Polis City Playground, Latchi Sea Promenade and Playground

Hello everybody,

Polis is a wonderful destination in Cyprus for families with kids. It is far away from the crowded spots. It is old, it is small, it is peaceful, and it is fantastic and because many people think that is so far away … it is pure nature.

I like Polis because the position, you can really feel that is the end of the island there. I like Polis because I can go to see the Bath of Aphrodite…and to walk along the Adonis Nature Trail.
The Goddess of Love used to take her bath in a cool pond near Polis. The place is known as "Baths of Aphrodite" and provides a magnificent view of the Bay of Polis. According to legend, after swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Bay, Aphrodite used to bathe in this pond, surrounded by idyllic landscape with the sweet smelling wild flowers. It is here that she met her beloved Adonis for the first time. Adonis was hunting in the Akamas forest when stopped over the wonderful spring to quench his thirst. He was struck by the sight of the naked goddess bathing in the crystal waters. Aphrodite and Adonis were instantly bewitched by each other's extraordinary beauty. The myth lived on through Middle Ages. Another legendary spot is "Pyrgos (castle) tis Rigainas" which is linked to the love of Rigaina and Digenis, (the Medieval queen of Cyprus and the Byzantine hero), as well as with Aphrodite. The "castle" which is actually a monastery, now ruins, is in the center of Akamas in a majestic clearing, with a giant oak tree and the bubbling spring. According to the legend, the goddess of Love used the place as a refuge after her bath. Source: C.T.O (Cyprus Tourist Organization)

Taking the route from Polis towards Latchi Port you can not miss on the right side of the road the most shaded outdoor playground in Cyprus. I really love this place. It was build by people who loved kids. Has a parking place in front of the playground, toilets, tables to eat, lots of shade for the hot Cypriot summers, plenty of space for the kids to run and completely secured. On the playground you can find swings for babies and kids, roundabout, slides, tunnels and climbing areas. So if you plan to visit Polis don’t forget to stop there!

Leaving this playground, follow the sign towards Aphrodite’s Bath and on the right side you can enter the parking of the restaurant La Plage. It is a wonderful restaurant on the beach with a very nice shaded area. Next to it, there is another very big playground with green grass facing the sea. Again you can find here slides, swings, roundabout and climbing area. But the most important is the beach location. If it is winter you could simply enjoy a beautiful walk on the new promenade, by the sea, going up to the Latchi port. If it is summer just relax in the sun and let your kids playing and swimming... and choose to walk in the evenings...

The port is completely renovated and there are so many new restaurants ready to welcome everybody.

Go to Polis because there are new playgrounds, new restaurants, new promenade by the sea, Adonis Trail and Baths of Aphrodite and plenty of Lizards!!!!!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!