A unique Birthday Party Adventure at Flight Simulator Cyprus

Want a unique birthday party?  An experience of a lifetime?! This is something unique, an amazing adventure that can be done now in Limassol only!!!

Then fly in our professional Boeing 737-800NG flight simulator, right here in Limassol! Used also by airline pilots for practice, our cockpit is an accurate replica of the real airplane.
No experience required - all training provided.
Ages from 8 years up.
Perfect for entertainment and training.
Prices from as low as €20 Euros per person! (based on 4-people in the cockpit for 30-minutes).

Call us now on 97 783 383 to book your flight.

Flight Simulator Cyprus

Book your flight now, here:
Phone no: 97 783 383
Address: Shop B, Spyrou Kyprianou 75-79, Germasogeia 4043, Cyprus
Email: admin@flightsimulatorcyprus.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FlightSimulatorCyprus

XScitEd - Science Fun at Birthday Parties

Inspire your kids with one of our incredible Science Parties! These parties are hugely entertaining, fully interactive and visually stunning! Packed with dazzling science demos, party games, and brilliant hands on Lab experiments!

The best way to spend your Birthday Party? Definitely the one where you and your best friends  will let yourself entertained by some new, exciting and fun experiments.  XScitEd is a the best team of Chemistry Educators that can bring science at your party. Let's make new discoveries, let's do something fun, let's have The Birthday Party that everybody will remember!!!
The Smart Entertainment for children in Cyprus!

Various Topic Parties are available for all children starting 3 years old to 16 years old. We speak English and Greek and you can book a party with us now!

"Meet the Scientist"
Nature of Matter
Chemical Reactions

If you’re looking for something completely unique, then our science party is a fantastic option. The kids will discover loads about science whilst having the best time ever!

Contact our XScitEd Team here:

Contact person: Dr. Maria Prantsidou
Phone no: 99142802
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pg/XScitEd
Web page: aeconscienceblog.edublogs.org/xscited
E-mail: am.xscited@gmail.com
Prices starting: 150 euro for 1 and 1/2 hour of a group of 10 kids.

Flips&Hops Limassol Birthday Parties

A world full of fun and action at Flips and Hops Limassol Gym for Kids. One of the most active and energetic way to spend a different type of Birthday Party. How? For all boys and girls over 6 years old that they need to feel special on this magic day Flips and Hops Limassol offers 2-4 hours of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, karaoke, just dance, games, circus activities. Let’s have fun while we jump, we play games, we dance or we sing. We entertain you and we will make sure that many laughs and smiles will be seen on your faces your entire party. Let’s do something that you are not doing it every day!!!! Let’s have fun!!!
This is a private location only for one party at the time only where kids will spend their time entertained by our staff. 

BIRTHDAY PARTIES Starting 13-14 June 2020 Offer
Starting weekend:13-14 June
Children;s Age: 6+

Design your own birthday party and give to your friends an unforgettable experience. Choose  the activities that you love the most, gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, parkour, karaoke, just dance, games, circus activities and we will design a party full of fun and action. Let’s have fun!!!


For Saturdays or Sundays afternoon 17:00-20:00

Max 10 kids until the 24th of June

Max 20 kids after the 24th of June

Price: 300 euros for 3 hours

Children Age: 6+
Language of Service: Greek - English
Starting prices: 250 euro
Address: Georgiou Dimosthenous 11, Agios Georgios Chavouzas, Limassol
Contact Person: Andri  Agathokleous Pavlou
Phone Number: 99310576
Email: agathokleous@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/gymnasticsforallcyprus/

Once Upon… A Dance Story that should not be missed!

There is a man in Cyprus who has many things to say. He is an artist, a legend already in the famous world of dance, he is the one you need to know what he has to say. We had the great pleasure to meet him and ask him a few questions about his new ballet production “Once Upon” but also about his last years spend at The Limassol Municipal Dance Centre as a dedicated Artistic Director. Mr. Lambros Lambrou devoted his life to dance. He traveled around the world to share his expertise to other young dancers. His ballets were being performed all over the world like Canada, Cuba, Australia and the United States, where he was able to win his reputation for excellence and professionalism. He directed for a decade as Artistic Director of Ballet Austin in Texas, U.S.A and continued his passion in Limassol as the Artistic Director of Limassol Municipal Dancing Centre.

We had a great pleasure to ask him a few questions.

Mr. Lambros first of all thank you very much for this amazing opportunity that you offer to our readers.

KidsFuninCyprus: After almost 13 years spent at The Limassol Municipal Dance Centre what you can you tell us about your accomplishments and frustrations that you encounter?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
Today people can see why the Centre is still here. Students I have known are now dancing professionally in Europe and beyond, those who have not sought a professional career are some of the best-informed people I know. I would have been happier if the Republic of Cyprus along with the the business sector took a leap of faith and give me the tools to establish a professional school rather than a school run professionally.

KidsFuninCyprus:  What ages do you accept at the Centre?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou: The ideal age for a boy or girl to start lessons is between 8 and 9. There are other factors too such as a flexible body, natural rhythm and coordination. We inherit these things to a large extent.

KidsFuninCyprus: Is it time to re think training for professional dancing as opposed to dance for recreation? What do you think about continuous repetition that it is used as the main teaching technique in ballet classes today? Can dance lessons offer to children the chance to be creative? Can  we see ballet as educational? Such as understanding music better.....allowing creativity?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
This is a wonderful question and should be considered carefully by everyone. Children are naturally inquisitive. Under a good teacher’s eye, they gain trust and will try anything. Ballet is more like a musical instrument. It is extremely difficult to play Bach on a toy piano. So, the physicality of the student when it comes to ballet training differs from the normal or average body type as does the desire to move a certain way. I am very aware of this when I see students and try to be careful without neglecting the very talented child. This is the good thing about living in Limassol.

KidsFuninCyprus: Parents are often the ones who are encouraging children to enjoy a passion. Can they be also become an impediment? 
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
More often than not I am faced with a difficult situation which requires delicate handling.
Its called “ Overly concerned mothers.. ”!!
At first I am greeted by genuine smiles ! I always try to asses the situation carefully as often, the parent may not be a great communicator or posses language skills.
After explaining the programme I follow to all I am immediately told that the child cannot follow the programme and could I please make exceptions. Again, I explain that there is a specific programme and cannot change but if it is possible the child can take extra classes. Again. I am told that this wont do because of other obligations ( another ballet school)
The best person to evaluate talent is a professional teacher or a former dancer who has spent a lifetime in the theatre.
There are no short cuts.
If the parent interferes then  a rift is caused…a lack of trust between the student and the teacher. The teacher becomes the bad guy in this triangle.  It is easy to toss a..she is very talented….to a young dancer, with the ease of saying  Have a nice day!  Openness and directness is best done at the very first meeting and while we love what we do, students are not clients as such nor guest artists …They are passionate young boys and girls who should be respected and not pushed by teacher or parent to do things that could be dangerous to the body mind and soul. Ballet training is not like tap, jazz, improvisation, piano or violin. It is more akin to track and field with a huge amount of effort not shown. It requires patience, mental and physical ability, consistency, focus. Dancing around the house all the time does not qualify for ballet excellence or talent…….Swimming, music. playing with others as children, mild gymnastics for beginners are good and healthy activities,as well as attending live, good shows to start forming opinions.
The idea of hard work comes almost naturally to the talented pupil as do other qualities. If you see your children swinging from a chandelier or re writing a dictionary they should be allowed to do so as they are most likely uninterested in ballet training.


KidsFuninCyprus: Can you compare opportunities for professional work between US and UK and here?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
I lived in N America most of my life. I danced, taught and directed a ballet company for many years. Here in Europe and particular in Cyprus it is impossible to do so. Every city in the US has its own dance group or company and is funded by the private sector. European schools and companies receive huge subsidies from the authorities and often reflect the national, cultural and specific tastes of that society. I’m not sure which is better. Money can by Art!

KidsFuninCyprus: What can be done to improve the dancer's life and the arts in Cyprus?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
I have been committed to teaching young students what ballet can be. It is up to parents to understand this too. I am not here to make dancers. That is impossible!
The arts flourish when the state decides to look beyond commerce. When this happens the quality of all its’ citizens improves significantly!!
Up until the age of 16 students can prepare for an audition abroad but this means that other activities have to be chosen carefully.

KidsFuninCyprus:  There is no way that you could not notice the new poster about the new ballet spectacle created by you. What you can tell us about the new production that will be in Limassol “Once Upon”?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou: 
The poster is eye catching and fun and causes us to smile. It is also less classical and perhaps closer to what younger students feel today. Personally “the little girl in pink dancing in a tutu” is not valid or a fare image of the art form! That type of an image and perception has caused many young men to stay away from this great art form. We don’t allow bullying of any kind at the Centre.

KidsFuninCyprus:Is Once Upon a story?
Mr. Lambros Lambrou:
Once Upon is a simply simple story about a young man who is different from everyone else. He has green hair and is not accepted by others. It’s about bullying, about not fitting in, whether it’s how we look, dress, move, behave. Every single student has contributed in ideas, moves, stories and insight, into the choreography! Ultimately, it’s about all those who pursue a dream.

It was a pleasure discussing dance with you....

“Once Upon” …. A story that has to be told has to be listened, felt and seen.

Once Upon
Artistic Director: Lambros Lambrou
Artists: Abby Mattox, Iago Bresciani
and all students of the LMDC plus our special guest dancers from the Estonian National Ballet.
Date: 11th May 2019
Buy Tickets online from: www.soldoutticketbox.com/

Limassol Municipal Dance Centre
Address: Limassol Public Gardens
Phone no:  +357 99 559322
Webpage: www.limassolmunicipal.com.cy/en/kentro-xorou
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Limassol-Municipal-Dance-Centre
Contact Person: Lambros Lambrou

After School Enrichment Classes at Bricks4Kidz Nicosia and Limassol

After School Enrichment Classes

Bricks4Kidz one hour classes explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® bricks.  Students participate in 4 week sessions focused on exciting themes including Space, Inventions, Famous Buildings, and Natural Disasters.

Classes follow the Bricks 4 Kidz® motto: We Learn, We Build, We Play with… LEGO® Bricks.

We Learn- Teachers provide a 5-10 minute themed lesson
We Build- Students build the model of the day with simple step by step instructions
We Play- Students explore their own creativity through free play time

Classes are available for children starting 2 years old to 15 years old.
No of kids per group: 10
Groups languages: Greek and English
Meals offered: Yes and can be ordered on the spot
Working days: Tuesday - Friday
Afternoon hours: Please contact us at 77 77 02 10
Prices: €30.00 per month/child (2-5 Years old) – Pre school class

            €40.00 per month/child (5-8 Years Old) – Junior Robotics class

           €50.00 per month/child (9-15 Years Old) – EV3 Robotics class

Childsplay Kindergarten Larnaca

Registration for 2019 - 2020 are open now! 

At Kindergarten Childsplay, our staff are individually chosen and assessed on their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm, dedication and especially for their love of children and are dedicated in providing the finest quality of care.

We aim to provide a very warm and welcoming environment, where all children and their families can feel confident and happy with the childcare they receive.

The children are separated into four groups being Baby, Toddler and two Pre-school rooms.  By doing this at an early stage of a child’s life, we believe that it enables the child to develop at his or her own pace whilst being with other children of the same age. 

Our aim is to help each child to reach the highest degree of independence and confidence, as well as to discover their own strengths academically and creatively, and to pave the way for them to go on and be happy and inquisitive in their next step of education.

Childsplay kindergarten works alongside Jolly Phonics programme.  Jolly Phonics is a thorough foundation for reading and writing.  It uses the synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory.  Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words.

Starting Age: 0-6 years old. Formula milk, food creams, nappies, wipes and creams for your child, are provided by the kindergarten (excluding prescribed products).

No of kids per class: 6 in the baby room and remaining rooms vary depending on age groups

Bus service: No

Classes languages: English speaking and Greek lessons provided twice a week for the older children. All our teachers are native English speakers and we also have teachers who speak fluent Greek.

Meals offered: We provide breakfast, snack (fresh fruits) and lunch and for those who stay full day also have a second snack and evening meal. Fresh food is from a well-known caterer in Larnaca and consists of a wide variety of meals including meat, vegetables, pasta, lentils and much more.

Schedule: Daily activities include art, craft, music, drama, creative play, nature studies, singing and projects on relevant topics with all relevant weekly, monthly planners available for parents to see.

Our activities and equipment are planned and set out for a wide range of abilities and stages of development. We adapt planned activities so that we enable overall development for every child participating.

There are also extra curricular activities (with an extra fee), such as gymnastics that are organized on a weekly basis. 

Working days: Monday to Friday 07.15 – 18.30

Morning hours:                     07.15 – 13.00
Extended Morning hours:   07.15 – 15.00
Full Day hours:                     07.15 – 18.30

Afternoon hours: 13.00 – 18.30

Holidays:       We are closed on public bank holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas only.
                        We provide Summer School throughout July and August - all month!

Price: Prices starting from 0-2 years old is EUR 260 and over 2 years old is EUR 220
Address: Georgiou Seferi 7, Aradippou, 7104, Larnaca, Cyprus (located near to Anorthosis Stadium)
Contact person: Clare Zomenis / Lauren Mitas
Phone no: +357 24 634 605
E-mail: kindergartenchildsplay@outlook.com        

Map Location:

Educational Programs 2018 -2019 by Cyprus Theater Museum Limassol

Cyprus Theater Museum in Limassol invites all nurseries, kindergartens and school to participate at the educational programs specially organised this school academic year!  Specially designed by specialists of the museum, for each age category from nursery to high school, these programs offer a chance to all children and teenagers to understand and dive into the world of theater!

The overall objective of the educational programs of the Cyprus Theatre Museum is to familiarize students with the museum and to encourage the creative contact with elements from the history of theatre in Cyprus and the art of theatre in general.
The education programs of the Cyprus Theatre Museum are based on the observation and association of information, the exploration of the premises, the discovery as well as the development of the imagination. They are based on an experimental and active learning mode with an emphasis on the hands on acquisition of knowledge and the use of theatre-pedagogical methods. The students collaborate in small groups, as a whole or work individual as well. Particularly, the programs aim at facilitating the approach and understanding of the material exhibited and the museum space as a whole, the cultivation of critical thinking and a dialectic relation of the students towards the exhibits, the development of multifaceted emotional, physical and social conventions and communication code (imagination, creativity, activation etc.) the development of a positive attitude towards museum visits and finally the connection of the museum experience with the taught material and the school programs in general.

Each educational programs of the museum has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and had had a pilot phase.
For the school year 2018-2019

Nursery – Pre-school
«I get to know the museum along with Mr. Panoforis»
3-5 yrs old 80 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops.
1. Nursery: Painting a theatrical poster
2. Pre-school: Creating a crown with collage.

Α’ – C’ Primary
«I learn about theatre and its professions»
6-9 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a theatre mask with collage.
D’ – St’ Primary
«I explore and learn in the Theatre Museum»
9-12 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a theatre hat.
Elementary school
«Let’s talk about theatre»
13-15 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a costume design scale model.
Lyceum (General Interest)
«The Theatre Museum through my eyes»
16-18 yrs old 100 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a 3D set design scale model.
Lyceum (Special Interest)
«The ancient Greek drama in the Cyprus Theatre Museum»
16-18 yrs old 90 min The program was designed based on the analytical teaching schedule of ancient Greek literature in B’ Lyceum. Part of the design was based on the general and specific aims of the teaching schedule. It can be used as a supplementary tool for enhancing students’ learning through a more creative approach. Does not include working sheet.

Number of participants
The programs can be best enjoyed if each is executed for a number of 25 students at any time. The museum can host up to 2 groups of 25 students (50 in total) simultaneously.

All education programs cost two (2) euro per student and the museum offers a 10% discount on the total for any disadvantaged students.  We recommend that fees are collected prior to the arrival at the museum.

Design and Facilitation
The programs are designed and executed by the team of theatre practitioners of the Cyprus Theatre Museum.

Cyprus Theatre Museum
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 13.00
Tuesday - Friday: 16.00 – 19.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00 For pre booked visits only
Closed Saturday and Public Holidays
Address: 2-8, Panos Solomonides Street (former Androutsou str) 3032 Lemesos
Phone no: +357 25 343 464
E-mail: theatre.museum@cytanet.com.cy
Contact person: Mrs. Angelina Moridou