Bricks4Kidz Lego Creativity Center – Birthday Parties Limassol

Briks4Kidz offers special Birthday parties packages for children starting 2-15 years old. Be prepared for a special day as they are only holding one party at the time.

At Bricks4kidz we provide everything… From catering, entertainment and basically all you need for a successful Birthday event. Our staff will welcome all your guests at the Bricks4kidz Lego Creativity Entrance where children will be dressed as ‘Lego Builders’ with helmets and vests. Our teachers will then guide through an organized entertainment program based on your choice of themes as below:

1st Hour: Building – Teams of children will rotate in table Lego stations:

1. Lego Mosaic Creator – Building on Lego base plates figures from their favourite themes.

2. Lego 3D station: Building 3D figures from their favourite themes.

3. Lego Technic station with Junior Robotics – Children will build many fun Junior Robotic motorized projects.

2nd Hour: Lego Challenges and activities

Let’s have fun with Lego challenges like: Build the tallest tower, Lego treasure Hunt, Lego races competition, Lego friend’s karaoke and dance and many more…

We provide for free Bricks4kidz coloring books in Lego bags as giveaways for all children.

For more info about the location you can also click here! or Call : 77 770210