Swimming for kids in Limassol

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Swimming is one of the best sports that you can choose for your kid. It can be started as early as possible, here in Cyprus there are swimming pools they starting their mums and babies lessons from 6 months old.
First of all is a sport that provides an all-over body workout. The action of pulling yourself through the water and working against the resistance the water provides exercises everything from your arms and shoulders, through to your core and legs. By changing your strokes, you are using your muscles in different ways, which assists with building your muscle strength evenly. It is being proven that as a child’s body is stimulated through exercise such as swimming the mind is also stimulated causing further brain development and an increase in intelligence.
Swimming is a very beneficial form of exercise as it works the large muscles of the body honing in on gross motor skills, which build coordination.
Swimming also aids in the improvement of speech, brain development and works multiple areas of the brain through combined movement such as the kicking of arms and legs together. Swimming also reduces stress, increases mood-boosting chemicals in the brain and allows for muscles to contract and relax which increases blood flow to the brain providing nourishment.
A study in progress by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, published on the research website Science Daily, has found that preschoolers who learn to swim early also reach other developmental levels much faster than their peers. Head researcher professor Robyn Jorgensen states, "Many of these skills are those that help young children into the transition into formal learning contexts such as preschool or school." Jorgensen said she believes that enrolling your child in an aquatics program has so much more to offer young swimmers than athletic benefits.
So I found more information about were you can go for swimming lessons in Limassol.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Private location:

Olimpia Centre

Lessons hours: Monday - Friday 15.00 – 18.00
Address: Agiou Ilarionos 2, Agios Athanasios, Limassol
Phone:+357 25 726 677, +357 99 804 787
Contact person:Areti Gregoriou
There are classes for babies with mums, just once a week on each Saturday at 11:00. Important is that they clean the water with salt, not with chlorine! 

Aqua Babies Cyprus
Swimming lessons for groups from Newborn - Toddler
5 week swimming courses
Fully Qualified and Pool Safety Trained
Address: St Raphael Hotel, LIMASSOL
Hilton Hotel, NICOSIA
Phone: +357 99 816 019 or +357 96 479 998 
Facebook: Aqua babies cyprus
Website: www.aquababiescy.com

Vikentia Swimming & Gymnastics Center

Address: Kokkinokampou 7, 4150 Limassol, Cyprus
Lesson Hours:
Mon - Fri: 15:00 – 18:30
Sat: 10:00 – 16:00
Phone:+357 25 391 958
Email: info@vikentia-athletics.com
Website: http://www.vikentiagym.com

Trittis Sports & Leisure Centre

Address: 50, Lambrou Costantara Street, 4156 Limassol, Cyprus
Lesson Hours:
Mon and Thursday 08:30 – 10:30      
Mon - Fri: 19:00 – 20:00
Sat: 09:30 – 13:00
Phone: +357 25 387 107
 +357 97 889 765
Email: trittis@spidernet.com.cy

Iacovou Swimming Centre Iacovou

Address: 4 P. PANAYIOTOY STR, 4043 Limassol, Cyprus
Lesson Hours:
Mon – Fri: 14:30-18:30
Sat: 09:00 – 13:00
Phone: +357 25 384 020
Email: info@iacovouswim.com
Website: www.iacovouswim.com

Limassol Sporting Centre

Address: 108 Griva Digeni Str., 3101 Limassol
Lesson Hours:           
Mon - Fri: 15:00 – 17:00
Sat: 10:00 – 12:00
Phone: +357 77 777 173,
Email: afxentiou.karamanos@cytanet.com.cy

Ipsonas Sporting Centre

Address: 79 Agiou Georgiou Str. 4180 Ipsonas
Lesson Hours:
Mon - Fri: 16:00 – 18:00
Sat: 11:00 – 13:00
Phone: +357 77 777 172
Email: afxentiou.karamanos@cytanet.com.cy

Aqua Arena

Address: Giannou Kranidioti 60, 3110 Limassol, Cyprus
Lesson Hours:           
Mon - Fri: 14:40 – 18:30
Sat: 09:00 – 14:00
Phone: +357 25 870 002
             +357 99 786 655
Website: www.modusvivendigym.com

Mavrovouniotes Fitness & Health Center

Address: Patmou street,Germasogia, Limassol, Cyprus
Lesson Hours:
Mon-Fri: 14:30 – 18:00
Sat: 09:00 – 13:00
Phone: +357 77 777 772

Public location:

Limassol 25m Indoor Swimming Pool
Address: Steliou Kiriakidi Str., next to Tsirio Stadium, Limassol
Phone: +357 99 351 134
            +357 99 487 500
            +357 25 339 395

For more details about their swimming lessons please contact them.

Limassol Olympic Swimming Pool (50m)
50m outdoor heated swimming pool
Address: Dasoudi Area-C.T.O. on Georgiou A Str. (Sea road), Limassol
Phone: +357 25 320 666
For more details about their swimming lessons please contact them.

Glaykos Klerides Athletic Center in Agros

Facilities for: Indoor Activities (basketball, handball, futsal, volleyball), Squash, Weight lifting room, Martial arts room (Karate, judo, Taekvonto), Gymnastic room, Seminar room
One (1) indoor hall with parquet floor with all supporting equipment  for team sports
One (1) Indoor heated swimming pool 25meters with eight (8) corridors
Indoor Hall for Martial Arts and Aerobic Gymnastics
Weight lifting room
For more details about their swimming lessons please contact them.
Phone: +357 25 521 455

The fairy, the actress and the mother - Catherine Beger

Hello everybody,

Theatre is about somebody in front of me.  I can choose to imagine with his help that it is somebody else, somebody that I will love or that I will hate or just somebody that will make me dream. It is about the show... or rather the words in his mouth that will make me imagine a place that I want to be, a place that can make me feel different, full of emotions.
As a guest on her little stage I was amazed how quickly she can make kids and adults alike join her on a trip to the bottom of the sea. Maybe it was the right music that just tickled your ears and made everybody dream or the soft tone of her voice telling the story… or maybe….
Who is Catherine Beger?

Izzy:  Dear Catherine, seeing you on the stage made me feel like a child again. I felt the need to listen, to dream to be part of the story. So did the other small guests that you had there with you. 
Who are you?
C.B.: Sometimes I ask myself the same question: ‘Who am I?’……I suppose I’m lucky enough in my profession to be whoever I want to be J I am a theatre director/actor/story maker/script writer and probably most important to me…..a teacher. I come from Great Britain and am part Welsh, part Irish and part English. I trained as an actor and teacher in London and came to Cyprus in 1999. In that year I set up Antidote Theatre with Co-director Xenakis Kyriakides which we ran together for 13 years. During that time we made 100’s of performances and taught many many children. Three of our shows toured extensively around the world. We parted ways at the beginning of this year and Little Muse Theatre was born. I am a single mother and am blessed with a very beautiful four year old daughter called Daisy. What I do is who I am and I feel that in the small way I can work towards inspiring children’s imaginations is fundamentally why I am here in the world.

Izzy: How does it feel to live your life on a stage everyday surrounded by so many kids? Being somebody else most of the time… is there also time for you? How is your life as a mother and as a woman?
C.B.: I’m a bit like Peter Pan I suppose…….most women have to invest a lot on beauty products to delay the ultimate aging process…….I work with kids and their playfulness and imagination and willingness to fly with me (even the teenagers)  keeps me eternally young on the inside and at least my wrinkles are mostly laughter lines. As a single mum running my own company it is hard to have a life, but I manage to go running five mornings a week after I drop my daughter at school and I have a ‘friend’ who cooks me dinner sometimes and helps me put my theatre life on hold for a few hours. And I have a great circle of friends who look out for me. So it’s always a question of juggling but I can’t complain J

Izzy: Is talking with mermaids as easy as talking with your daughter? Do you still have the energy for her? Are there are any conflicts in your house? How do you handle them?
C.B: My daughter is my mermaid, my princess, my little owl whatever she wants to be. All my work for children from 0-5yrs was inspired by her growth and development as I had never worked with this challenging age range before she was born. She advises me on all my work and as u can imagine we are two female personalities in the house so on the subject of conflict…….she challenges my strength of character by coming back at me with twice the energy/twice the authority/and twice the stubbornness that is very much part of my character. She is very opinionated but I have always talked to her straight and discussed things with her and she is able to accept logical explanations. She makes me laugh a lot and I admire her tenacity. Main problem at the moment is her obsession with a tablet that her father bought her. She talks about it non-stop and I don’t want it in our house not because I am anti technology but she is only 4 yrs old and I want her to enjoy playing and reading.

Izzy: I see you as a person who had lots of experiences with kids, what is your opinion about today kids’ education and our expectations? Is it different from the day when you were a child? Do we expect more from our kids? Is there time for theater in their life?
C.B.: Of course it is very different now and although I love what I do, I realize sadly that in some senses people are paying me to teach their children to learn to play again and use their imagination. Everything is so instant so quick that children lose the journey of creation which is the fun part, not the end result. Theatre is a natural part of a child’s play time and it will always be there in their home made puppet shows and the conversations they have with their teddy. Technology plays a huge part in trying to replace this and in that we have to be careful….of course we have to move with the times. I only suggest to parents that tablets and I-pads etc are closely monitored and don’t replace creative play. We must also be careful not to fill their lives with so many activities and obligations that they have no time for themselves or to find themselves. Often in the quest to provide our kids with what we didn’t have and to ensure that they are stimulated in all possible directions has a boomerang effect and this is what in many ways my new play ‘Alice’ is about.

Izzy: I must not forget to ask you about entertaining at kids’ birthday parties. Is it something different having you there with all the children around you! How do you decide what to do with them? Is it all on the spot and you improvise using your experience or it is something more?
C.B.: I have two birthday party packages. For kids 2-7yrs I offer a story performance……a 20 minute show (as you saw on Sat) plus craft and games connected to the story. For older children 7-11yrs I run a 90 minute theatre workshop full of fun games and improvisation tailored around a specific theme if they wish. It’s all planned in advance although of course improvisation is always there at my finger tips if necessary.

Izzy: Let’s not forget about Alice. Everybody knows Alice. But how does Catherine have time to write Alice? What can you bring new to Wonderland?
C.B.:  I identified with the story of Alice at a time in my life where I had to take risks and go it alone and find my own independent voice and thus the idea was born. Writing it was a real challenge as I have to make my Alice story for two actors and in a way that I could limit the language and be able to learn it in Greek. The play is loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s book ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ with its own twist: “The original story follows a child’s journey towards maturity which makes it the perfect vehicle to explore the theme of personal growth. In our version, Mr. Apollonius is a travelling showman, eager for his daughter Alice to follow in his footsteps, sing like him and take centre stage. She is shy and cannot be what he wants her to be and so she runs away, but tumbling into Wonderland, Alice meets a host of strange characters and begins a journey of discovery to find her own voice.”

Izzy: Being a foreigner in Cyprus … how did you manage to find friends to help you organize such a big event? Who is behind Catherine?
C.B.: Having been in the business in Cyprus for 14years I have made many good connections and friendships in Cyprus with the Ministry of Education, Larnaca Town Hall, teachers, schools, parents, small businesses, people who have been aware of my extensive work with children and young people and wish to offer their support. In 2012 my play ‘Hide & Seek’ (Kriftouli) won best children’s play with THOK (Cyprus National Theatre)  2009-2011. So that also gave weight to my mission.
The current time for those of us involved in the arts has been very difficult due to the crisis but still people have come forward to help in what -ever way they can.

Izzy: And now a Story… a Story for the parents who are in love with their children but just sometimes they forget how to show their love again.
C.B.: Remembering the excitement and adventure of new discoveries is an important part of parenting that is sometimes neglected........and if the parent is sharing the adventure then there is no question of money involved only the joy of the quest.
My own parents were very poor and there were very few excursions to museums/fun parks and Zoos but somehow I remember magical fairy woods, the fun of window shopping, cave hunting, apple scrum ping, Indiana Jones crusades and sharing those moments with your child is fantastic.
For example in August when the heat was unbearable, there was very little to do and most of my daughter's friends and mothers were abroad........one day I said to Daisy 'Are you ready for an adventure?' and spontaneously we jumped on a bus (as I don't drive) 'Where shall we go?' I said.  She said 'To a castle' ........'Okay' I said. Now in reality we sneaked into Sandy Beach Hotel, dived in the pool and lunched like two ladies.........but for Daisy........she and mummy were in a castle with all the rich people........on a secret mission to rescue a princess, finding frogs in the pool and looking for golden balls.....I can't do this all the time and of course my daughter is aware that I split my time between her and work........but I will always make time to make sure that the magic of childhood for her .......and all the children I teach is boundless and anything is possible if you believe in it.

My dreams are on the other side of the mountain. Gone with the wind time flies but I will not live behind my kids smiles. Alice takes us with you in Wonderland!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Little Muse Young People's Theatre
Catherine Beger
Artistic Director
Classes hours and days:
Monday     Baby Muse              9:30-11:00               0-3yrs
                 First Steps Drama   16:00-17:00               3-5yrs
Tuesday     Senior Muse          16:00-18:00               7-11yrs
Wedsday    First Steps Drama  14:00-15:00               3-5yrs
Thursday   Youth Muse           16:00-18:00              11-18yrs
Friday        Junior Muse           15:30-17:00              5-7yrs
Classes prices: Baby Muse:                       5 euros per session
                          3-5yrs:                           30 euro per month
                          5-7yrs/7-11yrs/11-18yrs  50 euro per month
Address: 8, Markou Drakou St. Larnaca 6011
Phone no: +357 96 216 435
Web page: www.littlemusetheatre.com

E-mail: catherine.beger@gmail.com

Let's play - Limassol

Hello everybody,

Limassol is a wonderful city by the Mediterranean Sea. Fantastic weather and a beautiful sea promenade is everything you need to enjoy as many happy days as you dream… The mall is a perfect place for very early or very late walks by the sea on the summer and all day long walks in the winter when the temperatures are just ideal.
You can rent a bike and stroll along the pathway, stop at the playground or just simple play in the sand by the sea. There are beautiful shaded areas where you could relax and enjoy the view.
I like seeing people sitting outside in a park, playing a game, reading a book, or watching their kids playing. That gave me the pleasure to meat there Mr. Vassilis Aristotelous. He is the President of Limassol Chess Club.

Izzy: I am very pleased to meet the person who makes the chess lessons possible in Limassol. What you could tell us about yourself? How did you start playing chess and enjoy this life as teacher of this beautiful game?
V.A.: My uncle taught me how the game is played when I was five years old. Then after a while I discovered a neighbor boy, two years older than me that he had the passion of the game of chess in him, inherited from his father. Imagine that his father had a chess library of books half a century ago! And then we started playing and more and more children gradually pulled into the game. It was fun! During the years I became a more mature and knowledgeable chess player, participated representing Cyprus in many international events, like world chess Olympiads and pan-European chess championships. I only recently became a chess instructor, five years ago, after a persistent friend decided to make the first chess academy in Limassol and needed help. The massive participation and the enthusiasm of the children astounded us and made us realize that we were writing history as far as children chess in Cyprus is concerned.

Izzy: I was very impressed to hear that besides having a job, teaching chess for kids, being a FIDE arbiter and a Cyprus Chess Champion you also found time to write a book about chess. You are the first one in Cyprus that wrote such a book. Why did you decide to take this step and how do you believe your book is helping the young readers?
V.A.: I have to say that during the years as a chess teacher I was preparing and giving out papers to my students. It is these papers put together that make the backbone of the book. The book’s name is “Chess One – A complete introduction to the royal game” and it is the perfect help for everybody studying Chess. Having a book in the class makes things much easier for everybody, for the teacher, for the students, even for the parents.

Izzy: The book is already published, where we could find the book to buy it?
V.A.: The book can be found at Kyriakou Bookshops and also directly from me: just let me know you want one and a book will find its way to you!

 Izzy: Seeing the cover of the book I realize the chess could involve a lot of work and study. We live now in a world dominated by computers, pads, internet and all sorts of new technologies that occupies your time. Do you believe there it could be time for chess study, for a book to read, for kids to get out of their daily routine and enjoy something closer to reality as a chess game played face to face with your adversary?
V.A.: There is always time for something you like, a hobby, and children can take up chess in this way. Now if along the way they discover that they have talent for the game and they enjoy playing in tournaments then they can pursue it further.

 Izzy: Limassol is a beautiful city with gorgeous views to the sea. What are your favorite places to play chess?
V.A.: We are using a few near-the-sea places to enjoy the game. I have to say that Limassol has some nice spots to offer. I always wanted to organize a beach chess tournament, where people in their swimsuits take short splashes between rounds!  I will let you know…

Izzy: Could you tell us more about your dreams in making the game of chess more popular around Limassol kids and adults? Does anybody is getting involved to help you making your dreams come true?
V.A.: I’m offering my teaching to more and more places, I even teach chess to Russian children in Russian schools! And since last year I started teaching adults in the Government public education evening classes. I believe my book will help in this direction.

Izzy:  What advice would you give to aspiring players out there and to the parents of the kids who would like to introduce chess in the lives of their children?
V.A.: Play chess, it’s cool! The sooner one realizes that serious chess needs serious investment of time and effort for studying and playing, the better it is. Chess is good for children. It teaches them so many things which would be otherwise almost impossible to get through to them. They get to know responsibility for their actions in very pressing conditions.

Izzy: As I know that everybody enjoy a nice story I also like to hear one from you. Do you have any?
V.A.: When I hear the words chess and story, I cannot help myself thinking about the invention of chess. Long time ago, there was this King who got sick and tired of playing dice and cards. So he assigned his wise man the task of coming up with a game which the factor of luck would be absolutely absent and the qualities of logic, calculation, strategy and taking right decisions would be the winning factors. After some time the wise man presented the game of chess to the monarch. The King was so thrilled with the new game that he called his wise man and told him to ask whatever he wanted as a reward, half of the kingdom, the hand of his only daughter, his weight in gold, anything! The wise man just asked for grains of corn! One grain of corn to be placed on the first square of the chessboard, two grains on the second one, four on the third one, and so on, doubling on the next square all the way till the last sixty fourth square of the board. The King thought the wise man was crazy not to accept his generous gifts and to insist just for a few grains of corn, so finally ordered his officers to go and give a couple of bags of corn to the wise man. The King was shocked to hear, after some time, from his officers that all the corn of the kingdom was not enough after reaching only square number thirty on the board!
And it is really so! The way the wise man asked the grains of corn to get double on the next square by the time the sixty four square is reached an astronomical number is created which all the corn of earth is not enough. The King did not know what to admire more, the fascinating game of chess or the clever request of the wise man.
This story is in my book, together with much and various information about chess.

Izzy: Congratulation once again for your book. Thank you very much for this nice opportunity that gives us the pleasure to meet the Limassol Chess Club through the words of its master.

V.A.: People of any age interested for the game of chess please contact me and I will find a way to keep you learning, playing and enjoying chess!
Vassilis Aristotelous, 99651120, varistotelous@gmail.com

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Vassilis Aristotelous President of Chess Club Limassol
Phone no: +357 99 651 120
Facebook: www. facebook.com/vassilis.aristotelous
E-mail: varistotelous@gmail.com

Municipal Parks Larnaca

Hello everybody,

Are you planning a trip to Larnaka Municipal Parks? Please read below all small, big parks new and old where children can enjoy free playing in fresh air.

Beach Playground

One more project have been completed part of  Programme entitled "Enriching and Greening Larnaka's Beaches", in cooperation with Larnaka Municipality.
This time, children’s playground toys have been installed at the beaches of Mckenzie, Kastella and T. Mitsopoulos str. Enjoy a lovely time at the beach while kids will be running and playing!!!

Aradippou playground

This is my first entry for the parks in Larnaca area as this one was the most beautiful play area for kids. Arradipou playground is a very nice, new and modern outdoor playground situated in the center of Aradippou village (behind the Post Office) very close to center Larnaca. The playground has swings, climbing areas, a tennis table; sea saw, slides for babies and bigger kids , there are also nice benches on the shade.

Address: Agamemnonos Str., no. 4 Aradippou, Larnaca

Aradippou forest (Rizoelia Forest)

It is a place for hikes, picnics, and the best place for mountain biking in the area, as it is quite big. The forest is very sunny so it is a good place for evening or winter activities. 

Rizoelia Street, Aradippou, Cyprus
Entrance from Pavsania Street

CTO Beach Restaurant

At the CTO Beach Larnaca there is a nice playground on the beach with swings, sea saw, a little house, a slide, the CTO restaurant. There is a very nice beach and a volleyball field in the sand. It is a good place also for the winter times when kids could enjoy the sand and playground by the sea. The restaurant is nice and has very good prices.

Address: crossway Dhekelia Rd & Griva Digeni Ave, just before Dhekelia English base
Phone no: +357 24 646244

Larnaca Municipal Theatre Garden

In a large city triangle formed by streets Afxentiou, Kiouppis and Pierides, known as the Public or Children’s gardens, you will find the Municipal Theatre, the Larnaca Municipal Library, and the Museum of Natural History. The playground has swings, wood train, and wood ship, climbing frames, sea saw and slides for all ages. There are also shaded areas but unfortunately not over the playground. There is another playground close to this one at Old GSZ Stadium.

Entrance from crossway Leonida Kioupi & Louki Pieridi streets, Larnaca
or Louki Pieridi & Grigori Afxentiou streets
Old GSZ Stadium
Crossway Artemidos & Stadiu streets, Larnaca

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!