A Cosmic World in Paphos - indoor playground and bowling and... many more

Hello everybody,

Cosmic World is a place where you can enjoy it for very long hours doing lots of activities. 
They have bowling lanes; a perfect organised and entertaining playground for kids, restaurant and every Thursday starting 19.30 is Bingo time. What is fantastic that everything is on the same floor. So you could play bowling, while the kids are playing and also you can go anytime you want.

The playground area is very big and the children can go out only trough one place. There is an area for the small children with a very nice selection of toys, electric bumper cars like new, Arcade Games all new, slides 4 types, balls and a roller slide (that is fun for sure! everybody was there).

This place is very very clean and everything is new and the airconditioning units are working marveleous.
You wouldn't want to get out of there!

They have also an very intersting spider net where the children have to climb trough the nets. 

They are open every day for long hours starting with 11:00 in the morning, up to the last customer. Except Thursdays when the playground will be closed starting 19.30 because of the bingo schedule. 

For this reason the location is perfect for kids which enjoy longer birthday parties. The restaurant area is next to the playground that makes the kids very easy to look after. Also another important info are the prices. The food and drinks prices are really good as I do not believe I saw anything in the menu more then 10 euro with the cheapest porkchop of only 7 euro. 
So just be happy and enjoy Cosmic World!

Opening Hours: 11:00 – until late/ last customer
Entrance fee: 4 euro
Phone: +357 26 220 033
Address: 47 Apostolou Pavlou Ave, Kato Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus

Map Location:

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!