Socrati Kids Shoes Shops Limassol

Due to the big success of the first Socrati Kids Shoes Shop in Agia Fyla, they decided to open  a second shop in Mesa Gitonia to be closer to many little clients!!

Socrati Kids offers shoes for babies starting from 1 month old (size 15) up to children size 36 and even caters on limited styles up to sizes 41.
At Socrati you can find high quality products from Greece, Spain, Italy and Brazil.  Their favorite brands in stock are Adams, Klin, Canguro, Fiorucci, Bubble Bobble, Ipanema, Rider, Smart Kids, Giardino D'Oro, Bacio&Bacio and Arnetta Disney collection, some of which are exclusive to Socrati Kids Shoes stores only!!!

Socrati Kids offers shoes for all occasions, from casual every day flip flops and sandals to a large selection of ballerina pumps and smart shoes for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings, weddings and school functions.
You can also find leather orthopedic school shoes. There is a large range of leather and orthopedic shoes available.

Socrati Kids is one of the few shops in Cyprus that offers a great service and good quality affordable shoes.

You can also find a large range of Disney accessories, school bags and they are proud to have exclusivity on the Picon's range of backpacks, shoulder bags and purses.

Orders can be taken also via store telephone numbers or on Facebook page (Socrati Kids Shoes).
FREE DELIVERY anywhere on the island on our regular priced items.

Socrati Kids Shoes Contact Details

Agia Fyla Store - 12A 1st April Str, Shop 4
Phone no: 25 770429

Operating hours:   Monday - Tuesday  9:30-13:30, 15:30-19:30
                                 Wednesday              9:30-14:00
                                 Thursday - Friday    9:30-13:30, 15:30-19:30
                                 Saturday                   9:30- 14:00
                                 Sunday                     Closed

Mesa Geitonia Store -  40 Makariou III Str, Shop 11 (Past Galactica, opposite Hellenic Bank)
Phone no: 25 221685

Operating hours:   Monday - Tuesday      8:30-19:30
                                Wednesday                  8:30-16:00
                                Thursday - Friday        8:30-19:30
                                Saturday                       8:30-16:00
                                Sunday                          Closed

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Mosaic Workshop at The Blue Cat Gallery Limassol

Our mosaic creation workshops are designed for parents and children who enjoy spending time in creative ways. Mosaic creation help one develop artistic sensitivity and imagination. It is a relaxing activity that teaches patience and how to "stay in the zone" and focus on a handicraft projects. These abilities are underdeveloped in our fast paced world that is saturated with technology. There is also a practical side to your studies. You will be able to decorate your home or garden and even refurbish old furniture and create unique gifts for your friends and family. Join us for fun with mosaic!

Workshops are available for kids starting 5 years old and are organized at

The Blue Cat Gallery!
‘’The Blue Cat’’ Mosaic and Art Gallery is situated in Limassol on the seaside in Agios Tychonas community. The Blue Cat is created to exhibit works and ideas of different artists.
Prices start from 10 euro per hour.
Language of Service: English, Russian, Polish
Contact person: Kinga Piechnik
Phone Number: 97658471
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Amathountas Avn 72 shop nr 6
City: Limassol

Summer Schools Limassol

Summer School

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"English + Beach & Water Sports" junior summer camp by Oscars International Limassol
Phone Number: 99876690

Residential package: 
- 20 lesson of Essential English for juniors per week, taught by experienced native English teachers; 
- full-board ensuite residential accommodation (up to 4 students sharing a one/two-bedroom apartment) in the heart of Limassol tourist area; 
- Exciting programme of afternoon and evening activities with Water Sports addition (stand up paddling, kayaks and pedal boats, snorkelling); 
- 2 half-day trips and 1 full-day excursion per week; 
- 24/7 student welfare; 
- Placement test, Oscars Student Diary and Oscars Juniors ID upon arrival; 
- Oscars Juniors Certificate upon completion of the course. 

Day Camp package: 
20 lessons of English per week + hot lunch + afternoon activities on the beach (including water sports twice a week) and half-day trips. Also each Day Camp student receives Oscars Junior ID and Oscars Juniors Certificate. 

Accommodation for parents in comfortable apartments up to 5 minutes away from the camp and opportunity to join English courses for adults are available. 

Children Age: 10-17; *from 7 years old for groups
Price: Residential package: 750 EUR per person per week / Day Camp package: 350 EUR per person per week / Supplement: extra 5 lessons on Academic English per week (available from 15/07 to 12/08) = 40 EUR per person per week

Language of Service: English
Name: Angela Wright
Phone Number: 99876690
Facebook Page:
Address: Street Address: Loizou Askani 24
City: Limassol

Russian language:

Международный летний лагерь
Oscars International
Лимассол, КИПР
Программа “Beach & Water Sports”: 24/06/2018-19/08/2018 (от 1 до 8 недель)
Программа “ Beach & Water Sports + Academic English»:  15/07/2018-12/08/2018 (от 1 до 4 недель)

Возраст: от 10* до 17 лет
* от 7 лет в составе группы

Вместимость: до 118 человек в неделю
Расположение: Лимассол, 5 минут ходьбы от набережной, 10 минут от пляжа, 70 км от аэропорта Ларнаки, 57 км от аэропорта Пафоса
Обучение: 20 уроков английского в неделю в современном здании школы Oscars International, расположенной в 15 минутах езды от резиденции. Все классные комнаты кондиционированы и оснащены проекторами. По окончании курса студенты получают сертификаты и табель успеваемости с комментариями преподавателя.
В первый день программы все студенты лагерей Oscars получают Student Diary и Oscars Junior ID.
По окончании обучения каждому студенту выдается сертификат Oscars Juniors.
Количество человек в классе: в среднем 12 (максимум 15)
Проживание: в двухместных комнатах в однокомнатных или двухкомнатных апартаментах; территория комплекса охраняется 24 часа в сутки; в каждом апартаменте есть гостиная с мини-кухней и ванная комната.
Уборка:  влажная уборка и смена полотенец - каждый день, смена постельного белья - 2 раза в неделю
3х-разовое питание:  континентальный завтрак, горячие обеды и ужины в столовой отеля The Palms (в соседнем здании), пакетированный ланч по субботам во время полнодневных экскурсий
- все вожатые владеют навыками оказания первой медицинской помощи
- аптечка в наличии у менеджера лагеря и у вожатых
- вызов врача по страховке в случае необходимости
- до ближайшего госпиталя – 10 минут езды.
Beach & Water Sports включает: 20 уроков общего английского, 2 экскурсии на полдня, 3-4 похода на пляж, включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю, 1 экскурсия на целый день, ежедневные вечерние мероприятия

Beach & Water Sports + Academic English включает: 20 уроков общего английского, 5 уроков по академическому английскому и подготовке к IELTS, 2 экскурсии на полдня, 3-4 похода на пляж, включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю, 1 экскурсия на целый день, ежедневные вечерние мероприятия

Даты: 25/06/2018-17/08/2018 (от 1 до 8 недель)
Возраст: от 10 до 17 лет
Расписание: присоединение к программе лагеря “Beach & Water Sports” с 09:00 до 18:00 с
понедельника по пятницу
В программу Дневного лагеря включено: 20 уроков английского в неделю + горячий обед +
дневные мероприятия на пляже (включая занятия водными видами спорта 2 раза в неделю) и
поездки на полдня.
В первый день программы все студенты Дневного лагеря Oscars получают Oscars Junior ID. По окончании обучения каждому студенту выдается сертификат Oscars Juniors. Количество человек в классе: в среднем 12 (максимум 15)

Bubble Park Summer School Program 2018
Phone no: 70 008 586
25th June- 03rd August 2018
Summer School program contains various activities like: Theater, Music, Yoga, Games, Cooking, Zumba, Body Combat etc

Bricks4kidz Summer School Program 2018
Phone no: 77 77 02 10 
Summer is around the corner... Bricks4kidz is warming up for an exciting Summer School program at our Bricks4kidz Lego Creativity Centre in Limassol with an early booking discount of 10% (for bookings until 31st March 2018- Terms and Conditions apply). For further information please contact us at 77 77 02 10 or at

Summer Schools Nicosia

Summer School
Smart Hands Summer Program Offer 2018
Phone no: 97 77 64 94

DATES: Summer program starts 2nd July till 7th September meaning we are YES

OPEN In August!!!!

TIME: Daily 7:30-15:30 with additional charge till 17:00.
PRICE: Prices vary from month, and how many weeks the child register for more information call.
AGE GROUP: 3-12 years old
INCLUDED IN PRICE: all materials for all classes, extra classes (robotics, zumba etc), insurance for accidents, t-shirts, certificates of accomplishment .
PROGRAM: arts and crafts, recycling materials, painting, decoupage, paper mache, clay, rock painting, gardening, etc

If you are interested to advertise for your 2018 Summer School post your advert now here:


Masterland – the real world seen through kids’ eyes into the best educational fun park

Hello everybody,

Masterland Children’s City of Craftsmen is one of a kind educational and entertainment park build for a new type of FUN – EDUTAINMENT. It Is the most innovative, globally successful theme park where kids play at being adults. Masterland Limassol offers to children the opportunity to learn over 70 unique and exciting professions within 25 workshops – turning dreams into reality. Designed for small guests between 5 to 15 years old it is the only Park and City of Craftsmen in Cyprus where no matter what your kids are into, they will find something to suit their age and personality.

The indoor edutainment center is a city built to scale for children, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and recognizable destinations in the form of "establishments" sponsored and branded by local brands. Masterland is a complete city with a hospital, fire station car service, petrol station, construction site, sports stadium, beauty salon, bank, dental clinic and even a juice factory! For the little guests, there is also a separate area for toddlers to play in a safe and engaging environment.

Children have the freedom to walk around the city as if they are an adult, exploring the various establishments and then selecting the kind of activity that they are interested to know more about it or that they wish to do, based on their own preferences.

Here, your kids will be able to get a fun and realistic insight into the adult world by taking part in a choice of professions which will earn them Golden Talents (The Masterland’s currency) and then children can use their golden talents for entertainment and professional development.

From Surgeon to Building Engineer, Dentist, Banker, Archaeologist or Driver, Police Officer or Beautician kids can follow a workshop build on a range of steps: a Base Class for 30 min or a Master Class for 1-hour, special designed for curious listeners (according to schedule).

For adults, the park is ready let them chill out by the cafeteria or the restaurant enjoying delicious food. Free Wi Fi and a lovely gift shop are also available. English, Greek, and even Russian (only by some tutors) language are spoken making this park suitable for all tourists visiting Cyprus!
We will not forget to mention that Birthdays can be celebrated at Masterland in a wonderful and magnificent atmosphere for guests and celebrated.

For schools all over Cyprus, the park offers top quality entertaining programs suitable for different group age as the park main goal is to EDUCATE! It is all about “learning by doing” and the personal experience is one of the most powerful tool. Every activity is developed and supported by qualified teachers and the most important… the learning extends beyond the schools’ curriculum.

The goal of Masterland Children’s City of Craftsman is to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. Children learn as they play and this is the gate that the park is opening... to knowledge, curiosity and interest.

No matter where you live in Cyprus, make your plans and come to Masterland a unique theme park designed for all children!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Masterland Children’s City of Craftsmen
Opening hours: Monday – Closed, Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00, Friday: 10:00 – 21:00, Weekend 10:00 – 21:00.
Entry Price: 20 euro per kid from 5-15 years old. From 3-5 years old the ticket is 10 euros and for adults 5 euro.
Address: Germasogeia, Spyrou Kyprianou 48, Limassol, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 77 777850
Facebook page: