The view delights at Theo Sunset Bay Restaurant – Pafos

Hello everybody,

Driving in Cyprus is one of the beautiful ways to spend my time. Taking the children in the car and wondering where we will stop today.

Singing and laughing while learning how to watch and to notice things, views, people, houses and animals and why not looking at the sun’s disappearing like a magician. Is it a place for the moon in the sky tonight? Is it the sun let her show off? Or maybe is just a little white bunny crossing the sky and picking up all the stars in a bucket? How we will be able to sleep if the bunny collects them all? Definitely we have to count for the sheep, until the morning when we will wake up early to see what happens with the sky while we were sleeping….

This is why the roads in Cyprus will take you definitely, to a special place where you could see … if you keep your eyes open.

For us it was a restaurant towards Coral Bay. We stopped, we found a table, we let the kids play in the play area and we simply breath the view. It was one of those corners of the island where the land meets the sea and melts into a gorgeous beach. The beach was just loosing steps in front of the big waves. A “mélange” of colours that takes your breath and just makes you wish to wait a little bit longer until the clock has run out of time.

This is what we found at Theo Sunset Bay Restaurant.

On top of this, there was the nice little outside playground in the breeze and a fantastic swimming pool. Then there was the food. It did not matter that we were waiting for a little bit longer because when it came, we were again delighted. I believe that a photo can say everything … just to let you know… the taste was fantastic.
We were happy and the children quiet and tired after such a wonderful time spent here!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Restaurant Theo Sunset BayHoliday Village
Address: Coral Bay Road, 8574, Paphos, Cyprus
Phone: + 357 26 940 840
Web page: