Welcome to the Cyprus Museum of Natural History Nicosia

Hello everybody,

Kids Fun in Cyprus would like to invite you, this time to discover the Cyprus Museum of Natural History. Knowledge and Education are the main targets of the Museum for the children that are visiting their premises. Taking the children out of the class room, and giving them the possibility to see… to learn from experience is the best opportunity for teachers and parents to succeed to raise their interest about the subjects taught. Children are all the time interested to find out more and more and learn new and exciting things about the world they live in and we should be present, to reply at their never ending questions.

The museum comprises of more then 8 topics with 2500 exhibits and also from the museum children can watch the production room of Carlsberg beer.
The main topics are Mineral Wealth, Marine Life, Paleontology, Paphos Forest, Larnaca Salt Lake, Animal Kingdom, Insects and Rural Yard.

Since last August the museum has in its premises a three meters shark. Also not to be missed the Dinosaurs replicas that can be found in their yard.
The tour of the Museum starts in the first hall which presents characteristic sedimentary and volcanic rocks from Troodos, from the Mesaoria plain and elsewhere.
In the second hall we will see the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with many of the species found there, such as shells, ostracea and fish. The Paleontology is showing to us the fossils of Cyprus originate mainly from marine species, since the majority of sedimentary rock formations are of marine origin. In the third hall, the visitor can find two of the most important habitats in Cyprus, dioramas of the Paphos Forest and the Larnaka Salt Lake are represented.

We now come to the fourth hall, which is divided in different sections where the visitor can study the various species of the Cyprus Fauna, their anatomy and habits, their feeding requirements. In this section we can see domestic animals that used to be accommodated in a traditional Cypriot yard, such animals are donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, and more. These animals have been raised by Cypriots for centuries and they provided people with necessities which were essential for their survival.
Something really admirable is the dinosaur replicas who guard the gardens of the museum. These replicas are the creations of Mr. George Florides.
Kindergartens and schools are welcome to visit the museum!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Opening hours:
By appointment only
Monday – Friday 08:30 – 13:00
Phone no: +357 22 585 834; +357 22 585 858
Entrance fee: Free
Cyprus Museum of Natural History
Carlsberg Breweries
P.O. Box 12586, 2251 Nicosia
Museum administrator: Andri Gaitani
E-mail: naturalmuseum@photiadesgroup.com
Web page: http://www.natmuseum.org.cy

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