An invitation on the island

Guest post
Dear traveler,

The old boat will take you there. Will guide you towards the peaceful island, where people smile every time, where, the sun tells you Good Morning almost every morning in a year. Even Gods decided that this is such a beautiful place to be born, that they choose it to be Aphrodite Birth's Island. Since then some things change, others remain untouched, for every peaceful traveler, to breath it trough each sense.


Open your eyes, dear traveler and enjoy every sight, the sparkle blue sea water, the light of the sun, every day of the year, the white hills, the most beautiful flowers. Choose to walk  or to ride a bicycle or a ride on the horse, next to the sea on the most spectacular newly build promenade. Search for Aphrodite's traces with your loved ones, follow her white veil, flying in the wind, towards  Aphrodite Birth Place next to Pissouri village or to her private baths in Latchi. An eternal embrace will give you a memory for life. Dear traveler, take the route of the old villages, to look at the small old houses. Imagine the simple life in the past, the walk on the narrow streets, notice the customs, the smile on the old people's faces. You will feel welcomed, wherever you go. Follow the Romans, the Greeks and the Christians at Kourion or Paphos to be amazed by the history, by the vestiges, by the fantastic views of the island. Keep quiet when you will find the turtles nest on an deserted beach. It is a hidden treasure, where only the waves are allowed to make noise.
And only if…. Only if you love to let thoughts drown in the faith don’t forget to visit The Unesco World Heritage The Painted Churches.


Listen to the birds, up on the mountains, unique sounds that you will be able to hear only here. Listen to the sound of the water, when you choose to visit such wild and beautiful locations like Caledonia Waterfall or the Venetian Bridges.  Close your eyes when you are on the beach and listen for the waves, listen for the tranquility. Let your kids run free in the sand and listen to their happy voices in a wonderful holiday. And when you get tired my dear traveler take a seat in a traditional tavern where you will be able to listen the traditional music: beautiful collection of instruments, voices and melody. You will dance even if you do not know how, or you will just smile, watching the others happy faces.


Dear traveler, try to fly with your eyes closed trough the wonderful garden  at Cyherbia. If  you are lucky the lavender fields will be purple and their smell will take you to heaven. If not, do not worry as Miranda will take you trough her aromatic plants paradise or will make you feel lost in her amazing Maze.
The salty smell of Mediterranean Sea will guide you through the thousands of traditional fish taverns. Close your eyes …. Smell and relax.


The island is maybe small, but the choices are so many only if you know, only if you try to discover the pleasures. Maybe small, but unique feelings will make you feel the real satisfaction of a true holiday. Don’t stop dear traveler… just don’t stop.
Take your shoes off… and put your bare feet in the sand. Walk on each beach. Run in the sunset bathing in the warm of the sun shine. The water will be warm enough every day of the year to dive your tired feet. Let you kids play in the warm sand. Touch your lover hand and enjoy the most romantic day in paradise!


The olives, the oranges, the cheese, the natural olive oils, the mixtures of Mediterranean healthy dishes wherever you go. The Meze. Wherever you go, wherever you stop, the traditional cuisine will embrace your tastes of pleasures, your smells, your happiness. There is nothing more sweet …more delicious as the traditional sweets. A spoon full with the most tasteful jams and marmalade with a glass of fresh water… end with a delightful traditional coffee.


Just have fun dear traveler and enjoy your holiday, enjoy your time spend on one of the most beautiful island. You can choose between one of the most beautiful hotels with First Choice holiday company.Choose the hotel with biggest swimming pool, the largest water park, the best playgrounds, the most spectacular view, the most beautiful beach, with the most luxurious rooms, with the most romantic location. Enjoy the best clubbing in Agia Napa, get married, renew your vows, spend a wonderful family vacation.

Take the boat that will take you to the most beautiful island… Cyprus.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot Lizard!