Kelefos, Roudia, and Elia the most beautiful Venetian bridges in Cyprus

Hello everybody,

As the days get hotter and hotter we are less interested to go to the beach and we are trying to find places to stay in the shade as high as we can, up in to the Troodos mountains.
Going with the kids to this kind of trips is always a new experience for us. We ask ourselves what we are going to find over there, what we are going to do. Surprisingly they always found something to do.

Kelefos Bridge

Roudia Bridge

The pleasure to see these bridges stays in the beauty of time and nature. Even now in August there was a river under each of these bridges and amazingly all sorts of people finding all sorts of activities to do there. Imagination and the wheel of doing something relaxing is sometimes better then anything else.

Kelefos Bridge

Elia Bridge

People just sitting on their chairs on the shade, people gathered together around tables having a nice late afternoon lunch or just sipping a cup of home made coffee, people walking, people reading books, people watching other people around them, people eating a nice ice cream, people like us looking for a nice photo, people with kids just throwing some stones in to the water.

Kelefos Bridge
Roudia Bridge

Roudia Bridge

It seams like each of the bridges appears out of nowhere, hidden well between the tall trees they are like paths in our wish to make our dreams come true. We are looking at the peaceful waters being there then and today running. Imagining the people they build the bridges then… the new people of today… us looking to the future.
Kelefos Bridge

Elia Bridge

I am not going to write a lesson of history about them I am just telling you that it’s worth visit them and depending of the age of the participants you can do by car or walking on trail in one or two days. Even if we drive to see them I believe that walking could be the most interesting way. The road takes you trough one of the most shaded areas of Cyprus so it is a very nice experience also for the summer as long as you have enough water with you.


To Elia bridge:
From Limassol, take the road to Troodos. After Trimiklini there is a Lukoil petrol station. Turn left immediately after it, towards Mandria, Kato Platres.
Pass Mandria and enter Kato Platres.
Turn left towards Foini, Agios Dimitios. After few km you have to turn left and follow signs to Agios Dimitios.
From Agios Dimitrios village follow the road to Tris Elies and then to the last village Kaminaria.
At the end of Kaminaria the road continues on asphalted road toward Elia Bridge.

From Elia Bridge the road continues to Kelefos Bridge and Agios Nikolaos.

To Kelefos bridge:
You can reach Kelefos Bridge from Elia Bridge or from Agios Nikolaos village.
To reach to Agios Nikolaos village from Limassol, take the road to Troodos. After Trimiklini there is a Lukoil petrol station. Turn left immediately after it towards Mandria.
When you reach Mandria turn left over a bridge towards, Agios Nikolaos.
As soon as you enter Ayios Nikolaos, you will see a brown board pointing towards the right for Kelefos Bridge.
From here there are about 6km on earthen road to reach the bridge.

To Roudia bridge:
The road to Roudia Bridge starts from Kelefos Bridge. Take the road across the river through the water and follow the earthen road for about 10 km. In about 3 km you will reach to Pera Vasa picnic place. You will see a tree trunk on display, just near the place where it grew. I believe this supposed to be the oldest and biggest tree in the area.

Continue the road, pass Pera Vasa Picnic site and you will come to a T-junction, where you have to turn right, towards Mylikouri.
Keep going on and, as a rule of the thumb, at any small junction just follow the road that has more tire marks on it. You will come to a big fork in the road with a bench and a sign that marks the Venetian bridges trail. Take the road going right (and downwards).
You will reach to another junction with pointing sign toward Pano Panagia (25km). Take this road.
Later you find sign for Agios Ioannis, take this road. The road will start to go down.
When you see the brown sign “Gefyri tou Roudia”, you just reach to the bridge.

From the bridge there are 2 ways out. The one you came on and another one that crosses a new bridge climbs up and continues toward Pano Panagia (about 17 km). Only there you will find asphalted roads again.

Kelefos Bridge

GPS coordinates:
Kelefos Bridge:
N 34° 53.378 E 32° 44.827
36S E 476893 N 3860833

Roudia Bridge:
N 34° 53.500 E 32° 41.250
36S E 471446 N 3861074
Latitude: 34.891667
Longitude: 32.6875
Coordinates DMS:
DMS Lat: 345330
DMS Long: 324115

Elia Bridge:
N 34° 53.753 E 32° 46.446
36S E 479360 N 3861520
Latitude: 34.895833
Longitude: 32.775
Coordinates DMS:
DMS Lat: 345345
DMS Long: 324630

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!