Pano Kivides village playground and The Stone of Agion Akindinon

Hello everybody,

I did not believe that I have something more to write here but …. As you will see there are plenty! Oooo lovely Cyprus… you are very big..
Our chosen destination was Pano Kivides village. Did any of you heard about this very nice village? As you go from Limassol – Paphos highway just exit Pano Kivides village, and drive for another 15 km. Not so far from Limassol.
The playground of Pano Kivides village is a nice one; close to the cafeteria of the village, you can see it from the main road on your right side. This playground is big, has swings, slides and climbing area and has also nice trees and flowers. Covered with green grass (my favorite!) there is a big area where kids can run or even use their bikes.

I would like to remind you that you can always use these spaces for kids birthdays party after speaking to the right authority in the Community Center, rent a bouncy castle and just enjoy the green grass and let kids running.

The most interesting place to visit, near Pano Kivides is the Stone. The Chapel of Saint Akindynoi is built on “a green valley, covered in locust trees and olive trees”, two kilometers south of Aggeliki Station.
The “Stone of Agion Akindinon” is a nice stone with a hole in it. You can find it in the church yard and this stone is special: has a narrow passing and the story says that whoever believes in Agious Akindinous can go through this stone. So, if you go here please let me know if you got trough!!!!!

This is can be part of a nice day out with the children as Pano Kivides village can be also a place towards other nice villages of Cyprus like Omodos or the Outdoor Playground of Agios Efstathios. You can find out more on our Agios Efstathios entry. 
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

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