EDRO III reck and the Municipal Park Peyia Paphos

Hello everybody,

Coral Bay, Peyia, Paphos are wonderful places in Cyprus where kids can spend a marvelous time outdoor, enjoying the beautiful weather with more than 350 days of sunshine. Day trips with parents, baths in the sea, playing in the sand or on a nice playground are just some of the best activities that can be chosen for our children.

One of the places that I always love when I am going to this area is a trip to the EDRO III wreck.  It is situated very close to the shore which makes the visit very interesting and exciting. This ship ran aground in Paphos in stormy seas two and a half years ago is still stranded on the rocks. The Sierra Leone-flagged, EDRO III, has remained stranded on the rocks in the sea caves area of Paphos since December 8, 2011. The Albanian-owned cargo vessel, built in the late 1960s, was leaving Limassol port in early December 2011, bound for Rhodes. Its engine encountered technical problems during bad weather, and the ship was forced onto rocks off the coast of Paphos, where it has remained stranded ever since.
The EDRO III weighs about 2,345 tones and is over 80 meters in length. The ship is now empty and lying on the rocks at an 11-12 degree angle. Embarking the ship is no longer permitted as it’s dangerous and there are warning signs in place.
The ship is an open story for kids which they will love listening to their parents about the history and the events that were lead to the accident.

Close to the location of the ship, going back on the main road you will encounter Municipal Park of Peyia . Kids will be able to run on the playground, while parents can relax under the sunshine. The playground is small but safe and surrounded. It offers nice entertaining for smaller and bigger kids as well. There are swings, seesaw and a slide. The playground is surrounded by a large area with grass where children can play badminton, football or just running, spending all their energy.

The Municipal Park of Peyia offers fantastic views to the sea but also nice walk through it’s gardens.

Just enjoy!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Akamantos Ave 130
Municipal Park Peyia
8560 Peyia-Paphos

EDRO III location

From Paphos follow the road to Coral Bay.
After you pass the Coral Bay roundabout continue on same road for about 1.5-2 km.
You should see Municipal Park Peyia playground on your right.
Take the immediate next left road towards the sea after this restaurant (50m from restaurant).
Go on this road for 600m until you reach to T junction (with a road parallel with the sea named Sea Caves Avenue).
Turn left and immediately right towards the sea again.
At the end of this road there is a restaurant and a parking place. You can see the shipwreck.
GPS coordinates:34.873407, 32.341214
Map Location: