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“Science has shown that when children learn how to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids.” That is why we decided to introduce to our lovely readers “parents with children” a musical activity that will make the little ones smarter and happier. Why Joanna’s Music Studio? First of all because at Joanna’s, the music lessons start from as early as 6 months old! I know everybody will ask me how, so please be ready to read the entire story!

Joanna Kyprianidou graduated with a Performance Diploma from the Hellenic School of Music, has a Diploma in piano teaching from the Odium of Athens, the Grade 8 exams of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and a Bachelor Degree in Music Studies from ARTE Music Academy. She decided to open the musical world for all the babies, toddlers and children in Cyprus no matter how young they are.  This is the reason she also became a licensed Kindermusik educator.

Kindermusik is an international pre-school music education program that offers a fantastic new way to learn how to love music and also to make your first discoveries and, why not, to learn English language. Kindermusik helps develop critical early-learning skills, nurtures the whole child, and—last but not least—offers hours and hours of irresistibly engaging music-and-movement fun for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their parents!

In Kindermusik’s music-and-movement classes, children experience music of varying styles, genres and cultures. They interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm, and vocal activities that develop far more than just music skills. Silly rhymes and catchy songs offer opportunities for vocal development, phonetic awareness, and vocabulary building. Through musical activities and interactions with their teacher and peers, children also develop conversation skills and the ability to speak rhythmically and expressively.

Kindermusik classes offer children numerous opportunities to develop early math proficiency. Joanna will make kids bounce, clap, spin, and hop. They will build core strength as they dance in a circle and skip around the room; they develop eye-hand coordination as they toss scarves in the air and catch them; and they stimulate their vestibular systems by rocking and swaying to relaxing music. Maybe it goes without saying, but Kindermusik with Joanna drives children’s musical development. Her activities are designed to develop vocal skills, foster music appreciation, and build a foundation for formal music instruction later on. In class Joanna will teach children to play all kinds of age-appropriate instruments and to appreciate music of varying styles and origin. They will learn to recognize and decode musical symbols, and they will be introduced to musical concepts and terms as they play and move the presto, largo, allegro, staccato, and legato to a variety of rhythms.
Joanna offers to the parents the most magical moments of interaction and playing with their children through the Kindermusik music program.

 This is only the start for a life surrounded with music. For older children, Joanna will help them, to discover one of the most beautiful instruments: the Piano. Learning how to play the Piano is one of the best choices for children. Joanna is a wonderful teacher who succeeds to make each lesson interesting and appealing for all children. They will start to love her lessons and wait for the next one every week. Joanna also prepares  children for the external examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

And guess what…. It’s not only for children but also for adults who are children at heart. Joanna offers piano and music theory lessons (in groups of in private) for anyone, regardless of age, who loves music and wants to start a creative hobby.

Parents will appreciate their children efforts and also they will be happy when they notice all the benefits their children will gain through learning how to play the piano.   Higher grades in Maths and easier understanding of ratios and fractions,  increased child’s self-esteem, increased hand-eye coordination, better concentration are just a few of the numerous benefits.

Joanna succeeds to make children love music and enjoy learning. She gives the start in a life surrounded by pleasure, feelings and emotions. Joanna opens a new magical world for everyone: sounds, happiness, fantastic instruments and the piano plus lots and lots of new friends. It is your time to try to learn music with Joanna in Nicosia!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Joanna’s Music Studio

Address: 18 Chalkokondili Street, Amaral  11, flat 402, 1071 (Lykavitos) Nicosia, Cyprus
Lessons fees:
Individual piano lessons: 40 Euros per month (two 30-minute lessons per week or one 45-minute lesson per week)
Kindermusik: 40 Euros per month (four 45-minute lessons per month including digital home materials)
Age: Kindermusik starting 6 months old
For piano lessons starting 5 years old
Lessons schedule:
For individual piano lessons please contact.
For Kindermusik lessons:
Laugh and Learn (2 years to 4 years) class will be every Wednesday at 17:00 or 17:30, commencing the 7th of October 2015.
Sing and Play (newborns to 2 years) class will be every Thursday at 17:00 or 17:30, commencing the 8th of October 2015.
Contact person: Joanna Kyprianidou
Phone no: 00 357 99 597 810

Map Location:

Facebook page: Joanna’s Music studio presents Kindermusik

Healthy Yogis – the path to a new lifestyle

Hello everybody,

With “Kids Fun in Cyprus” parents will always find some interesting, fun, educational activities for your toddlers, children or teenagers. This time we have a fantastic activity from “Healthy Yogis” which combines both exercising your body and mind together with cooking delicious and super healthy recipes!

The classes are 2 hours long, the first 45 mins-1 hr is dedicated to cooking and the rest of the time to Yoga. The lessons are suitable for children aged 4 years to 12 years old and are open to anyone who loves being in the kitchen, and to all children who want discover the world of Yoga with lots of dance and play, plenty of stretching, adventurous Yoga journeys, learning Yoga poses and of course breathing and relaxation techniques!

The newest offer form Haris yoga school is the Parent & Baby Yoga, a 45 minute class were parent and baby can spend this time together to bond, to look into each others eyes and to sync their breathes. The class involves yoga moves suitable for babies, yoga stretches and baby massage, it also includes some yoga stretches, poses and correct body postures of parents when handling their babies!

Our lovely yoga teacher, Haris Maratheftis, is a Kids Yoga Instructor (Trained with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London 2013) and Qualified Clinical Dietitian (with experience in working and preparing menus in Children Hospitals in the UK). She loves working with children and her passion is to educate and encourage little ones to adopt healthier dietary and lifestyle options.

Haris: “During the cooking lesson I introduce what we will be cooking that day, we go through the ingredient list and discuss the health benefits and reasons for using healthier ingredients. Often whilst cooking, we get into discussing what we each ate for lunch and discuss how we could improve our food choices next mealtime.
Most children are very open and positive about trying healthier alternatives, especially when explaining with reasons they can relate to, like ‘Eating spinach will make your bones strong so that you can be a better dancer…footballer…athlete’
Mothers often call me and ask me to discuss certain food issues during class as they often say ‘…my little one will listen to you.’ I take this as a great opportunity to pass on some very important dietary advice that they will hopefully hold on to for life!”
My aim is to expose children to healthier ingredients and to help them make the link that when we feed our bodies well, our bodies will reward us back! This is also what Yoga is about, understanding and loving our bodies so that we WANT to treat it and feed it well!!

What about yoga?

Haris:During the class, yoga poses are introduced to children in a fun and energetic way with lots of fun, music and games! This especially helps very energetic children as they get to release their energy and then finish the class with some breathing exercises and relaxation. When it is time for relaxation, I see how most children crave for this moment, they love just lying down, closing their eyes (sometimes we use eye pillows or eye masks) and they may hold on to things like a stone or feather and just let themselves be!! I love it when I hear parents tell me how calm they are in the evening after a yoga class, or when I hear the children ask their mommies ‘Can I come back tomorrow?’ I also take time to discuss with them, where yoga originates from, the benefits of specific poses and continuously encourage ways on how they can be more mindful during their days. This may include breathing techniques or other tools on how to manage stressful situations.
It is never too early to introduce yoga to children. Children are born practicing yoga!

Healthy Yogis also collaborates with many nurseries in Nicosia where she offers Baby Yoga and Kids Yoga lessons. She also has organized Yoga and healthy eating & cooking workshops in private and public schools around Cyprus.

 “Kids Fun in Cyprus “loves to introduce to parents, new activity choices for your kids and "Healthy Yogis" is a unique, remarkable choice for them. The classes are a great combination of learning, exercise and fun, they offer children the knowledge and tools they need to make healthier food options, and Yoga teaches them self-love and self-respect which means they WANT to make better choices for themselves. We would like to congratulate Haris, for offering this opportunity to kids in Cyprus!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Healthy Yogis

Lessons schedule:

 Lessons fees: 60 Euro /month (x1 week for 2 hours)
*the trial class is FREE !!!
*If you have two children they will both pay EUR 100 per month

Address: 93 Athinon Street, Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact person: Haris Maratheftis
Phone no:  00 357 99720235
Facebook: HealthyYogisCyprus

Map Location: