Qgardens a garden heaven on Cyprus

Hello everybody,

I discovered this garden just accidental and I enjoy it with all my soul. I love gardens and having a walk trough the plants. I like to see art made by man’s hand where you would believe that nature just finished its master piece. Qgardens are first about art of gardening and for us is the pleasure to go and first of all feel it with all our hearts.

As soon as you see the entrance you will be pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous trees welcome each one on the side of the gates. The paved path way trough the gardens do not let you wait to long. You just need to rush to be inside and see everything.

I can say is that is a very organized garden with lots of plants, trees, nice paths for you to enjoy a charming walk. It’s more like a botanic garden. I would expect that somebody to rush and ask some money for the entrance but the entrance is free.

It is truly an experience, a beauty for your eyes to admire the plants and the gardener work with them, a mixture of colors and finally what could man do together with nature.

It is surprising that after seeing the entire park the owners thought to have there a mini zoo with fishes, rosters and chickens, poney and goats, a playground and mini coffee shop. All of them very well maintained offering you a real pleasure to go, to stay to make thoughts disappear.

Like ships that have gone down at sea, when heaven was all tranquility. Like boats resting in the sunset light when sky was all stillness. Breathe…

“I sit high in this tree
In complete tranquility

This bed of ropes
I tied with hopes
That I could find
A state of mind
In this tree
Of tranquility

My frustrated soul
Searching for its goal
Climbing the ropes oh life
Past the knots of strife
In this tree
Of tranquility

I sit here now
Sweat on my brow
Looking into the sky
This is how I fly
In this tree
Of tranquility”
Jake Gassiot

Lots of sunny days for Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 09:00 – 20:00
Phone no: +357 24 333 600
Address: Zygi Village, Larnaca
Take Zygi exit from highway towards Limassol; go straight from roundabout for 50 m and on your right side.