Russian and Romanian Orthodox churches a place where children are invited!

Hello everybody,

An invitation made by Kids Fun in Cyprus to visit the new Russian Orthodox Church that opened in March 2017 situated close to the Romanian Orthodox Church will be very easy to do! A large, marvelous garden with a big playground for all children to play it is just one more reason to enjoy this visit relaxed and happy, as parents and kids will really love it!

The playground offers swings for babies and children, slides, climbing area, roundabout and special swings and play area for disabled children as well. Lots of benches for parents and a kiosk, a perfect environment makes this place a special one to enjoy a family day.

The Russian Church, under the patronage of St. Andrew and All Russian Saints, was built in a Russian style, and it is unique in Cyprus. The new church boasts five gold domes which arrived from St. Petersburg. The central dome, weighing nearly eight tons, was placed on the church on July 7, 2016. Made of titanium nitride, which requires less maintenance than gold, and a small quantity of actual gold to create the desired color, the domes had been shipped to Cyprus in pieces and then put together at the bishopric by Russian experts brought to the country especially for the purpose.

The church holds 400 people and is to be surrounded by a large hillside garden, pavilions, a reception area, a park for disabled children with special games for those who have mobility problems, and Byzantine-style fountains of Holy Water. The “Route of Russian Holiness” with mosaics of Russian Saints will also be built.

The Romanian Orthodox Church close by, will surprise every visitor by the unique - wood work- , “Maramuresan” architecture, a style that may be encountered only in the most beautiful north region of Romania - Maramures.

 The church has been built by Romanian craftsmen and the wood used in the buildings was brought from original “Maramuresan”’s old houses.

The church is surrounded by two Maramuresan style houses that are used one as a kindergarten for Romanian children and the other a canteen for disadvantaged people.

Two beautiful churches close to each other succeed to offer an amazing place to worship for everybody that would visit them and also a unique opportunity to meet in Cyprus two different orthodox cultures.

Lots of sunny days from Izzy the Cypriot lizard!

Russian Orthodox Church
Phone no: +357 96 780132
Address: Episkopeio, Nicosia, Cyprus

Romanian Orthodox Church
Phone no: +357 96 304329
Address: Episkopeio, Nicosia, Cyprus