Agios Epifanios Restaurant, Anarita Paphos – delicious Cypriot food, happiness for children and welcoming hosts

Hello everybody,

After a loong research I discovered a new and welcoming place in Anarita village close to Paphos. This time I searched for a nice restaurant, as it is holiday and lots of us would love to find a good taverna where they can enjoy a relaxing evening and good food as we did.
At Agios Epifanios Tavern we were welcomed by the very nice owner Mrs. Valentina mother of three kids. We decided to eat a mixed platter with starters. The restaurant is on a very quiet street. I could only hear the laugh of my kids playing.
I did not expect first that the playground to be that big and well equipped and the food to be so delicious and tasty.

The playground is outside; perfectly secured so the kids can not go outside and has three spaces. One area has swings, sea sour, slides, and climbing places, second there is a small football field and there is also a green grass space were you could put a bouncy castle for a birthday party. You can sit outside and look at the kids while they have fun.

Enjoy your dinner and a good glass of wine as Michales definitely will be ready to show you a large variety of Cypriot wines. The food was delicious, prepared with love and served with pleasure. We definitely felt welcomed. I did not know when the time flied as we succeed to stayed there for more then two hours and nobody got bored. It was so nice even to watch silently the other people at the other tables, everybody quietly serving their food.

As the old custom was in Cyprus, Michales offered us a good cup of coffee on the house at the end of our dinner.
It was a special day ended peacefully and quietly.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Tavern Agios Epifanios Anarita Paphos
Address: Outside Anarita village

Phone no:
 +357 99 838 444
+357 26 422 955