Childsplay Kindergarten Larnaca

Registration for 2019 - 2020 are open now! 

At Kindergarten Childsplay, our staff are individually chosen and assessed on their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm, dedication and especially for their love of children and are dedicated in providing the finest quality of care.

We aim to provide a very warm and welcoming environment, where all children and their families can feel confident and happy with the childcare they receive.

The children are separated into four groups being Baby, Toddler and two Pre-school rooms.  By doing this at an early stage of a child’s life, we believe that it enables the child to develop at his or her own pace whilst being with other children of the same age. 

Our aim is to help each child to reach the highest degree of independence and confidence, as well as to discover their own strengths academically and creatively, and to pave the way for them to go on and be happy and inquisitive in their next step of education.

Childsplay kindergarten works alongside Jolly Phonics programme.  Jolly Phonics is a thorough foundation for reading and writing.  It uses the synthetic phonics method of teaching the letter sounds in a way that is fun and multi-sensory.  Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words.

Starting Age: 0-6 years old. Formula milk, food creams, nappies, wipes and creams for your child, are provided by the kindergarten (excluding prescribed products).

No of kids per class: 6 in the baby room and remaining rooms vary depending on age groups

Bus service: No

Classes languages: English speaking and Greek lessons provided twice a week for the older children. All our teachers are native English speakers and we also have teachers who speak fluent Greek.

Meals offered: We provide breakfast, snack (fresh fruits) and lunch and for those who stay full day also have a second snack and evening meal. Fresh food is from a well-known caterer in Larnaca and consists of a wide variety of meals including meat, vegetables, pasta, lentils and much more.

Schedule: Daily activities include art, craft, music, drama, creative play, nature studies, singing and projects on relevant topics with all relevant weekly, monthly planners available for parents to see.

Our activities and equipment are planned and set out for a wide range of abilities and stages of development. We adapt planned activities so that we enable overall development for every child participating.

There are also extra curricular activities (with an extra fee), such as gymnastics that are organized on a weekly basis. 

Working days: Monday to Friday 07.15 – 18.30

Morning hours:                     07.15 – 13.00
Extended Morning hours:   07.15 – 15.00
Full Day hours:                     07.15 – 18.30

Afternoon hours: 13.00 – 18.30

Holidays:       We are closed on public bank holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas only.
                        We provide Summer School throughout July and August - all month!

Price: Prices starting from 0-2 years old is EUR 260 and over 2 years old is EUR 220
Address: Georgiou Seferi 7, Aradippou, 7104, Larnaca, Cyprus (located near to Anorthosis Stadium)
Contact person: Clare Zomenis / Lauren Mitas
Phone no: +357 24 634 605

Map Location:

Educational Programs 2018 -2019 by Cyprus Theater Museum Limassol

Cyprus Theater Museum in Limassol invites all nurseries, kindergartens and school to participate at the educational programs specially organised this school academic year!  Specially designed by specialists of the museum, for each age category from nursery to high school, these programs offer a chance to all children and teenagers to understand and dive into the world of theater!

The overall objective of the educational programs of the Cyprus Theatre Museum is to familiarize students with the museum and to encourage the creative contact with elements from the history of theatre in Cyprus and the art of theatre in general.
The education programs of the Cyprus Theatre Museum are based on the observation and association of information, the exploration of the premises, the discovery as well as the development of the imagination. They are based on an experimental and active learning mode with an emphasis on the hands on acquisition of knowledge and the use of theatre-pedagogical methods. The students collaborate in small groups, as a whole or work individual as well. Particularly, the programs aim at facilitating the approach and understanding of the material exhibited and the museum space as a whole, the cultivation of critical thinking and a dialectic relation of the students towards the exhibits, the development of multifaceted emotional, physical and social conventions and communication code (imagination, creativity, activation etc.) the development of a positive attitude towards museum visits and finally the connection of the museum experience with the taught material and the school programs in general.

Each educational programs of the museum has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and had had a pilot phase.
For the school year 2018-2019

Nursery – Pre-school
«I get to know the museum along with Mr. Panoforis»
3-5 yrs old 80 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops.
1. Nursery: Painting a theatrical poster
2. Pre-school: Creating a crown with collage.

Α’ – C’ Primary
«I learn about theatre and its professions»
6-9 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a theatre mask with collage.
D’ – St’ Primary
«I explore and learn in the Theatre Museum»
9-12 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a theatre hat.
Elementary school
«Let’s talk about theatre»
13-15 yrs old 90 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a costume design scale model.
Lyceum (General Interest)
«The Theatre Museum through my eyes»
16-18 yrs old 100 min Creative interaction with the exhibition that involves theatrical methods in specific stops. Includes a work sheet. Creation of a 3D set design scale model.
Lyceum (Special Interest)
«The ancient Greek drama in the Cyprus Theatre Museum»
16-18 yrs old 90 min The program was designed based on the analytical teaching schedule of ancient Greek literature in B’ Lyceum. Part of the design was based on the general and specific aims of the teaching schedule. It can be used as a supplementary tool for enhancing students’ learning through a more creative approach. Does not include working sheet.

Number of participants
The programs can be best enjoyed if each is executed for a number of 25 students at any time. The museum can host up to 2 groups of 25 students (50 in total) simultaneously.

All education programs cost two (2) euro per student and the museum offers a 10% discount on the total for any disadvantaged students.  We recommend that fees are collected prior to the arrival at the museum.

Design and Facilitation
The programs are designed and executed by the team of theatre practitioners of the Cyprus Theatre Museum.

Cyprus Theatre Museum
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 13.00
Tuesday - Friday: 16.00 – 19.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 14.00 For pre booked visits only
Closed Saturday and Public Holidays
Address: 2-8, Panos Solomonides Street (former Androutsou str) 3032 Lemesos
Phone no: +357 25 343 464
Contact person: Mrs. Angelina Moridou