Oleastro Museum – the natural way of making olive oil and a beautiful trip to the hills

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Hidden between the beautiful hills of Cyprus going to Oleastro Museum transforms your day into happiness. From the Limassol – Paphos highway take direction towards Avdimou – Anogyra village.
In your way up, you are going to see the beautiful ruins of the Byzantine monastery, named after the Holy Cross (Ayios Stavros). Built in the 14th Century, the Monastery was hand painted with Icons typical of Greek churches of that period.

Going further up you reach Anogyra, a village that takes you back in time. After another 3 km you will reach Oleastro Museum
First of all it is not a museum for the big ones; it is a museum for everybody. In their nice garden you can see lots of interesting facts regarding the olive oil history. They have some small animals like rabbits, pony and sheep – so for only 3.50 euro the kids can enjoy a ride with the pony. 

Inside the museum you can see how the cold processed olive oil it is done today, and visit the shop. There is also a nice restaurant were you could taste Cypriot cuisine made with the oil produced in this factory. In the meantime you can enjoy a stroller walk in their olive tree garden and spent time at their small but nice playground.

Opening hours: 7 days a week, 10.00-19.00. Closed on: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter Sunday (Orthodox Easter).
Entry fee:
Adults: € 3.00
Children: € 2.00
Children up to 2: free of charge
Groups (at least 12): € 2.00
Pony Rides: € 3.50
Oleastro Enterprises Ltd
Olive Park – ‘Oleastro’
4603 Anogyra
Phone no: +357 99 525 093

On your way back from the museum there are another two places that you could try. There is a nice taverna in Anogyra village with a small swimming pool named
Anogyra Taverna
Phone no: 00357 25 22 1584

For a nice relaxing village holiday you could try Nicolas and Maria's Cottages which offers traditional Cyprus Village Houses for an ideal and relaxing holiday.
Nicolas and Maria’s Cottages
4 Papaelissaiou Street,
4603 Anogyra, Limassol
Phone no: +357 99 525 462

Map Location:
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Parks in Nicosia (Lefkosia) - with playgrounds

Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce you to the Nicosia Parks. Slowly slowly, we will try to see each park with the good and the bad parts.

Municipal Park Nicosia

It’s one of the oldest parks in Nicosia, very shaded, with lots of benches to relax fountains and a small playground. Being in the centre of the town can be a very good place to go just to relax in a very sunny summer or for a short walk with the stroller.

Address: Kinyra Str., 1102, Nicosia

Acropolis Park

It is a very green park with basketball field, playground, coffee shop and restaurant, and nice pathway for stroller and bikes for small kids. There is lot’s of shaded areas with benches to relax and green grass for a nice sun bath.

Address: Axiou Str., 2000, Strovolos, Nicosia

Alsos Forest - Pedagogical Academy National Forest Park

This park has a picnic area, pedestrian lanes, bicycle track, children playground, a kiosk, a basketball and a football court and a car park. The pedestrian lanes and bicycle track are very good for strollers and small children with bikes and are all shaded. The playground is very big with lots of space for running and climbing made out of wood.

Address: Larnaca Str., Nicosia

National Forest Park of Athalassa

It is situated south of Nicosia very close to the Mall of Nicosia and Ikea shop.
The park has two picnic areas, roads, bicycle tracks, pedestrian lanes, sports grounds, parking places, an Environmental Information Centre, a bird observation point at the Athalassa Dam, botanical garden, dog walking path etc.
There is also a small picturesque lake with ducks and other birds. The playground is also big, build out of wood.

Address: Aglantzia Cyprus
To get there, at the Lefkosia General Hospital roundabout take the exit to Yeri. Take the second turn to the left, and you will find the parking lot at 200m on your left.

Municipality Sporting Center of StrovolosAgios Dimitros Park

It is situated right next to the Makarios III Hospital which merges with the Grounds of the famous English School which are open to the public – there are often free exhibitions, folk dancing, music, fairs and festivals in this park as there is plenty of parking both at the hospital car parks and further down the dual carriageway with access to the park of it. This park has a stadium for everybody to use with a running track, fountains, woodland walks, tennis courts, outdoor playground, kiosks, picnic areas etc.

Address: near the Saint Demetrious Park at Koritsas street, between the Makarios hospital and the English School.
Phone no: +357 22 318358.

Proedriko Park

Is the public access bit of the Presidential Palace Gardens and grounds and it merges with the Pezodromos Linear Park which stretches for over 7 miles from the heart of the City through the Old colonial suburbs, through old Strovolos (heads just past Jumbo) and continues for several miles into Lakatamia. It has a nice small playgrounds and areas.

Kykkos Park
This park is also known as Engomi Park and it is opposite the European University campus. This park is maintained by the coffers of the Kykkos Archbishopric and has a menagerie parrots, swans, ducks, geese, baboons and beautiful fountain and immaculate walkways and is surrounded by ancient olive and citrus groves.

Some of the streets aligning the parks can also be treated as extensions of them as they contain the billionaire’s rows and company headquarters of converted colonial mansions where people live and work in splendour within beautifully shady tree lined streets which are very interesting to wander along. For example the stretch from the Anglican Cathedral down towards the ford across the river at Podromos Park which has quite an extensive wood and children’s play area and restaurant.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Pano Kivides village playground and The Stone of Agion Akindinon

Hello everybody,

I did not believe that I have something more to write here but …. As you will see there are plenty! Oooo lovely Cyprus… you are very big..
Our chosen destination was Pano Kivides village. Did any of you heard about this very nice village? As you go from Limassol – Paphos highway just exit Pano Kivides village, and drive for another 15 km. Not so far from Limassol.
The playground of Pano Kivides village is a nice one; close to the cafeteria of the village, you can see it from the main road on your right side. This playground is big, has swings, slides and climbing area and has also nice trees and flowers. Covered with green grass (my favorite!) there is a big area where kids can run or even use their bikes.

I would like to remind you that you can always use these spaces for kids birthdays party after speaking to the right authority in the Community Center, rent a bouncy castle and just enjoy the green grass and let kids running.

The most interesting place to visit, near Pano Kivides is the Stone. The Chapel of Saint Akindynoi is built on “a green valley, covered in locust trees and olive trees”, two kilometers south of Aggeliki Station.
The “Stone of Agion Akindinon” is a nice stone with a hole in it. You can find it in the church yard and this stone is special: has a narrow passing and the story says that whoever believes in Agious Akindinous can go through this stone. So, if you go here please let me know if you got trough!!!!!

This is can be part of a nice day out with the children as Pano Kivides village can be also a place towards other nice villages of Cyprus like Omodos or the Outdoor Playground of Agios Efstathios. You can find out more on our Agios Efstathios entry. 
Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Web page Pano Kivides village: http://www.panokivides.org/

Pyrgos outdoor playground grass paradise

Hello everybody,

I was just giving up, presenting you Pyrgos Community Park, but finally I said that even if for the moment the restaurant is closed, it is a nice space which children can enjoy it.
So for you today places close to Limassol City in the nice village of Pyrgos.

The playground is in the center of the village close to the cemetery, church and Community Center.
The community park has a very large area covered with green grass. That makes children paradise for running in chilly afternoons. The playground is in the corner of this square shaped space so it is far away from the cars and other dangers. 

They have also a parking space if you go round the park behind the restaurant.  
The playground has swings for the little ones and big ones, climbing structures, seesaws, and slides. They are all close so there is no need to run between them. Before, when the restaurant was working it was a good idea to have a party there. So let’s hope that they will open it again. Other wise a very nice, quiet place to spend a nice afternoon.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Geroskipou outdoor playground, Paphos stroller - walks and Alpha Mega Paphos the cheapest place to eat

Hello everybody,

First of all, I would like to thanks all my readers as I’ve noticed that there are lots of you, interested in my postings. I encourage you all to help me find more interesting places to go with the children by posting any comments or send me any e-mails with your ideas. Thank you all once again as in you I find the wish to continue!

Today, it is a new small playground in Paphos area at Gersokipou village, which is close to the round about at the end of the Limassol – Paphos highway. This is a small park with green grass and a nice bridge and an amphitheatre. Unfortunately it is in full sun but after 17:00 in the summer it can be used. They have slides, swings, climbing area, and a roller string. There is a very nice round pathway which can be used either for a nice walk with the strollers or for small bikes. So if you are close by this area do not forget to stop.

Even if I know that we can not count Alpha Mega coffee shop as a restaurant, I still could not believe that you can eat a hot meal, cheaper then McDonalds (I only seen this in Alpha Mega from Paphos). For this reason I decided to tell you that if you are interested to eat cheap and healthy you could try their restaurant with their amazing prices only 2.99 Euro the food plate - unbelievable (if you know something cheaper then this please let me know! … We promote small prices everywhere !!!)
I will not forget to tell you all, that they have a Bulgarian lemon cake which is amazingly good (This is 2.50 Euro)!

In Paphos, if you park your car in the center of the town, close to the fort and you can make interesting walks (use also the stroller) either down from the fort either up. The one which goes to the hotels area is more shaded, is very large and has lots of flowers and trees, nice views of the sunset, hotels and you can stop to any of the coffee shop on your way. Or behind the fort, this one is large, more sunny, no coffee shops but still very nice to walk and stroller. They are both very long so just taking care when you are turning back.(Pictures will follow)
Enjoy your afternoon walking by the sea as is the best in Cyprus!
So if you visit Paphos or you live close by try these ones and let me know your thoughts!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!