Kefalos Beach – That drop of delight on Paphos Beaches

Hello everybody,

Nice afternoon walks by the sea are between the most memorable experiences in Cyprus. You are drowning in a paradise of sounds and sights, peace and tranquility.

Sunset and waves, colors and beauty, water and dreams, you can have it all just taking few steps leaving Paphos Castle behind, on a pathway designed to take you away from the sounds of the city.
On the right side there are the ruins of the ones they let marks on Cyprus, on the left side there is the sea that will always be there: blue, hitting the island in a continuous game.
Running, playing games with the kids, raising the pleasure of walking is the best experience we can have as families. Teach them to perceive, to like and enjoy the small but the most important pleasures of life. This is the place to perceive one of the most beautiful sights of the Paphos lighthouse.

Towards the end of the promenade I had the feeling of an oasis: small houses, trees, flowers and green lawn, nice wooden benches, palm trees, sand. 

All this is part of Kefalos Beach Tourist Village. Beautiful arranged space, where we were able to find everything from a nice playground, to a volleyball field, swimming pool, restaurant and a beautiful beach. 

The playground is like new, with swings, seesaw, slide, climbing frame and a playhouse. The children were very happy and even after the long walk they still were able to play and climb here.

We enjoyed having a nice dinner with Traditional Cypriot dishes at the Romios Pool Bar. I also would like to add reasonable prices for the beautiful location and good, tasty dinner. Candle lights on every veranda and people relaxing in their rooms after a nice holiday day.

The very nice location of the taverna between the beach and the swimming pool just gave us the pleasure to end a beautiful day with a Cypriot sweet glass of wine.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Kefalos Beach Tourist Village
Romios Pool Bar Taverna
Phone: + 357 26 934 000
Address: Tombs of The Kings Road
Paphos 8061, Cyprus