Platania picnic place - born to be wild!!!

Hello everybody!

When you want to chill, to relax and to eat in the hot summer days there is only one name in Cyprus and this is Troodos Mountain. The higher you go the better.
Platania picnic place is up, in fact is up, is big and is shady. Platania picnic place is on the way towards Kakopetria village going from Limassol.

There is a very big and nice playground.  Lots of benches which I understood they became very crowded in certain weekends. Even if you are just passing by, this place is still worth stopping for children’s fun.

Or you could just choose to have a small Cypriot cup of coffee on the local coffee shop.

And do not forget is just a matter of time, lovely moments spent together as a family is what makes childhood memories the most beautiful period in their life. Each experience, each day with us are unique and should be lovely hours. Just take a nice game, a ball, run… make it for a happy day… these moments are just for us, enjoy the voice of your son calling you, smiling at you… you will never forget it.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!