right amount of time, outside in the fresh air. If you live in Larnaka or just passing and you have your children with you, be sure you will not miss, the playground next to the Agios Georgiou Kontou church. It is a wonderful place!

The playground is big, on artificial grass and everybody will find something to do - from babies to parents - you are all going to enjoy the day out. The playground is surrounded by fence and has a large parking making it very easy accessible for everybody.

Parents can find swings, a roundabout, climbing areas and slides for toddlers. For bigger children there are also swings, climbing structures and also a zip line. One of the best things of this playground is that next to it, there are three mini football and one basketball and tennis fields. If you are interested to play with your bigger kids any of these games be prepared and bring your sport equipment with you.

There is plenty of space to run, to ride the bicycle, to skate or ride a scooter on the pathways that cross the sports fields.

At Agios Georgiou Kontou playground there is also a coffee shop where you can find a snack for the hungry ones. Next to the playground, there are more than 4 tables that gives you plenty of ideas for a budget birthday party. It is wonderful that from time to time to bring our children' friends and gather for a nice play, even if there is no special occasion.

Agios Georgiou Kontou is a perfect place in Larnaca, for parents to enjoy their kids while they play and run in the fresh air, to practice a nice sport or to celebrate a birthday, for any age!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Agios Georgiou Kontou Street, Larnaca, Cyprus

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