Cyherbia Herb Gardens and Maze

Hello everybody,

One of the most entertaining and unique places in Cyprus for children and parents alike is Cyherbia Herb Garden and Maze in Avgorou village. Why it is unique? Because only there you can find a maze, a Cyprus shaped park and a lovely herb garden. So, there are plenty of wonderful activities to do there, and lots of things to learn about plants and Cyprus as well.
Cyherbia it is a fantastic place to go for everybody starting from moms with strollers that they can enjoy a beautiful walk and view of the gardens, to toddlers, children and adults. It is a combination of pleasures for all ages.
A very well maintained maze, with over 600 m of twisting paths, in between tall hedges (2000 square meters) which makes a very entertaining walk for children. You can go up on a special platform and admire a panoramic view of the Maze . The kids will enjoy a safe walk, inside it. Remember to relax, to listen to your kids' laughter, while they running through it, to share their joy while opening the mushrooms doors or seeing a fairy!

After you have finished the maze, you can continue a beautiful long walk in their park, while you can discover the island of Cyprus in less than one hour from Paphos, Larnaca, to Protaras and Kyrenia with interesting information about each location. You can find out lots of information about all the types of indigenous trees from the island, each one is marked to describe the plant itself.

After having a small rest in the gardens tent, you can continue the promenade trough the Herb Garden. It is a unique location, where you can enjoy not only the beauty of the flowers but their smell also. The "Herb Garden" is divided into different section each having a theme. You will be amazed by their powerful smell and beauty.
Children will probably be running as quickly as they can, to see as many lizards as possible, which they enjoy sitting in the sun.

After having so much walking, it is necessary to stop for a refreshing herbal tea, and discover the natural products produced on the spot.
At CyHerbia are growing all kinds of Mediterranean herbs organically and they produce the most delicious teas which not only taste great but help you stay healthy too, as well as helping you with possible health problems.

The resident herbalist can help everybody to find the herbs that will suit your particular health situation.
In the distillation room you can witness the extraction of essential oils, a unique and fragrant experience! In the Tea Room overlooking the gardens you can relax and enjoy a cup of herbal (iced) tea and homemade cakes and food.

In the herb shop you will find a large selection of herbal teas, tinctures, oil, salves and cosmetics, all handcrafted on site. Cyherbia offers a fun and educational day out for all ages.
Cyherbia has developed a special educational program for schools, for children of different age groups from 5 till 18 years of age. Please contact them for more information or to book your next school excursion. Special reduced school rates apply. All areas are wheelchair accessible.

The coffee shop is a very relaxing, quiet and shaded place.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the lizard!

Cyprus Maze – Cyherbia Garden
Entrance fee: Including a cup of herbal (ice)tea 5 euros for adults, 3 euros for children
Opening hours:
April 1st – October 31st
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00 – 14:00
Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00

November 1st – March 31st
Tuesday – Friday: 09:00 – 14:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 – 16:30
Closed on Mondays

Address: Avgorou-Ormidia Road, behind Zorpas wedding hall, Larnaca District, Cyprus
Phone no: +357 99 915 443


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