Dasoudi Playground by the Sea – Limassol

Hello everybody,

It was an old, dusty, small playground. You would mostly like to cross by, instead of stopping. But a sweet little fairy was worried for that little playground and she decided to transform it in a little kingdom for every kids in Cyprus. She definitely used her magic wand, she wave it in the air and transformed the playground from Dasoudi Beach in children's paradise. With a fancy name "Dasoudi Playground By the Sea" is welcoming now, everybody in an fantastic environment, clean, safe and most of all a delight for kids of all ages.

Dasoudi Playground is one of the most beautiful places, made for children in Cyprus next to the beach, in a wonderful location. With a big parking very close by, with the bicycle route next to it, build next to the beach, toilets, restaurants, coffee shops is your perfect destination no matter if it is winter or summer.

Be sure, you are not going to forget the stroller, your bicycle or scooter, your sand toys or balls and enjoy this little corner of paradise with your kids. Either you will choose to relax in one of the restaurants situated next to the playground and supervise your kids from distance or you follow them inside to enjoy their happy smiles, while playing, you will end up spending a relaxing day by the sea, outside in the sea breeze.

The playground is surrounded by a wooden fence, completely secured, and covered with artificial grass. I was surprised that it is perfectly maintained, clean, and shaded. There is something for every age to enjoy, from the little ones up to the biggest climbers. Swings, slides, see saw, a little house and a big ship with small benches, slide and climbing areas, are waiting for the small guests, to raise their appetite to run, and play all day long. The playground is free to use for every kid.
Behind the playground there is also an enclosed area with various pay by ride machines, all new and fancy.

In the summer you can spend your day also at the beach where the water is shallow and the beach is covered by the best sand to play. Due to the wave breakers (the stones placed a few meters out in the sea) the seawater it is calm, with no under currents in the area, making it good for families with kids. There are plenty of trees under which you can hide from the sun with the stroller and let your baby sleep peacefully.

In the winter children can also play in the sand while parents can relax on the sunbed. For the most energetic parents, they can choose to play volleyball, run, or ride their bikes with their children.
Enjoy your day at Dasoudi Beach with your kids!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Dasoudi Playground by the Sea
Address: Dasoudi Area-C.T.O. on Georgiou A Str. (Sea road), Limassol

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