7 Caves Restaurant and Acropolis Park Nicosia

Hello everybody,

Acropolis Park Nicosia is like an oasis in the middle of the dessert. Surrounded by various streets you could not imagine that inside the big fence it is a sublime park. The entrance in the park just opens the doors to a new experience. Tall trees, a very large lawn, water, fountains and something special the 7 Caves.

7 Caves is the name of the restaurant but also of the caves that you can find inside the park. The park has a very nice round path way in the shadow the entire day ideal for stroller walks, kids running or a bike ride. The architecture of the park is very interesting with a tall bridge passing form one side to the other of the park giving you the pleasure to admire the blue waters of a large fountain. The park has a big playground with slides, swings, see sour and climbing frame. There is also a basket field. There are plenty of activities to do with your children here and also lots of events are held here in the weekends.

7 Caves is the restaurant situated exactly in the middle of the park with a sublime view to the surroundings. In a quiet week day you can still find two people lying there looking into each other dreams.

Wondering where are you now: there in the grass or maybe just in between the days of the time. Somewhere in the middle taking a break from the noise finding the right time to run with your mind somewhere else.

Take a chair and relax when is nobody or maybe everybody is. Choosing the right time for you means everything.

The food is very good as the drinks… open your mind and make place to the memories.
Either it is noise either it is quiet just be there present and breath the beauty of life.
Everything starts from here…

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

7 Caves Restaurant

Address: Axiou Str., 2000, Strovolos, Nicosia
Panayioti Kaspi Strovolos Akropolis Park
  • Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: +357 22 318 876
E-mail: 7cavescafe@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/7cavescafe