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Kindergarten and Schools / Summer Schools (groups activities) can book their field trips either at the Bricks4Kidz Lego Activity Center or at their own location.  The field trips are a great way of teaching kids different subjects  and they offer some amazing Educational and Developmental benefits such as: creativity & problem solving, spatial intelligence & fine motor skills, organization, following directions, sequencing, goal-directed persistence fine-motor skills, cooperation and teamwork.
Bricks 4 Kidz® field trips use the LEGO® Bricks students love, to deliver hands-on lessons related to cross-disciplinary curriculum objectives. The Bricks 4 Kidz® approach to learning is imaginative, multi-sensory and fun, creating a dynamic learning experience for your students.
Bricks 4 Kidz® models are the centrepiece of the lesson, which includes an educator-scripted discussion designed to engage students in a discovery process. Screened, trained Bricks 4Kidz® teachers deliver everything needed for a 90-minute lesson, including LEGO® Bricks, model plans, and take-home materials.
Many field trip themes are available, such as Interesting Inventions, Amazing Animals and Space Exploration, covering subjects such as simple machines and laws of motion. We can even design a program specifically tailored to your curriculum!
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