Ecophysis - Bee Tour Educational and Fun Birthday Party

Ecophysis - Bee Tour Birthday Party
Vavla - Limassol and Larnaca
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Birthday Party at Ecophysis

Ecophysis offers birthday packages for kids that can make all children and adults crazy!
The theme party includes:

  •   Preparation of invitations (digital or printed) for your guests.
  •   Interactive games about the bees and their products (handicrafts, treasure hunt, board games, experiential activities with bees and bees’ products).
  •   Fascinating 4-minute documentary about the life of bees.
  •   Kids’ presentation about the life of the bees and bees’ products.
  •   Story telling about honey.
  •   All necessary equipment for food/sweets/cakes (12 tables, 80 chairs, plastic plates/forks/knifes/spoons, napkins for everybody)
  •   Water/homemade fruit squash/coffee/herbal tea with honey.

Further to the above activities, we will organize the following activities during the Birthday Party:

  •   Visit to the hives with a protective beekeeper's suit for every kid.
  •   Visit to the hives with a protective beekeeper’s suit for every adult.
  •   Honey tasting for everybody.
  •   Aromatic beeswax candle making workshop for every kid (they get their candle back home as a gift by the party host).
  •   Buffet meal with chicken souvlaki (or chicken cooked with honey), pork souvlaki (or port cooked with honey), village salad, pitta bread, tahini, tzatziki, and fried potatoes.

Additionally, Ecophysis offer:
  •   Gift voucher of €2 for every kid companion for all products for sale on the day of the party (honey, pollen, beeswax ointments, royal jelly, honey soaps, etc.).
  •   Party duration: Up to 5 hours.
  •   First Aid Kit (and certified personnel).


You can bring with you any food/drink/sweet that you prefer.
In case of more people participating, the extra amount should be settled on the day of the party. Prepayment of 200 euro to be settled three days before the event and coverage of the rest of the amount at the day of the party.
This offer is valid for the number of participants booked ±5%
In case of less kids or/and adults, the fee will change, accordingly.
We need to know the exact number of the kids and adults 2 days before the party for all necessary preparations to be done.

For booking a party please call: 00 357 96373013