Melios Zoo - A happy experience in Nicosia

This is the best Zoo in Cyprus can be found in Nicosia! Kids Fun in Cyprus believe that this should be the best choice for your children especially if they are babies, toddlers or small children. We could also say that this is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate your kids birthday in outdoor in Nicosia. So do not hesitate to choose to go and spend a wonderful day with your kids, seeing the animals and playing at their outdoor playground.

Melios Zoo is in Nicosia and the entrance price is only 3 Euro for adults and 2 euro for children. These are the best prices for a zoo in Cyprus.  They are open  up to 19:00 so that makes it easy for a nice experience in the evening starting with 16:00 as they have plenty of shadow also.
What did we see?

Being in Cyprus we saw lots of birds of all kinds. From parrots of all shapes, colors and noises to hens, roosters, pigeons, canary, lovebirds, eagles, hawks, parakeets, finches. Then there are the waterfowls like: swans, gooses, ducks, teals, pintails of all sorts. Between the big animals you can meet: llamas, all sorts of cows, dears, goats, kangaroo and hyena. The rest of the animals I will let you discover them.
What it is very good at this zoo is: it is not too long in order to become a very tiring walk, the animals can be seen very easy by the small children, and there are not gaps between the animals, that make this place to be very entertaining and relaxing to visit.

For the end I kept this secret: the zoo has a beautiful playground. It is simply gorgeous. Plenty of swings for the toddlers, slides, tunnels, roundabouts the playground is one of the main attraction at Melios Zoo. The best choice to sit and relax under the shadow trees and watch the children playing.

You can find at the entrance a Pet Shop with lots of birds (all types of parrots and parakeets of all colors) and other small animals for sale in case that you decided to buy one for your children, do not forget to stop.
Once again a very pleasant surprise and a happy experience!

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
Winter: 09:00 – 19:00
Summer: 09:00 – 19:00
Entrance fee:
Adults: 3 euro
Children: 2 euro
Phone no: + 357 22 835 920
+ 357 99 418 406
Ayioi Trimithias
2671 Nicosia
Web page: www.

Map Location: