Governor’s Beach and Angelos Faros Restaurant

Hello everybody,

Fresh news we have from the beach. The water is warm, the weather fantastic and the sun just waiting to paint us in brown. J
Yes, another marvelous day at the beach with the children.
This time was Governor’s Beach – Limassol. We went in front of the Angelos Faros Restaurant.

We got the shadow, nice trees and grass and very new playground was there for us. This place, I simply loved it. It was perfect for a long stay. Because of the natural shadow and the grass, was not very hot and we could stay for longer. In the week time was very quiet and the restaurant opened very early. We also got free sun bed as clients of the restaurant. This is a very nice restaurant, well maintained, very clean, lots of nice places to stay, either by the sea, on the grass or next to the tavern. 

It is very easy to reach the beach from the parking, so for those with lots of baggage and prams it is a good deal. You could rent a kayak to sail on the sea, which seemed to me to be the perfect place to do this. The children were either on the beach either on the nice playground. I definitely recommend this place even for those with very small children.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Angelos Faros Fish Tavern Restaurant
Address: Governor's Beach Limassol

Phone: 25-632 552