Aphrodite Hills Resort - The right place for the summer

Hello everybody,

I was very happy to see Aphrodite Hills Resort again yesterday, as it was not like the previous time but much much better. Aphrodite Hills Resort is a golf resort, with luxury homes, hotel, restaurants and lots of facilities about which you can have a detailed look on their website.

My personal interests are going out with the kids and have a nice evening and this is what I was very happy to find and enjoy: a spectacular evening with kids along.
First of all even if you do not count yourself between their luckiest guests, you could still make a visit probably the best while, are you going towards the beautiful “Petra tou Romiou”. From Limassol – Paphos highway just take the Aphrodite Hills Resort exit and here you are.
There is a very nice and big outdoor playground with slides for all ages, swings, climbing areas, sand and all sorts of games. Don’t forget to bring some sand toys with you!  They have a small football field for kids and also a basketball field so be prepared with a ball too. This place is like heaven especially if you are going there after the heat goes down, is chilly and you can enjoy a short walk trough the beautiful resort.

What I find new is the family bicycle (if I can say like that! – see the photo) that you could rent beginning with 10 euro for 30 minutes. They look great and a good fun for everyone.

After you had finished all the kids energy you could stop for a nice dinner at one of their restaurants as they have so many for all the tastes and feelings so to name a few: Chinese, Italian, traditional, Costa Coffee, Hagen Daze, (some of them open only seasonal between April and October months). We were there on Sunday evening so they had live peaceful Greek music just to entertain and relax. Grate atmosphere I have to tell you everything was perfect.

The one that I liked the most was their new Beer Garden were you could stay for a nice beer and do not feel like you are taking your kids to a bar (I hope you know what I mean!). They had a very nice selections of beers, nice music, a large green grass patio for the kids to run and of course plenty of kids.

So imagine after having a nice beer there (alcohol free!) I could say that this was a heaven on earth for me. I love you Aphrodite Hills!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Aphrodite Hills Resort
Entrance free
Phone no: +357 26 828000
3, Aphrodite Avenue
Kouklia 8509
8072 Paphos

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!