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 AEL Limassol is a one of the most known Sportive Clubs in Limassol and the right place for children to learn how to play Basketball. The best sport that helps kids to spend energy, Build up Muscles, Improves Height, Increases Accuracy &Precision, Inculcates Self-Discipline, Teaches Strategy, Instills Team Work, Helps Make New Friends.

We have spoken with George Palalas the Coach that is in charge over all little heads in AEL Basketball kids teams. He will explain to us everything we need to know about AEL Basketball Club, how children can reach to train with the best basketball players of AEL, how they could play in basketball competitions and what are their chances to reach NBA.

Kids Fun in Cyprus:
Dear George, first thank you very much for this opportunity that you offer to our readers. We know you, as the one that takes care of all kids that play basketball at AEL. What can you tell us about the AEL Limassol Club and about yourself?

Mr. George Palalas: 

The basketball Academies of AEL have been founded in 1967, and are one of the longest standing basketball academies in Cyprus. Many athletes have graduated from our academies and have continued to play basketball professionally and have also represented Cyprus with the men’s and women’s national team. Our first division teams, both men and women, boast an abundance of championships and cups, and has been called by many the “queen of basketball”.  Additionally we are the only team in Cyprus that has won a European Cup. 

Kids Fun in Cyprus:
Why parents would choose basketball for their kids? Is basketball better for boys or is also a sport for girls?

Mr. George Palalas:

Basketball is a great sport for any kid to be involved with.  It teaches discipline, teamwork and respect. It is a fact that people have associated basketball as being a male sport. However this is not the case. Boys and girls can equally participate in this sport and in our academies a big percentage of our kids are girls. As a reference, the Championships of the Cyprus Basketball Federation for all age groups under 12 years old are mixed genders. Consequently in the same team there are both male and female players. Adding to this I should point out that we also have female coaches which itself is evidence that basketball is not just for boys. 

Kids Fun in Cyprus:
How old kids can start playing and how long will take for kids to be able to play in competitions?

Mr. George Palalas: 

Ideally the best age to get involved with basketball is around 6 years old. The first couple of years, the kids get an overall understanding of the sport and its rules and get acquainted with the basic principles of basketball. Later at the age of 8 they gradually enter the competitive stage of the game and from the age of 12 and onwards they are more able to compete in a proper manner.  The official championships of the Federation are from under 8 years old and onwards. 

Kids Fun in Cyprus: What improvements do you notice on kids that start practicing basketball? How many times per week/hours must be done to obtain best results from kids?

Mr. George Palalas:

The first things that a kid will gain when entering the world of basketball are conditioning, co-ordination skills, stability, self-confidence, team spirit and respect.  

Practice makes perfect. The more we practice the better. We offer all our players the option of daily practices, and I think that we are the only academy in Cyprus that offers this at the moment.  So it is up to each individual kid how often they want to practice, but we say that 3 practices a week for younger ages and 4 times a week for older kids is great. In addition to our daily routine, we also have specialized camps throughout the year, where we focus on specific basketball principles and work on them for 4-5 hours daily. 

It is extremely important to understand that especially at young ages it is vital to be patient. It is not always about winning! What is important is the effort and the progress. The pressure of score counting and winning can have a negative result at young ages.  

Kids Fun in Cyprus: We notice that AEL club has always been the one that likes to create a connection between parents and sport, kids and AEL professional Team. What can you tell us about these advantages?

Mr. George Palalas:

For us it is very important to have a “family” vibe. All parties involved, kids, parents, and professional athletes are interconnected. Thus we very often gather to watch first division games. The kids get to feel the vibe on the court and see in practice what they are taught throughout the season. Additionally on several occasions we have professional players from AEL BC attend the academy practices and talk as well as practice with the kids. This way we help them to get inspired and motivated to work even harder. It is important to say that most of our coaches are in fact players of the men’s and women’s first division teams, so the connection in already there to begin with. 

Kids Fun in Cyprus: What advice would you give now to parents in Cyprus while choosing the best afterschool activities for their kids as a parent and as a coach?

Mr. George Palalas:

Having kids myself, I know what it’s like when trying to figure out what activity is suitable for our kids. What I personally believe, is that kids will not know with certainty what they like and what they don’t. They need to try different things before they come down to a selection. However I am firm believer that sports are extremely important in the development of a child and especially team sports.  The feeling of belonging in a team is one of the greatest feelings a kid can have, and this is coming from personal experience. 

Kids Fun in Cyprus: NBA is the best and most rewarding place for future basketball players to play. What chances have kids trained in Cyprus to reach NBA?

Mr. George Palalas:

NBA is in fact the dream for everyone. However it is important to understand that we are talking about the elite championship of the whole world.  Entering the NBA is exceptionally hard for anyone not just Cypriots.  In order to reach that level, a player must be 100% devoted to the sport.  Through consistency, very hard work and no days off is the only way to have a shot at the NBA.

Kids Fun in Cyprus: Thank you very much for this opportunity and one last thought that you would like to share with our readers.

Mr. George Palalas:

Personally I would love to see more kids getting involved with basketball and I do believe that basketball is the best sport for a child to play. 

Here at AEL Basketball Academies , we take our job very seriously.  We only work with qualified coaches and sport professionals and we try to build on the right foundations. Besides the athletic part of basketball , we also teach our kids about the whole basketball lifestyle from mentality to nutrition and behavior , and this is something we are very proud of! 

AEL Basketball

Address: Georgiou Thyrotou Street Limassol 

Training Hours: MON – FRI 14:30 – 16:30

Price: €55 / month 

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