The only Brain Development Program for Primary School Children in Cyprus – UCMAS

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What if a you could let your kid get participate in a program that could: increase his concentration and focus, increase his concurrency and simultaneous tasks ability, increase his auditory skills, improve his memory, improve his mathematical perception and ability, Increase his self-esteem and self-confidence, Improvement in his overall academic performance?? The program is now here in Cyprus and it is available for all children Grade 1 to grade 6 of primary schools!

U niversal C oncepts of M ental A rithmetic S ystems NOW in Cyprus

Developed for primary school children because studies show that 75% of the brain develops during this time. A research made by the University of Manchester (UK) on 3185 children aged 7 to 11 years old showed that, after an intensive UCMAS program for 34 weeks, 1.5 hours per week, a high increase in the IQ of the children! The brain is considered extremely pliable and responsive to guidance at this time. Their exciting classes and energetic instructors ensure that little learners have fun as they learn!

Adapted by UC International Headquarters’ founder Professor Dr. Dino Wong, the abacus is the humble and an ancient arithmetic tool used to hone and sharpen learners’ mental abilities. Combined with today’s education techniques, UCMAS program is recognized worldwide ( USA, Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, Japan, etc) with proven results- the most obvious being the learners’ fantastic mental arithmetic ability.

Building lifelong skills FOR A SUCCESSFUL CHILD!

Their whole-brain development program builds foundational techniques that make learning math, effortless and enjoyable.  The brain is triggered from the interaction of the hands’ fingers and the brain. Each finger maps directly to each of the 5 brain sections, with the left and right hands mapping inversely to the 2 brain hemispheres. By mastering these techniques using the Abacus, students develop the ability to think in pictures and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally. Over time, children come to love a subject they may have once struggled with, or even feared. Attaining astonishing calculation speed is actually the end-result of increasing the “brain-fitness”.

Students will be taught: Fundamental work, Listening calculation, Visual calculation, Formula conceptualization, Bead imagination, Multiplication memorization, Bead manipulation, Mental calculation, Combination of subtraction from a lower order & addition to higher order rods, Addition upper & subtraction of lower beads simultaneously, Abacus calculation, Multiplication, Multiplication with decimal points, Division, Division with decimal points, Multiplication of percentage, Square root operations.

The children learn:
Initially to do calculations using an actual abacus which is in front of them
And then use a virtual/imaginary abacus which is in their mind

UCMAS demands self-discipline and promotes the joy of lifelong learning and self-discovery. UCMAS students become motivated learners – the best route to success in academics and beyond.
What all of us, parents want… if not a child that has high self-esteem and high self-confidence, a child which feel different, that he is better than other children and to see this feeling propagating to the rest of the school lessons, resulting in better performance in all classes?

Join UCMAS program for SMARTER and HAPPIER children and feel the difference!

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UCMAS Cyprus

Prices: 1st grade of primary school: €40-€45 (class is 1 hour, once per week)
All other grades: €60-€65 (class is 1.5 hours, once per week)



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Epiteugma Training Center (Headquarters of UCMAS Cyprus) 
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 22 357 006, 99 357 008
Address: Kifea 8, 2330, Lakatamia
200 meters before JUMBO & PAVILION, opposite PAEEK futsal fields

Evrymatheia Training Center
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 99 185 156, 99 040 050
Address: Kontemenou 45, 2202,  Geri
500 meters from traffic lights of Athalassa Park

K. Ioannou Georgiou Private Institute
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 22 344 439, 99 541 881
Address: Pavlou Karolidi 28B, 1020, Kaimakli
300 meters from the Palouriotissa High School and Lyceum


IMACS Private Institute
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 25 108 090, 96 550 653
Address: Rembrandt 3, 3060, Agios Ioannis
300 meters from Agios Ioannis Lyceum

Cybernet Athienou
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 24 811 320, 99 516 073
Web site:
Address: Agias Marina 4, 7600, Athienou
300 meters from Konstantinidio Park

Baka Private Institute
UCMAS taught in Greek
Phone no: 24 250 026, 99 882 320
Address : 45Β Vasili Krokou , 6041, Larnaca
Opposite the New GSZ Stadium

American Academy Larnaca Institute
UCMAS taught in Greek and English
Phone no: 24 746 359, 99 928 763
Address: Grigori Afxentiou 32, 6021 Larnaca
200 meters from Pancyprian Lyceum of Larnaca

B. l. Velissariou Private Institute (Eurognosi Geroskipou)
Phone no: 26 912 020, 99 919 174
Address: Archbishop Makariou 7, 8200, Geroskipou
300 meters from Debenhams opposite Zorpas