Chantara waterfall and Omodos village

Hello everybody,

Yesterday, I promised to me to take the liberty of a quiet afternoon with my children. For us, quiet and relaxing means mountains, shadow, water, nice walking…
We took the car and we went to Foini village (Trodos area close to Platres). 
We discovered there Chantara waterfall.
As you are driving on the main road to Foini village from Kato Platres, you will see a nice small playground on your right side and a bridge in front. Before the bridge there is a small road where you can stop the car and have a nice 2 km walk to the waterfall (I do not advice having a pram unless has big wheels) or just continue driving (the road it is not very good) passing the first junction take left up on the hill and second junction right.

Chantara sings to you as her name, about beauty, about happiness and about time. She was always there….
A clock is melting its seconds, minutes and hours in to the dripping water….just falling.

And… the stairs… is it there the place where my dreams comes true?

We took the road back towards the beautiful village of Omodos

Small, narrow streets, the children’s laugh while running. Small shops with lace and souvenirs.The rocks. And the church. Time just went back a while, when I was there. Sipping all the drops from the flowers, windows, gates and stone.

How you could just not enjoy it?

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!