Swimming for kids in Paphos

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Over the span of three years, researchers surveyed the parents of more than 7,000 children age 5 and under and found that the age kids learned to swim correlated with when they began accomplishing certain skills.
In pre-school, early swimmers had better visual-motor skills (like cutting paper and drawing lines and shapes), but also fared better as they got older (i.e. understanding directions, math, and writing and reading skills).
Teaching children how to swim can help them to burn calories, exercise their cardiovascular system and help them to increase their lean muscle mass. Swimming is often recommended by physical therapists as the number one physical activity for all ages. For children swimming can also be a calming and relaxing exercise that allows them to burn off the endless energy they have. This is why teaching children how to swim can have lifelong effects. They will often continue to use swimming as a solution to physical and emotional problems as they get older, taking the benefits with them.

Your move: Sign your kids up for lessons -- and keep 'em going. In Jorgensen's study, the earlier the child started and the longer they remained in the swimming lessons, the greater the gains, she says.

And it wouldn't hurt to jump in the pool yourself: Besides the added benefit of challenging yourself through switching up your workout, water is about 1,000 times denser than air, so a swim workout can be tougher on you. You'll burn almost the same amount of calories each minute as you would biking -- but you can kiss dodging traffic or worrying about your joints goodbye.
And now swimming lessons for you in Paphos Area!

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Address: Christou Samara 8, Geroskipou. Paphos Cyprus
Lessons hours:
Totswim (Max 4 per class) (Moms and babies aged 6 – 36 months):
Tuesdays and Fridays: 9.00.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 17:20
Fridays: 17:40
Learn-To-Swim and Stroke Correction (Max 4 per class - From age 3)
Monday – Friday: 13:20 – 19:00
Contact person: Annelie Roux
Phone no: + 357 99 714 325
E-mail: annelie@aquatechniques.net

Spa Tonic

Address: Crown Resorts Horizon
Coral Bay Avenue, CY-8068, Paphos, Cyprus
Lessons hours:
Tuesday: 15:30 – 17:00
Thursday: 14:00 – 17:30
Saturday: 09:00 – 12:30
Phone: +357 26 623 924 / +357 26 813 800
E-mail: spa.tonic@yahoo.co.uk

Poseidonio - Health Spa & Fitness Center

Address: 132 Demokratias Ave., Paphos - Cyprus
Opening hours: 
MONDAY - FRIDAY 07:30- 22:00
SATURDAY 09:00 - 16:00
Offering a wide range of classes (for all ages), gym facilities, swimming pool, tennis courts, personal training, nutritional advice and spa treatments
Phone: +357 26 222 234,
             +357 26 952 745
E-mail: enquiry@poseidonio.com

Paphos Swimming Pool (25m)

Address: Agiou Dionysiou Street, Paphos, Cyprus
Phone: +357 26 943 700

Geroskipou Olympic Swimming Pool (50m)

Address: Yeroskypou Tourist Area
Theas Afrodites Avenue, Geroskipou
Phone: +357 26 913 600
            +357 26 962 324