Riverland Adventure – Diary Bio Farm Kampia Nicosia

Hello everybody,

It is all about a trip to Riverland. It is not a place …. it is where you go to spend a marvelous day together with your kids, a family day out of the city, a day that you will remember over the years. You will learn to appreciate... the time spend with your kids, an adventure, the good and healthy food.

This is how our trip started. Getting in the car, no matter if it was raining... no matter if apparently an usual day will follow. We let ourselves in the hands of destiny and we hoped to be part of a new experience.
Riverland is a choice for good food, for organic food, a healthy life style for everybody and why not a lesson to learn for the kids about life choices.

Riverland is an Organic Diary BioFarm. The animals feed on organic food, produced in certified organic fields. Also the animals graze in meadows, running free, feeding with fresh grass and exercising in the same time. Combining all these, the farm has the ability to produce higher quality milk and organic meat free of chemicals, antibiotics and residues which yield only negative effects on our health. They produce free range eggs, goat milk, goat cheese, halloumi, kefir, airani and other related products.

The road took us there, where the chickens are happy, where people are closer to the earth, to the natural life style. Mr. Vasilis father of 4 kids created all, out of his love of what he learned and what he dreamed to make in his life. His little kingdom is this farm. He is a dreamer who spends his time doing what he likes, surrounded by nature, animals and children.

At Riverland your kids will learn about milk, goats, sheep, cats and dogs, cheese and cubs, horses and rabbits, eggs and happy chickens running free in the field.
Why not? To make it different? Yes is it possible. Anything is possible if you really want it. The adventure will surprise you, you will be able to see inside the farm, the entire process of producing milk, tasting the products, going outside the farm in the surrounding areas, in the nature, be involved in various activities. Kids will be amazed that the goats are friendly, are free, make milk and cheese. It is a healthy choice to eat something fresh, produced by the nature, people being there just to help.

We spend a fantastic day, dreaming about how our life could be different sometimes....
At Riverland you can come for a day, together with your kids and other families to start just by visiting the farm … and end up, hiking in the nature, riding a horse, holding a baby chick in your hands, mountain biking, rolling on a boat.... climbing a tree... drinking fresh goat milk... the best as far as I know for the kids.
At Riverland, you could paint, you could milk a goat or a sheep... your choice, help at the delivery of a baby...animal?!
At Riverland maybe you will end up picking up tomatoes and cucumbers form the Green house, or you will loose your feet in the cold water of a river, and have a picnic in the forest, or maybe... just maybe your will dare stop for a quiet moment.

The day ended to early for us. Our kids were so happy and they did not stop talking about the day spend at the farm. It was not a zoo or an adventure park but it was educational and fun, we left knowing so many things about this new alternative in our life the Bio Products produced in Cyprus, the healthiest life style.

What do You have to do to deserve all these pleasures? First of all you have to call them, put you on a list and hoping it will happen as soon as possible because there is a waiting list.
Riverland the place where the chickens are happy!

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!


Adventure in nature with Riverland Dairy Bio Farm - Winter time
Every Sunday the Riverland Dairy Bio Farm family takes a group of nature enthusiasts on an adventure in the many interesting places that surround the farm.
If you, your family and friends would like to join us on our adventures; contact us on 7777-8818 or contact us on our facebook page.

Riverland farm adventure ! Summer time

Farm adventure at Riverland welcomes families for a smaller summer adventure around the farm with activities such as archery, horse riding and kayaking.
If you, your family and friends would like to join us on our adventures; contact us on 7777-8818 or contact us on our facebook page.

Riverland Dairy Bio Farm

Address: Kampia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Καμπιά, Λευκωσία
Contact person: Vasilis Kiprianou
Phone no: +357 99 592 598
E-mail: riverland@cytanet.com.cy

Where you can find the products

Found at the following shops:
Here is a list of stores in which you will find Riverland products all made out of goat or/and sheep milk. ( Kefir, Airani and Yogurt )


Be natural 44C Larnacos Avenue, Aglantzia, 2101
Planet organic 1D,28th October Str.,Engomi, 2414
Bio heaven 175 Grigoris Afxentiou, 2369 Agios Dometios
Alpha Mega Akropoli and Engomi
Metro S/m Ltd - Lakatamias
Ermes Department Store Ltd - Central

LIMASSOL ( Area A ) :

All organic market Kolonakiou 24
Zitrone Omirou str.36B 3095
Limnia F/m Agias Fylaxeos
Sigma Bakery - Ag.Fylaxeos
A.I.Katsikides & Sons Ltd - SYPAL Ltd
P. Panayiotou f/m
Tsiartas S/m - SYPAL Ltd
E & S 65 - Mesa Yitonias
Sigma Bakery - Mesa Yitonias -Makariou
Sigma Bakery - Karavas – Agias Zonis
Andreas Sofocleous s/m
Ermes Department Store Ltd - Olymbia
Alha Mega Limassol
M.I All Organic Shop
Sigma Bakery - Kolonakiou
Petros Neofytou S/m
Sigma Bakery – Yermasoyia -Christaki Kranou
Sigma Bakery – Moutayiakas - Tourist Area
Metro s/m Moutayiaka
P.Karayiannis & Chr. Varnavides Trading Ltd
Niami Food Ltd
Coralli Express s/m
ESEL (Castle)


Sigma Bakery - Nicou Patichi 123 Polemidia
Sigma Bakery – Nicou Patichi 106
Georgios Charalambous Ltd
SYPAL Ltd Bio Spiti Organic Shop
Ermes Department Store - Apollo
Alha Mega E&S Limassol
F/m To Alakati Ltd
Tirkas S/m - SYPAL Ltd
Georgios Lisiotis - SYPAL Ltd
Hatzieyiannis f/m
J.N Pieris S/m Ltd
SYPAL Ltd Stelios Charis S/m Ltd
SYPAL Ltd C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd
Christos Neofytou Kiosk
Christoforou S/m To Proto Ltd
SYPAL Ltd Sigma Bakery - Zakaki
F/m Aletri - SYPAL Ltd
Carrefour-Chris Cash & Carry Ltd - Ditiki Lemesos
Demitris Zakakiotis & Sons Ltd SYPAL Ltd
Sigma Bakery - Makariou Pirosvestiki
Sigma Bakery - 4 Fanaria


Alpha Mega Larnacas
Metro S/m Larnaca
Stelios Andreou S/m Livadia
Kokkinos S/m Paralimni
Metro S/m Paralimni
Best Buy s/m Protaras 1
Best Buy s/m Protaras 2
Best Buy Ay.Napa 1
Best Buy Ay.Napa 2
Best Buy Ay.Napa 3
Best Buy Ay.Napa 4


C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd Pissouri
Papamichael airport
Alpha Mega Paphos E
Ermes Department Store – Korivos Paphos
C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd Kato Paphos
Tsiakkarias F/m No 3
C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd Paphos
Tsiakkarias F/m No 1
C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd Chloraca
C.A.C Papantoniou Trading Ltd Polis
Afrodite S/m
Filippos s/m 1+2