Municipal Parks in Paphos

Dasoudi Park

Hello everybody,

Even if Cyprus is surrounded by the sea and playgrounds by the sea are Kids Fun in Cyprus favorite places for children when it is to hot and we are looking for more shadowed parks Dasoudi Park in Paphos is one special place. Situated in the heart of Paphos old city, close by Lidl and Carrefour supermarkets, the playground is the perfect getaway for a relaxing afternoon maybe even after or before shopping.

Dasoudi Park is a perfect size place to take with you the bicycles and to be prepared to stay there enough time to spend the kids energy as there are plenty of nice shadowed pathways. The park has its own parking for cars making it easier taking the strollers and children out of the cars.

The playground can make a busy day for children of any ages with three slides, swings for babies and bigger kids, climbing areas, ride ones and see saws. Parents can relax on the many benches found in the park. The park is covered with pebbles witch will help big kids stay clean and give to the funny toddler one more entertaining activity. Under the swings there are rubber tiles to keep the children safe.

The park is also a good place for anybody willing to try their new roller skates or scooters but do not forget to bring with you the safety equipment !

Dasoudi Park
Address: Cross road of Alexandrou Ipsilanti Str. and Hellados Ave.,  Paphos, Cyprus

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!