Xerargaka Picnic Place – playground, pond, forest

Hello everybody,

Located close to Kalopanayiotis village on the way to Nicosia, the picnic place Xerargaka made me feel that I could not find another better place to spend my day with my kids. It is like the beginning of the forest is here. The tall trees are waving their arms in the sky; this made all leafs falling like rain in the small pond. Red and white fishes, orange and brown leaf like a mirror of the autumn in the beginning of spring. 

Green grass made me believe, it will be summer soon. This is the beauty of Cyprus. Sometimes you do not know where the end is as it is a continuous pleasure of living.

It is a perfect place to go with strollers, small babies, big kids, or simply have a walk with the dog trough the forest. Fresh mountain air. It is not too high in the mountains so it does not get to chilly. The picnic place invites you to relax, to enjoy the quiet moments far away from the crowded places.

The playground has swings for babies and kids, slide, roundabout, seesaws, climbing area. It is surrouded and far way from the street. You could bring some balls to play or other table’s activity. In this time of year picking up leafs, stick them on a paper could open an interesting conversation about autumn. You could simply enjoy a nice walk trough the forest.

This time of the year the weather is just perfect to play outside, to run and to spend some energy. Red cheeks, happy eyes, smiley faces and little red noses are screaming loud in the forest their joy of childhood.

Up on the main road the beautiful village of Kalopanayiotis is waiting for new guests but this is another story…

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!

Where: Xerargaka Picnic Place, Nicosia, Cyprus