Diving - The ultimate experience Protaras

Hello everybody,

As summer is here I thought to introduce you one of most beautiful activities that you may have here, in Cyprus and this is Scuba Diving. It is all connected to the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, the clean Cyprus sea waters, the fantastic weather that will make you spend a marvelous holiday with your kids no matter which corner of the island you will chose to be.

You have to be in love of the beauty of nature before starting to dive. The secrets of an empire are standing at your feet if you only learn to breathe under the water and be quiet like the fishes. You will enter a world where only few of us have the key. You will be able to see the underwater paradise. You will miss the crowded, noisy beaches and the golden sand, exchange it to the diving experience in to the bluest waters, swimming silent close to thousands of fishes.

You will let yourself covered of strange feelings of fear, beauty, wonder, surprise of the octopus that is just about to move her feet under the sand where you believed it is nothing, the fishes welcoming you with a strange bubbly “Hello” or maybe the fantastic color of the corals. Nothing compares to this magnificent advantage that you could offer to your children.

Of course it is a unique experience and the reason I am introducing it, is to give you another extraordinary choice of activity for your kids, as they could start learning how to dive as soon as possible.

The first step that you should choose is teaching kids snorkeling. For this there is not a minimum age required. Just good teachers and lots of love and passion will help kids to discover the underwater world, will teach them about Artificial Reef Conservation and about marine biology.

The next step, after the kids are 10 years old, they can take their first intro course the PADI or SSI Discover Scuba Diving. For kids ages of 8 years old the Bubble maker course in the pool is just a thrill and an unforgettable experience. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to breathe underwater? In just one hour only the entire world changes shape, they can experience the sensation; learn a few basic dive skills and enjoy the new world. After this step you could consider that the underwater world just opened up gates for the Junior and Advanced open Water Diver Course.

The next level offers a complete Adventure Diver Experience, which will let you free to explore the fantastic world of the Deep Diver and Wreck Diver. It is a stage where you will be able to enjoy the ultimate experience, a pleasure only for the passionate of unique life feelings.

In Cyprus you could enjoy the 4 new wrecks in Protaras (Nemesis III, Liberty wrecks), Limassol (Constantis, Lady Thetis) and Paphos (Alexandria and Laboe). For the more experienced divers Cyprus has one of the top 5 wrecks in the world the Zenobia, which rests on its side at 16-42 Meters in Larnaca.

Because it is everything about adventure; children and parents can also experience sailing. You can choose the thrill and challenge of a deep sea passage, with the excitement of blue water sailing and moonlit sailing. You will have the opportunity to participate in sailing the boats under all sea conditions. With total involvement in the boat there’s time to master the rig, become confident aloft or learn something of sea navigation. No previous experience is necessary to become part of the ship’s crew for a voyage of few days. Alongside the professional crew you may stand watches, take the helm, handle lines, raise & trim sails, and let the routines of a sailing ship take you back to a slower, more relaxed era. You could choose to escape for a voyage of discovery to places most people only ever dream about.

Only in Cyprus!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!


Opening hours: 9.00 – 19.00
Address: Tinou 8, Ayia Triada Gardens Shop 2 Protaras 1070 Cyprus
Phone no: +357 99 689 961
Web page: www.i-dive.com.cy
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/idivetecreccenters
Contact person: Andy Varoshiotis
E-mail: avaroshiotis@gmail.com
Snorkeling classes 35.00 Euro
PADI Discover Scuba Diving classes 59.00 Euro
Deep Diver classes 225.00 Euro
Including all the equipment, insurance and certifications
Sailing: From 280.00 Euro Half Day to 400.00 Euro Full Day.